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Lu (Mike, Lu & Og)
Lu Mike Lu & Og .png
We don't care if you think you're the princess of Albonquetine, Lu! You're not! You annoy us!
Gender: Female
Type: Spoiled "Princess"
Age: 10
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Nancy Cartwright
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Mike, Lu & Og

Lulu Bellissimo, or Lu for short, is a 10-year-old dim-witted, self-proclaimed princess of the island, Albonquetine, and one of the main characters from Mike, Lu & Og. She is characterized by her loud and arrogant nature. She continually exploits her " best friend" Mike, her cousin Og, and abuses her pet turtle, Lancelot. Lu's unruly behavior is most likely a result of poor parenting on the part of her father, Wendell.

Why She's Not the Princess of Albonquetine

  1. She is a spoiled little brat who proclaims herself that she is the princess of Albonquetine, when she's not.
  2. In fact, she can be best described as a rip-off of Angelica Pickles, except she wins most of the time for her annoying evil schemes.
  3. She abuses her pet turtle, Lancelot, which is a sign of animal abuse, and it's not funny.
  4. She mostly continually exploits her "best friend" Mike Mazinsky, and her cousin Og, throughout the entire show.
  5. Lu's friendship with Mike is kind of unhealthy, abusive, aggravating and disgusting, as she constantly annoys and exploits her to no end.
  6. Her voice is ear-piercingly annoying to listen to.
  7. She got Mike and Og punished for her crimes throughout almost the entire show.
  8. She's at her absolute worst in "To Serve Lu", where she wants to make Mike her slave.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is very decent.
  2. She does get what she deserves in 15 out of 52 episodes.
  3. While her voice is ear-piercingly annoying, her voice actress Nancy Cartwright does a passable job voicing her.
  4. It's very likely that just like with Dudley Dursley and Mayor Spryman, she probably wouldn't act the way she does if she received any proper parental guidance.
  5. She has done kind things on occasion.
  6. She was probably meant to be disliked from the start.


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