Lucy (Wolfoo)

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Lucy (Wolfoo)
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The smaller they are, the worser they are.
Gender: Female
Type: Obnoxious "Karma Houdini" type of Mary Sue
Age: 3
Species: Wolf
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Wolfoo

Lucy is a major character from the Vietnamese YouTube kids show Wolfoo. She is Wolfoo's little sister and the daughter of Mommy/Daddy Wolf.

Why She's A Bigger, Badder Wolf

  1. She is obviously nothing but a stupid rip-off of George Pig, but even worse.
  2. She's a huge jerk towards Wolfoo and is happy to hurt him for literally no reason.
  3. She is also a bland Mary Sue combined who is also a Mean popular girl due to how rude and mean-spirited she is.
  4. She hardly gets any comeuppance for Wolfoo and often gets off scot-free, making her a Karma Houdini.
  5. She likes to embarrass Wolfoo, in one episode when Wolfoo was checking his weight on the weight scale, she steps on it so it looks like Wolfoo is fat. To add insult to injury, she does that again and again until she gets caught at the end of the episode.
  6. The noise she makes whenever she screams is ear-piercing to listen to, and is stolen from Peppa Pig.
  7. Speaking of Peppa Pig, her design looks like it's stolen from said show.
  8. Despite being a extremely sadistic tormentor, she can still be a huge Butt-Monkey at the same time, as since she's the second smallest of the Wolf family (aside from Jenny), she gets picked on the most, especially because of Bufo, Piggy and Wolfoo.
  9. For no reason, she wears a diaper and has never got it taken off ever since, which is just nonsensical as she looks a bit too old for a diaper.
    • However, in various episodes, it’s shown that she’s potty trained, she’s either wearing a diaper to prevent accidents or she’s constantly showing her panties, if that’s the case then she’s inappropriate for the target audience.
  10. She was badly flanderized in the Wolfoo the Adventurer show, as she was given the damsel-in-distress role.
  11. She is responsible for Jenny becoming obsessed with a stinky sock in one episode, she throws it at Wolfoo, and then after a little bit of time, Jenny becomes obsessed with the sock and throws it at her.
  12. She says bad words at Wolfoo by calling him "stupid" which is kinda mean and not to mention, a bad influence on the show's target audience.
  13. Like Wolfoo, she has bad manners at the restaurant as they play around, proving they are very immature and they look like something Melvin Sneedly would make fun of.
  14. They even went as far as to cause a disastrous chain reaction there, as in one scene they drop the ice cream on the floor, and then Croco's dad slips on it and throws the phone at the waiter, causing him to drop the food on Piggy and his mom, and it ends up with the Wolf family paying 1000 dollars.
  15. Most infamously, she is very prone to throwing temper tantrums, as in one episode, Wolfoo tries to shoot her cardboard house down and Lucy thinks that it will get ruined, so she throws a tantrum. Granted, she did have the right to, but still.
  16. Because of everything mentioned above, she is a character who is also despised by many viewers.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite being a Karma Houdini, she has got her comeuppance multiple times, such as getting caught by Wolfoo and their mom after stepping on the weight scale.
  2. Her character design looks creative, good, and also cute despite it looking like a recolor of Wolfoo.
  3. She is sometimes nice to Wolfoo despite being a jerk to him.
  4. Sometimes she has fair points, for example, in one episode, Wolfoo skipped his meals to eat junk food, and she told him it'd give him a stomach ache.


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