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    Mackenzie Hollister
    "Don't you need a LICENSE to be that UGLY?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Popular Girl
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dork Diaries

    MacKenzie Hollister is one of the characters from the Dork Diaries book series. She goes to Westchester Country Day and serves as the main antagonist of said book series and Nikki Maxwell's arch-nemesis/rival along with being one of Brandon Roberts' lovers and crushes.

    Why She's Intentionally Dorkier Than Nikki

    1. Let's get the elephant out of the room: She's nothing but another generic, stereotypical mean girl compared to most female or teen-like cliches.
    2. She is nothing more than an excuse for popular girls to be cruel and selfish towards other girls and boys who are unpopular losers.
    3. She has an obsession with looking good, as she constantly spends her money on clothes, bags, and even lip gloss while wanting everyone to be inferior to her.
    4. Like most boys’ love fantasies, She constantly manipulates her crush, Brandon Roberts, and thinks she wants nobody (including Nikki) to be his boyfriends.
    5. She treats her parents (who are much nicer to Nikki) very poorly and has connections to Nikki’s parents as well.
      1. In the first book Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life, she tried to restrict her parents from having Nikki in her house (since her sister, Brianna had to use her home’s bathroom, which the latter would kick her).
      2. In book 9 (where she often steals and writes Nikki’s diary), she forces her parents to take her to another school so that she would not see Nikki again (after all the trouble Mackenzie caused).
        • As proving that she is an incompetent idiot and a spoiled brat, she lost it and had the nerve to yell at the top of her lungs that she hates her parents Her actions also do not solve her problems whatsoever (which she does later after Mackenzie left school and “forgot” Nikki’s diary of while the owner found it).
    6. Hypocrisy: She accused Nikki's friend, Zoey, of being a thief, although she tried to steal someone's lost wallet. Even, stole Nikki's diary.
      • Not to mention this was a ridiculous accusation.
    7. Her personality is very similar to Chloé Bourgeois from Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. However, the latter even has some character development and has justifiable reasons for her actions.
    8. Her constant boasting about how she and Brandon would make a "cute couple" is annoying and obnoxious.
    9. She has no reasonable explanation to bully Nikki and she didn't even get to know her properly, especially ever since at Westchester Country Day Middle School. She hates her just because "she's a new student" and "not popular", which is a very pathetic and stupid reason to hate her. So, she only exists to cause a conflict for the main protagonist.
      • Not to mention, she nearly killed Nikki in the sixth book, Dork Diaries 6: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker by ignoring her while the latter was drowning.
    10. She usually starts repetitive dramas over the smallest of reasons like she goes out of her way to make everything and everyone desperate, hating Nikki in the first place for just being a new student, and dragging on the bug in the hair drama for three books for no reason other than to cause conflict as mentioned above. However, If she didn't cause these redundant dramas. there won't be a conflict, overall making her a mean-spirited jerk and a pointless character in general.
    11. She has almost no character development whatsoever. What's worse is, that she is still like this as the series progresses as she acts equally emo when she uses Nikki's diary to write it from her perspective.
    12. She tried to report the animal shelter, Fuzzy Friends, for what she thought was "animal abuse," but the Channel 6 news station hotline hung up on her because she was on hold for too long. MacKenzie Hollister. Do you even know what animal abuse is!?
    13. She is aware of how bad she is and is very impressed with it. No joke.
    14. MacKenzie describes her younger sister, Amanda, as a copy of Nikki's sister, Brianna, but worse.
    15. She has the incredibly painful dialogue for the most part on the nerves like her "Don't you need a LICENSE to be that UGLY?" line to the point it's ripping off the James Bond movie, License to Kill, without the word "kill".
    16. Like Nikki, her personality is way similar to Greg Heffley's older brother, Rodrick Heffley and Pete Hosey (who has no ties or connections with Greg's older brother) from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    17. For whatever reason, her design, like all the other characters in the series, while good, is just plain white as if she was made out of paper.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her character design is pretty and cute, despite WS'sIDTN#17.
    2. She has a great sense of fashion despite her spoiled behavior.
    3. She sometimes does get comeuppances for her actions in various books (such as in book 6, where she ended up going to the garbage bin looking for stuff, and in book 8, where she has to clean the restroom as punishment for throwing Nikki with a dodgeball at the gym).
      • In addition, she does get stood up or called out by Nikki at times for her bullying.
    4. Despite this, she is not really based on Rodrick Heffley, and Pete Hosey, both of them are unpopular.
    5. She is not at least as aggressive as Doug "Thug" Thurston, Max Crumbly's bully, and the main antagonist of the book series of the same character's name.
    6. It was shown after going to another school without Nikki as of Book 10 where she was bullied at her old school, which was reasonable as to why she treated Nikki and other unpopular students poorly.
    7. In the ninth book, at least she is no longer part of the CCP and stopped being friends with Jessica.
    8. Because of the mean popular girl she is and is the main antagonist of the books, it is clear that Mackenzie Hollister is made to be hated.


    • As of Dork Diaries 9ː Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen, she's no longer a part of the CCP (Cute, Cool and Popular) clique nor is she friends with Jessica Hunter anymore.
    • She used to attend North Hampton Hills International Academy, but she went back to her old school because she got bullied.
    • She has a crush on Brandon Roberts.
    • Her birthday is August 10, making her sign Leo.
    • She is very particular with what she eats.


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