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    Lucky (Pound Puppies, 2010)

    Default Pound-puppies-lucky-570x420.jpg
    Hasbro, if you want to make a main character as a dog, it should have at least be well written and have more effort.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic, Gary Stu Dog.
    Species: Dog
    Portrayed by: Eric McCormack
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Pound Puppies

    Lucky is the main protagonist of the 2010 Canadian-American animated series Pound Puppies.

    He serves as the leader of the Shelter 17 dogs, whose only goal to get all puppies or dogs to be with their new owners.

    Despite being the main character of the series, he has his own flaws.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His personality is very generic, he doesn't had that much character development in the show whatsoever. Rather, he's nothing but a Gary Stu, who does everything "perfect".
    2. He's also a filler character showing no purpose to the show whatsoever.
    3. Despite being the "hero" of Pound Puppies, he is shown to be a very selfish jerk, example in "Snow Problem" he loses focus on getting tundra to Jean Luc and only wants to win the sled race without even realizing he's forgetting about the mission. When Jean Luc and his huskies goes to a path that is filled with lots of snow, Tundra sought to rescue Jean Luc and his huskies, but Lucky refuses and decided to leave them to die. Sound familiar?
    4. Ever since he started a rivalry against the kennel kittens, he starts hating on other cats and thinks that dogs and cats should be separated.
    5. He and his team even refused to help a kitten named Spoons to get to her owner, even though he never knew who she was.
    6. He shows no respect for his father who "supposedly" abandoned him, despite Slick trying to search for him after his family moved.
    7. His catchphrase "Go, dogs, go!" is very repetitive at times, and he never stops saying it and that gives Bubsy a run for his money.
    8. His design is pretty generic and lackluster, even by standard cartoon dogs; despite being a Schnauzer, he looks more like a German shepherd.
    9. Unlike Ruff Ruffman, not only does he hate cats, but he also expresses racism towards coyotes, thinking all of them are evil, which is false.
    10. His rap dance in "Lucky Gets Adopted" is pretty cringe-worthy to look at, and his pop music isn't that great either.
    11. His relationship with Cookie feels forced in the show. It is reminiscent of Anakin and Padme's romance in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.
    12. His friendship with Dot feels a bit off, as Dot tortures him in "Lucky Gets Adopted" as he forces himself to stay with her despite being her punching bag.

    Good Qualities

    1. At least he redeemed himself in a few episodes.
    2. He did help puppies to get to their owners despite being a Gary Stu.
    3. He cares about his friends in Shelter 17.
    4. He feels sympathy for Strudel after the loss of Toyoshiko.
    5. Him leaving Dot is pretty understandable, since he was tortured by her.
    6. Eric McCormack did a decent job voicing him.


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