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    Lumiere (Belle's Magical World)

    Lumiere (Belle's Magical World)
    "Sacra bleu! What happened to me?!" - Lumiere's reaction to his flanderized counterpart in Belle's Magical World
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Jerk Side of Lumiere
    Portrayed by: Jerry Orbach
    Status: Active
    Media of origin: 'Beauty and the Beast'
    First appearance: Beauty and the Beast

    Lumiere is one of the supporting characters in Beauty and the Beast. He is the Beast's maitre d' who became a candelabra during the Enchantress' curse on the castle. Sadly, he was flanderized in the original trilogy’s third film, Belle's Magical World, where he remained like this until it was undone in the 2017 live action remake. He is voiced by Jerry Orbach.

    Why He Was Not the Candelabra We Know

    1. Similar to Belle and the Beast, Lumiere became an unfortunate victim of flanderization as he went from being a cheeky and intelligent Frenchman into a perverted womanizing jerk (See below)
    2. He is shown hitting on Chandeleria, which counts as very perverted.
    3. He and the other servants fail to get the Beast to control his temper.
    4. He is a pathetic punching-bag who gets himself blamed by Plumette, who thought that he was having an affair with Belle.
    5. Even though it was supposed to compliment their friendly rivalry, he and Cogsworth were at their absolute worst in "Mrs. Potts' Party", as they both acted like spoiled and immature brats regarding their preferences over music, flower and cake's flavors.

    Good Qualities

    1. He was a more likable character in the first two films and fully redeems himself when he finally reverts back to his original-beloved personality in the live action remake (the same cannot be said for either Belle or the Beast in the same remake).
      • He also redeemed himself in the House of Mouse.
      • He can still be funny and temporarily had his original personality in some scenes.
    2. He and Cogsworth do get their comuppance, as they got reprimended by Belle for ruining the kitchen and Mrs. Potts' party, so he's not a Karma Houndi for that instant.
    3. Jerry Orbach still did amazing as Lumiere.


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