Lynn Loud Jr.

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Lynn Loud Jr.
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"Lynn-er, Lynn-er, chicken dinner!" - Lynn mocking her siblings after beating them on game night in the Loud household.
"For five minutes. Could you not be too rough, FOR FIVE MINUTES?!"
Gender: Female
Type: Unlikeable Sports Girl
Age: 13 (Later 14 as of S5)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Jessica DiCicco
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Loud House

Lynn Loud Jr. is one of the ten deuteragonists of The Loud House. She is a 13-year-old girl (14 as of S5), the fifth-oldest child in the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's older sisters.

Bad Qualities

NOTE: Most of these pointers apply to the first two seasons only, as well as rare instances in Season 5-onwards.

  1. She has a habit of turning everything into a competition.
  2. She rarely shows any respect to her siblings (except for Lucy on some occasions), relying on violence to get what she wants, and threatening them if they still refuse to obey her.
  3. She gets very few episodes to herself, and when she does, she's a total bad sport, always to the point where she becomes an all-out bully or an absolute jerk. Even when episodes are not centered around her, these traits are often still present, usually for the sake of comedy:
    • In the notorious “No Such Luck”, she blames Lincoln for causing her to lose at a softball game, which she forced him to attend by threatening to beat him up with a baseball bat. When the lie finds its way to to all of the other family members, they eventually force Lincoln to sleep outside for the night in fear that he was "bad luck", despite this obviously being false. Even when Lincoln manages to prove he is not bad luck by wearing a squirrel mascot costume to her next game, Lynn gives a very half-baked apology, and it's later revealed the family decided to continue going their superstitious ways and make Lincoln wear the suit from that point onwards. Though one could argue Lincoln was also at fault for helping to spread the rumor, he was using it for some alone time that he severely needed, as every day he is required to go to an event one of his sisters are participating in, thus leaving no time for himself. Not to mention Lynn started the rumor over something very miniscule, which makes her appear as a sore loser who can't accept winning and will go to extreme lengths to antagonize whoever she thinks was the reason behind her loss, when in reality she only has herself to blame for it.
    • In “Space Invader”, she moved into Lincoln's room and didn't appear to care about how Lincoln felt about her messing with his belongings, as well as doing many gross and sometimes dangerous actions just for her enjoyment.
    • In “Lynner Takes All”, she beats her siblings in competitions and rubs it in their faces afterward. When she loses, she tried to beat all of her siblings by turning everything into a contest. As a matter of fact, this is the episode where she is the most unlikable other than “No Such Luck”.
    • In “Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow”, she becomes extremely jealous when her friend Margo gets heavily praised after winning a soccer game to the point where she deliberately wins another soccer game before Margo is able to, resulting in her getting attention and special privileges again and upsetting Margo in the process.
    • In “On Thin Ice”, her superstitious beliefs were at a full time high, when she guilt-trips Lynn Sr., Luan, and Lincoln into coming with her to a hockey game and forces them into following her superstitions just because she wants her team to win. Later at the end of the episode she learns nothing from her actions and gets rewarded to meeting her favorite ice hockey player Rowdy McQuads.
    • Net Gains” turned her personality down a notch after she refused to let her teammates play due to their lack of skill.
    • In “Sitting Bull”, she tortured two little kids that she was babysitting by forcing them to do stuff that pretty much traumatized them, like forcing them to carry heavy things, encouraging them to fight each other, and even telling them a disturbing story about breaking a bone in her leg before she put the kids to bed. Because she had to steal her sisters’ babysitting jobs to cause all this, her sisters also lost their jobs thanks to her bad service.
    • In “Schooled!” she abused her hall monitor status like shoving Lincoln into a locker and made him late to class and gets him in trouble for it. She even shoved Lincoln's friends Zach and Rusty in lockers for not having hall passes and just acts like a bully instead of what she's supposed to be doing and gets no punishment.
    • In “No Bus No Fuss”, she barrels out of the door, snatches Lincoln's breakfast burrito for no reason, and eats it completely in a matter of seconds, all while she mockingly laughs at him and calls him "Stinkoln". Though Lincoln did not appear to mind this for very long, it still goes to show how far she'll take sibling heckling.
    • In “Cow Pie Kid”, she hallucinated that a nearby goat was heckling her and assaults the goat by throwing a baseball at it, which just comes off as animal cruelty.
    • In “Diamonds Are For Never” she boos Lincoln after he shows off one of his magic tricks and succeeds in proving it was just made up. In fact, she actually tackles and beats up Lincoln at one point in the episode for it, which just makes her appear as a killjoy for taking the fun out of something her brother enjoys doing.
  4. She has had little-to-no character development except for her backstory in "Middle Men" and when she had a brief crush on Francesco during "L is for Love".
  5. She's quick to jump to conclusions, kind of a foreshadower.
  6. She constantly either blames people (usually Lincoln) or throws in the blame game on people over things that are entirely out of their control, things that make her a hypocrite because of a thing or two that can count all of her fault or things they did no wrong (like, again from the episode “No Such Luck”).
  7. She has a very bratty and selfish attitude (especially in her worst episodes) that often doesn't make her fit for sports.
  8. She also refuses to accept that winning isn't everything (mostly in the first 2 seasons prior to “Net Gains” and “Cow Pie Kid”).
  9. She is also intolerably gross in some instances. Particularly in the Season 1 episode “Space Invader”, Lynn lets out a big fart, and smothers Lincoln under the covers in what she refers to as a “Dutch Oven”. She's also seen twerking in some episodes.
  10. Her portrayal in “On Thin Ice” made her forget everything she learned from previous episodes and made her superstitions return in full-force.
  11. Even though she has a reason for her bullying in “Middle Men”, it can come off as no excuse since she bullies her siblings unwarrantly in some episodes.
  12. Hypocrisy: In the season 4 episode “Middle Men” she was worried and concerned for Lincoln that he would get bullied on his first day of middle school, but in the season 5 premiere “Schooled!”, that's exactly what she does: bully him and shove him in a locker, proving that she is a complete hypocrite.
  13. The fact that she calls Lincoln “Stinkoln/Stinkin'” nearly everytime (especially in season 5) makes her really annoying, though she started calling him that since season 2. It's irritating.
  14. She seems to be more of an antagonist rather than a hero, as her behavior makes her such a pure arrogant jerk sometimes that makes her extremely unlikable!

Good Qualities

  1. Most people still root for this character despite her flaws.
    • The Loud House would probably not be as good as it is without her.
  2. Her theme song, "Get Pumped", is pure heroic.
  3. She sometimes shows respect to Lucy, her younger sister and roommate, there are also some episodes where she is likable and supportive like in “Tripped!” and there are also some episodes where she apologizes like in “Net Gains”, “Lynner Takes All” and “No Such Luck”.
  4. For her age, she is very skilled in martial arts, football, and other kinds of sports. This is probably because she comes from a large family.
    • In the season 3 episode “Sitting Bull”, despite having a few failed babysitting jobs, she is able to take care of a family of quintuplets that gave her four older sisters trouble even using her personality, sports knowledge, and skills to her advantage.
  5. Her voice acting from Jessica Diccico (who also voices Lucy) is awesome.
  6. In “Hand Me Downer”, she had a right reason to be cross with Lincoln because it was Lincoln's fault he took her bike without her permission and the fact that he lost it in the first place.
  7. Started improving bit-by-bit during seasons three and four, especially when the reason she acts like this is explained.
    • As seen in the Season 3 episode “Middle Men”, on her first day in middle school, she ended up in troublesome situations that made her both the school's laughingstock and punching bag. As a result, she thought that if she could act as tough as the other students, she could make it through her middle school years much more easier.
    • At least in “Net Gains”, she did get some character development and finally accepted that winning isn't everything.
    • In “Cow Pie Kid” she once again learns that winning isn't everything when she would let the team lose instead of risking injuring Liam's arm.
    • She seems to finally get rid of her being superstitious in Season 5, as she has not mentioned it in that season (if not counting her dirty laundry as superstitious). However, she still does it, most likely since she has been doing it in her life. In addition, they would have to go the rest of the season without mentioning or showing it alongside referencing it.
  8. She deeply loves her siblings, despite how she treats them.
  9. She has an accurate and cute tomboy-esque character design.
  10. Her relationship with Mr. Grouse in “Good Sports” is very touching.
  11. She is still shown to have a caring side for Lincoln, particularly in “Heavy Meddle” and “White Hare”.
  12. She can have decent solo episodes like “The Loudest Yard”, “Net Gains”, “Middle Men”, “Good Sports”, “Singled Out”, “Cow Pie Kid”, “Hurl, Interrupted”, and “Friday Night Fights”.
  13. She got a bit of comeuppance in “How Double Dare You!”, where she got punched by the DareBot upon calling a "DumbBot". This is considered a Take That, Scrappy.
  14. There are a lot of episodes where she is likable.
    • In the series premiere "Left in the Dark", she is going downstairs to watch a sports game on TV. She then sees Lincoln hold a football that starts floating. She then says "I demand more!". Later, she is downstairs with the rest of her siblings, and gets scared when there is a "ghost" (which is actually dirty laundry). Later, she races up to the couch to see who can get the remote. She then cheers up Lincoln with the rest of her siblings, sits down on the couch alongside her siblings except Lucy, and then gets scared by her when she pops out of nowhere.


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