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    Louie Farley
    "Hey, you can't do that! Farleys don't get rants, everybody loves a Farley."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying, Spoiled Rich Jerk
    Age: 9 (Super Burp!-What's Black and White and Stinks All Over?)
    10 (Wet and Wild!-present)
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: George Brown, Class Clown
    First appearance: Super Burp!

    "But nothing good ever happened when Louie was around. He was just rotten. “Actually, Louie’s worse than the magical super burp,” George corrected himself. “And that’s really saying something.”"
    Return to the Scene of the Burp
    "George figured Louie might grow up to be a vampire one day. He already knew how to suck the fun out of everything-"
    Lice Check
    "I guess brains know better than to invade a Farley forehead, too,” George whispered to Alex."
    Lice Check
    "Louie always sounds confident," Alex reminded George. "Even when he's wrong. And he's wrong a lot."
    Lice Check
    "There were so many ridiculous things about what Louie had said he (George) didn't know where to start."
    How Do You Pee in Space?
    "All the money in the world hadn't bought Louie a decent personality. He was still pretty much a jerk."
    Revenge of the Killer Worms

    Louie Farley is the main antagonist of the children’s book series George Brown, Class Clown, created by Nancy Krulik and illustrated by Aaron Blecha. He is the younger brother of Sam Farley and the youngest son to his parents; his father; Mr. Farley, and his mother; Mrs. Farley. He is also one of George Brown's classmates in Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School in the fourth grade, and is known as the rich kid of Beaver Brook; being the most disliked in terms of character. He has the tendency to bully the main protagonist; George Brown, for his big burping problems and the unintentional unnecessary behavior he has done within the series.

    He has appeared in every single book that has been released for the series.


    • Mr. Farley (father)
    • Mrs. Farley (mother)
    • Sam Farley (older brother)


    Louie Farley wants to be the center of attention in all of Beaver Brook. Only to prove his worth as a member of the Farley’s, who happen to be one of the richest families in the whole of Beaver Brook. He is pretty mean and looks down on others who don’t quite match up to his standards or doesn’t take his side of things, such as George Brown, who he considers as an enemy rival to him.

    Why He's Intentionally Far from Good

    1. Just like several characters on this wiki, he is a mean popular boy stereotype. This is due to the overkill of poor writing he has as a character and an antagonist, since he acts more like a spoiled nuisance (similar to Prince Charming's flanderization in Shrek The Third), thanks to his status in the wealthy upper class.
    2. He tends to be pretty lazy, as he often relies on someone else to do his work at times and almost doesn’t do anything when involved in something. To be fair, he can’t do a ton of work due to how wealthy his family is, but he is at the right age to do it anyway; so it isn't excusable for him to be slacker.
    3. Much like Norman Price in the CGI era of Fireman Sam, he acts absolutely horrendous every time he appears, as he has done things that an evil child would do (even things that are illegal), which is ironic since he is the main antagonist.
    4. Every time he does something, he usually does it to make himself look and feel good most of the time, without considering anyone else’s feelings in the process.
    5. He is overly talkative, as he never at once shuts up about the “good nature” he always brags about.
      • He says that he is a better player than George in “Three Burps and You’re Out!” all because he is switching positions with him, when George and the other team members are better at the game than he is.
      • He also tends to take credit for something he didn’t do, even though he was clearly working for others or when someone else did it.
        • When his brother; Sam Farley (who is admittingly the best representation of his family nowadays and his good big brother), compliments him and his band members; George and Mike, for their original song that they all helped to make in "Trouble Magnet", he flat out boasts a lie that he did all the work, defeating the purpose of being in a band.
        • Not only that, but he also tries to take the credit away from George in the same book when George was complimented for his actions, saying that the dive-bomb was “his own idea”.
        • When Alex gave clarification to the class on how a type of bat and lice are similar in taking blood, he (Louie) claims to have said it himself, just to be laughed at by George in "Lice Check".
        • He read someone's private journal in "Revenge of the Killer Worms", so that he could get a ton of information (mostly about the movie star; Dirk Drek) and look like a celebrity.
      • He does tend to “showcase” some of the items he got first, just like any average spoiled jerk would do.
        • In “World’s Worst Wedgie”, he shows off his RC Dude-on-a-Skateboard and doesn’t share.
        • He talks about his golden ticket in “Wet and Wild”, where he sadistically teases George, Alex and Chris about how he will always be first in line in the water park attractions since he has it, and due to the fact that it’s his birthday. Also, how come it’s allowed to have an expensive ticket when you can wait in line?
          • To be fair, it does somehow work as lines can be long when you attend a water park, especially a popular one.
        • While shopping for clothes with his mother in "Attack of The Tighty Whities!", he boasts about the "interesting" jacket he was getting to George.
        • He showcased his new remote-controlled car in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", only to cause chaos once he started it up.
    6. He tends to play roughly, such as his infamous game; “Killer Ball”, where he and his team throw a ball (usually a hard one, like a soccer ball) at the opposite team, who also have to throw just as hard. Basically, it’s just a brutal counterfeit to Dodgeball.
      • One example of this was when he hit a third grade student hard in the head with a ball in “Trouble Magnet”.
      • Another one would include Mike’s statement about the game itself in “World’s Worst Wedgie”. There he claims that he is black and blue from the game, and just says that he won’t complain to Louie, due to his status as a “rich” kid.
      • He never follows his rules, as he would always change them to make him win, making the game completely unfair to begin with.
    7. As expected from the main antagonist; he bullies George a lot, since he views George as a “weirdo freak” in his eyes due to George’s silly behavior and never gives any proper concerns about him at all.
      • He gets George in trouble with the cafeteria lady in “Super Burp”, where he is mad at him for unintentionally sneezing on his food in the cafeteria, when he could’ve asked the lunch lady for a second batch if possible.
      • In “Trouble Magnet”, he states the name of George’s old rock band; “Slinky and the Worms”, a dumb name, which doesn’t make any sense, as it is a good name for the rock band (depending on your view).
      • He (along with Max) also stalked him in the same book along with Alex, where he and Max eavesdrop on their conversation about their school project on Hawaii. Where he later forces George to leave Alex into planning the project they both would work for by himself, when he told him that he had to try out for his band right at that moment.
      • He takes the credit for George’s suggestion of making their own songs for the band.
      • In the aftermath of the talent show, he (Louie) gets so mad at him for committing his silly antics during their time on stage, that he outright fires him. Granted, George shouldn’t have done those things, but as stated before; it was completely unintentional.
        • This is further shown when he quotes; “If I was Mrs. McKeon, I’d take away your recess for a whole year.”.
      • In “World’s Worst Wedgie”, he laughs in a mean manner at George and promotes a suggestive piece of gross humor by saying “behind”, as he jumps to the conclusion that it was George’s answer to his question about the circus he (George) put up. This is ironic, as the franchise itself shows off gross context for the child audience.
      • After George does his unintentional tomfoolery at Louie’s birthday party in “Wet and Wild”, Louie makes a big deal about it by downright accusing him for ruining his party, when he could just ignore it or figure out a solution to help him.
      • He also acted like a snitch towards him in the said book; by shouting at his mom about what happened. This led his mother to threaten George by stating that she will send him home if he does it again.
      • He spoiled George’s fun in “Attack of the Tighty Whities!” when Julianna interviewed him (George) about his training for the all-star spelling bee, saying it was no big deal to begin with.
      • He willingly calls out on George for freaking out on stage during the all-star spelling bee, when in reality; George was just keeping himself from getting into trouble by running away to burst his big burp.
      • When George wins second place on the all-star spelling bee, he calls him a loser when second place isn’t really that bad and George actually made the effort to win and beat Sam Farley’s placement in the all-star spelling bee.
        • Even Sam acts like a good sport by congratulating George for his efforts.
      • When George and his friends visited a baseball stadium that involved a Beaver Brook Beavers game and the JumboTron, and as he and his buddies searched for some empty boxseats. Louie yells; "Weirdo warning! There's a weirdo in the ballpark!", thus embarrassing George in front of a ton of people, including his friends in “Three Burps and You're Out!”.
      • And to add insult to injury, he sadistically teases him and his friends for being in the nosebleed section of the boxseats.
      • He also asked him to take extra practice into not being "weird" for the baseball game.
      • During one of their practice days, he hisses at George by telling him to not ruin the game, as he wants a trophy because his big brother; Sam, won the championship with his team, thus breaking the importance of teamwork.
      • He got unreasonably mad at George during their game against the Kangaroos, all because he didn't tag the other player running at a base. But how can George tag the other player when he (Louie) and Sage just wasted his time by scrambling for the ball and either one or the other could've tagged that other player if possible?
      • In "Lice Check", he actually cheats in the bet that both he and George agreed upon for Career Day, by hiring Max and Mike to be his repo men, along with bribing the public to win the bet.
      • He acts more like a kid that tinkers with emotions rather than an actual antagonist in "How Do You Pee in Space?", as his main purpose was to pick on George on a contest that he (Louie) didn't care about unless he won, causing George to overwork himself and not consider his friend Alex in the most ridiculous fashion ever made in the franchise's existence. This makes his role as a villain to be more of a cliché joke than actually compelling, similar to his previous and later versions in the books.
      • When George sneezed out boogers, Louie just shouts out how gross it was, turning the group's attention to him in "Snot Funny!".
        • If that wasn't enough, he says that he (George) isn't a real snowboarder, but just a kid with a leaky nose.
      • As his "advice" to George, he gives him the idea that any Crumbunny student is an "enemy", also telling him to have killer instinct like him, having the shadow of a doubt that George would "ruin" his fun, despite George saying that his association with Carly wasn't a big deal to begin with.
      • He sarcastically says that George has a nice blanket, just to salt to the wound he (George) was getting rom Sage's clingy attitude.
      • In "Revenge of the Killer Worms!", it would be discovered that he looked at George's journal, which was supposed to be kept secret between Mrs. Kelly and George himself. He would use that private info to act like a smarty pants, along with his other benefits, as he tried to predict George skateboarding when he brought it up during one lunch break, wanting to get a skateboard that George wanted, talking about his (George) fishing methods and most infamously, getting info about Dirk Drek. On the bright side, at least he got comeuppance for doing those things.
      • He tells George to buzz off, giving the reason that Dirk Drek doesn't want to meet the town's "weirdo freak".
      • In "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", he is disappointed that he didn't get his "butler"; George to take his punishment of painting playground equipment for him, which already feels meaningless in several areas. Not to mention that he (Louie) didn't win the bet, in fact it hasn't even started yet, so what's the point?
      • When George clarifies to Julianna and him about drone malfunctions during the chaos in Farley's Flying Floats in "Return to the Scene of the Burp"; he makes a big deal about it by asking him if he's "insulting his father" by saying his cheap, all because George used the word cheap in his explanation.
      • Even though George gave him a good idea to stop the drone chaos by telling him to remove the batteries from his RC car remote, he questions why he should listen to him.
      • When his (George) friends showed appreciation for his jokes at Ernie's, he (Louie) buts in and shows off more of his father's ice cream parlor; Farley's Flying Floats, by stating his "great" commercial.
      • Out of all of the mean actions he gave to George, he's mostly infamous for making fun at him for the smallest things.
        • He laughs at George when he misses a ball that was thrown to him during baseball practice, which gives him a well-deserved scolding from one of his teammates in “Three Burps and You're Out!”.
          • In fact, he takes it as a joke when it really wasn't, as George is a member of their team and Louie was just teasing him.
        • He makes fun of George when Sage calls him (George); "Georgie", thus irritating him and making him upset during practice for the game when Coach Trainer accidentally calls him Georgie, to which he just teases him more.
          • He also does this in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", when Sage compliments his piggies (toes).
        • After George successfully prevents his big burp from coming out by sliding to a base during one practice day, he (Louie) just laughs at him for eating dirt, along with calling him a weirdo freak.
        • He taunts at him for being the "loser" in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!" on his basketball team "Fighting Ferrets".
        • He laughs at his fact that George didn't help the business of Ernie's, along with stating the he (George) is "not cool".
      • There were times where he would frame George for his suffering.
        • When he finds out that George won a lifetime free pass for actually being the millionth guest in "Wet and Wild!", he blames him for “stealing” his prize. Granted, he didn’t know who was gonna be that person anyway, but it doesn’t excuse him for being a spoilsport over something that is way out of their control.
        • He frames George for catching his pop foul on purpose during one of their practice runs in "Three Burps and You're Out!", which is ridiculous on its own; as it is the role of the catcher to catch it and George was just doing his role. This was mainly caused by his (Louie) accidental hit on a curveball, which directed to George instead of the field.
        • During their baseball game against the Kangaroos, he gets mad at him for being "weird" when he lost the pitch at his turn at bat, due to him looking at George's antics. Clearly, he could've ignored him.
        • He gives George the blame for "cheating" on Career Day in "Lice Check" during their battle bet, when George didn't and played fair and share.
          • He does a similar thing in "Revenge of the Killer Worms", where he falsely accuses him for cheating again in volley ball.
        • During the awards ceremony for the S.A.P. (Space Adventurers Program) contest in "How Do You Pee in Space?", when George was declared the winner, he (Louie) just shouts out how unfair it was due to getting "hijacked" by him during the contest. This is half true, since he clearly could've ran away from it when it happened and/or finished the challenge way more quickly under teacher supervision.
        • During the tubing event in "Snot Funny!", once it started; George spins around on his tube and inadvertently hits him, causing him (Louie) to spin out of control and to threaten George by saying that he must pay for it, when clearly it's his problem.
        • When news spread of George getting to meet Dice Nieveson, as well as him having a special snowboard exclusively by Dice, he (Louie) gets jealous by complaining to his folks on how it wasn't fair that George got a free item and he didn't, because George didn't participate in the snowboard contest.
          • While he isn't lying about George not competing, he (George) was sick and he got rewarded because of the kindness he showed to Alex in said book, along with the callback to how he (George) showed kindness to Alex in the previous book; "How Do You Pee in Space?".
      • He tends to have sadistic thoughts about George getting into trouble, when it is clear to Alex, the audience, few of the characters (such as Mrs. Kelly) and even George himself that he (George) does these “mischievous” things unintentionally, making him pretty heartless.
        • He snickered at George when he (George) cheered for the Sea Monkeys while his class were watching Julianna's report, having the desire for him to be punished. Thankfully though, it doesn't come into fruition as Mrs. Kelly just chimed in with George's cheers.
        • When George inadvertently started doing the twister during science class in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", Louie shares an evil gesture to Max and Mike, wishing for the worst to come to him (George). Only to be proven wrong, as Mrs. Kelly appreciated George's "enthusiasm" into doing so.
      • He also uses his online show; “Life with Louie”, to bully George (and his viewers and classmates to some extent) as well, making him a downright cyberbully.
        • During his "practice routes" webisode in "How Do You Pee in Space?", he takes the time to show George and his "fans" how good and fit he is at his exercises, manipulating the public on how he's a good athlete. Along with this, he menacingly looks at the camera to act like a "threat" to George.
        • In "Revenge of the Killer Worms", he makes a webisode on George's hatred of fishing, by shoving the fishing hook through a worm, to which George turns off in disgust when viewing it.
        • He makes a webisode that's fully dedicated to taunting George in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", like when he mentioned his drooling.
      • He never asks George why he acts troublesome and can’t control it after giving a big burp, which just makes him more hated. But let’s be real here, even if George tells him his reason, he would just laugh at him and continue to bully him nonetheless.
      • This also makes him more like an ableist as he doesn’t care about George’s problem at all. If he can’t do that, then he would just offend disabled characters every time he interacts with them.
    8. He is pretty rude to others as well.
      • He states that circuses are for babies in “World’s Worst Wedgie”, which is wrong and blatantly offensive to those who do, as people over the age of 3 can actually enjoy it as well.
      • In “Wet and Wild”, he sends an email to everyone in his class, stating that he has a long list of toys that he wants for his birthday, so he doesn’t get anything that he considers lame, breaking the real purpose of getting gifts. Though to be fair, it is okay to request certain presents you want, but only if someone asks you what you would like.
      • He also asks Julianna if Alex has the most geekiest friends as the world record that he is trying to make or beat in the same book. Which is basically offending Alex and his good friends.
      • Before George, Alex and Chris could go down the Tunnel of Terror water slide, Louie immediately cuts in front of them by using his golden ticket, which just shows how impatient he is.
      • When he sees George Brown getting a lifetime free pass after he slid down the Tunnel of Terror, he yells; “NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE”, to the point where everyone in the water park could hear him and tells the lady that he should’ve been the one to have that all because “it’s his birthday”.
      • In "Three Burps and You're Out!", he makes fun of people in the baseball stadium that have nosebleeds, which is just adding salt to their wounds.
      • Without any second thought, he agrees with George and Julianna when they both falsely accused Chris for betraying their team by making them look like weaklings. Even when Chris told them the truth, his viewpoint didn't change, leading to the poor artist to understandably rage at them and quit on their team.
      • He insults Sage by telling his teammates that it doesn't matter that she can't catch, because he "can catch it" himself due to his position on the third base, which is in front of her placement on the field. This is insulting to his team, as they don't have that much of a choice in choosing a suitable replacement for Chris when he quit on them.
        • In "Snot Funny!", he offends Sage again by cackling George when he (George) gets a present from her.
      • When he misses Julianna's catch when practicing batting, he says that it isn't fair and makes the excuse that the ball was "too fast".
      • When he finds out that Chris is at home with lice in "Lice Check", he just says bummer and laughs a little, not giving empathy to Chris' situation.
        • Also in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", he provides that same empathetic sarcasm to George's team; Fighting Ferrets, saying how it's awful that they have a "loser" on their team.
      • He relishes on his father's suffering when stating his (Mr. Farley) tired condition after he faces a case as a lawyer.
      • When Alex gave him advice on how his chili powder strategy against the lice actually works, he just ignores him and goes along with his own idea anyway, leading to him (Louie) to suffer the consequences. Though he isn't wrong about his statement on Alex not knowing everything, he should've accepted Alex's advice in the matter for the sake of his health.
      • He bribes the visitors during Career Day by giving them chocolate to visit his dad's booth, to which his father just wastes their precious time on stuff that wasn't well thought out in his plan.
      • In "How Do You Pee in Space?", he makes fun of Mrs. Kelly's offer of the Space Adventurers Program; saying that it's suitable for saps by offending it's short acronym, and instead brags on about how "rich people" can learn about space by exploring space due to their wealth.
      • One time, when he was in his usual egotistical mode; he climbs the flag of the Edith B. Sugarman school, just to prove how "better" he was as an athlete to George, which is wrong in several levels. Thankfully though, he got rightfully punished in the end.
      • Clearly, he doesn't appreciate what the school staff does for him and his good brother Sam, as in "Snot Funny!"; he uses his limo to get to the Lumi Lodge Snow Resort due to his family (mainly his parents) insisting of using their own vehicle to get there. It is never mentioned in this and/or any other book, to why this is case, making you question the type of logic most of Farleys follow in their daily lives.
      • When George mentioned how his loss wasn't big of a deal, due to Julianna winning for the school in the tubing event, he ignores his claim and went on his sinister, immature scheme instead, which thankfully didn't fill the cup.
        • He also ignored the fact that they're doing these ski resort contests for China's school library, not to get money for themselves.
      • Much like Stuck-Up Steve, he isn't willing to help people who are in poverty, as in "Revenge of the Killer Worms", he plans to meet the movie star; Dirk Drek instead of participating on Beaver Brook's Pay It Forward Day.
        • Even when Mrs. Kelly gives him a suggestion on how he could help, he ignores her, focusing on meeting Dirk full-time.
      • He also uses his mother's property in his webisode in said book, as he uses her fancy soup bowl to store the worms he used.
      • He interrupts Alex, when he (Alex) was chatting about rules with Julianna and Sage in "Dribble. Dribble, Drool!", so that he could get the spotlight and brag in his regular, annoying style.
      • He even has to guts to say that he doesn't need his team to win a basketball game, because he's a "basketball superstar", who can win all by himself.
      • He doesn't take his punishment by the rule snitch very seriously, as he pretends to be painting the playground equipment. This wouldn't last long though.
      • He brags about how his father's ice cream parlor; Farley's Flying Floats, will make better banana splits, without giving any context as to how.
      • He doesn't feel bad at the fact that his father's ice cream parlor; Farley's Flying Floats, is getting Ernie's Ice Cream Emporium out of business, saying that his father's parlor is the "future".
      • Speaking of Ernie's, he also laughs at his delusion about Ernie's not having any consumers.
      • He never treats Max and Mike as “friends”, but rather as slaves.
        • They are always involved in his infamous Killer Ball game, where they just get hurt for who knows how long.
        • He forces them to find him funny, despite his jokes being stale and/or when he hurts someone.
        • When he wants to play as his own rock band in the talent show with his “friends”; Max and Mike in "Trouble Magnet", he assigns an important role to both himself and Mike, while leaving Max out to become a roadie. Which is just a caterer to the band by getting snacks and beverages for the band. Why can’t he let Max sing or play an instrument with them?
        • During their baseball game against the Kangaroos in "Three Burps and You're Out!", when Max and Mike were cheering for George when it was his turn to bat, Louie tells them to stop because he hates him. This isn't fair, as he doesn't consider their opinions about him.
        • While Max had lice and before Career Day started in "Lice Check", Louie makes the scheme to make sure more people arrive to his dad's booth to Mike in a reckless manner. When Mike tells him that it would be unfair, as he wanted to bring people to his father's booth, Louie just coerces him by picking his nose, while snarling at him in rage by telling him; "I thought you were my friend".
          • He also uses money as an "award " for Mike to work with him in the illegal act, thus intimidating him, as well as asking him to inform Max in bringing the kids that were home were lice, to be prepared for his booth.
        • In "Snot Funny!", he orders both the misguided M duo to carry his things. Only for them to bust the tire inadvertently and embarrassing him further.
        • Also in said book, he tries to stop George's "troublesome" antics by asking Max and Mike to deal with him instead of asking his parents.
        • He uses bribery towards the duo in an attempt of avoiding his punishment in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!" for his collision against the rule snitch, by offering one of them cash as a "token" for taking the consequence he deserves. This alone, almost makes him an Unwilling Weed Reaper, thankfully he was caught and dragged into taking his punishment later on.
        • This pointer is mainly confirmed in “Wet and Wild”, Max says that Louie “has friends” with Mike agreeing with him by asking the question; “Yeah, what are we?”. Only for George to laugh at them and say; “You don’t really want me to answer that, do you?”.
        • Basically, he cares more about being praised by the two, despite the "praise" being delusional takes to sway him.
        • "If I don't get it, you two sure couldn't." - Snot Funny!
      • Even Sam isn't safe from his manipulation, as Louie uses his intelligence for his own worthless purposes; like the time he uses his brother's assistance in making the questions he wants to ask Major Minor in "How Do You Pee in Space?" for "his win". And to think that he treats his own big brother with kindness.
      • Due to his bad actions (from the pointers above and below this one in this section), he makes his family look more like a joke in Beaver Brook, as he never considers them when he does those horrid things.
        • This is proven in his infamous sue on George in "Snot Funny!", where he drags his parents (more notably his father) into his worthless complaint of losing the tubing competition and not "getting" five thousand dollars.
    9. He tends to sue people for the pettiest things imaginable.
      • In “World’s Worst Wedgie”, Louie shouts out that he’s gonna sue the Tyler’s Toy Store if they don’t give his money back. Now for the issues…
        • First, why sue someone over a broken toy that’s just fifteen dollars, when it clearly can be fixed or returned if possible?
        • Second, how come Louie doesn’t ask Mr. Tyler (the toy store’s owner), his parents or even his good brother Sam to fix it?
        • Third, due to how many times he probably went to Mr. Tyler’s toy store, it hasn’t been confirmed that Louie had asked Mr. Tyler if he accepts any returns, making the situation even dumber.
        • And fourth, if a return or a simple fix was possible, then why break the product into several pieces to the point of being unusable.
      • He states that his father should sue Pablo Zoocaso (the famous painter Louie worked with), due to the fact that he (Louie) lost in the art show, which is just baffling.
      • Arguably his most infamous and ridiculous moment in this set, is in "Snot Funny!"; where he tries to sue George all because he lost the at the tubing race and can't win "his" five thousand dollars, which feels wrong in so many ways imaginable. Even his parents out of all characters don't agree with his dumb reasoning, as they find it baffling just like how George and the reader sees it
      • He is willing to sue Dice Nieveson if he wears a yellow helmet in the next contest, saying it's "his thing".
      • When Alex hits him with a snowball, he tries to get him sued because of the fun he's (Alex) having with the others.
      • Just because his father is a big-time lawyer, doesn’t mean that he can sue anyone whenever he wants to. He is just wasting his time on these little things that don’t matter entirely.
    10. Just like Caillou, he has shown some moments where he throws temper tantrums to the point where he gives the former a huge run for his money, when he doesn’t get what he wants, showing how much of a spoiled brat he is.
      • In “World’s Worst Wedgie”, he kicks and stomps his remote-controlled Dude-on-a-Skateboard, damaging it beyond repair all because it literally popped a wheel off, when it could’ve been fixed.
      • When he gets a deserved scolding from both George and the lady in “Wet and Wild” for his dumb reasoning to get a lifetime free pass at the Pirate Island Water Park, he throws a meltdown by jumping up and down on the pool’s water, splashing countless times while stating how he should’ve gotten that pass since “it’s his birthday”.
      • While volunteering to be Mr. Stubbs' hair model during Career Day in "Lice Check", he throws a tantrum by yelling in anger to what Mr. Stubbs told him, as well as giving denial to what he said about him getting lice. He does this by saying; "I can't have lice, Farleys don't get lice.".
      • When he finds out that he can't sue George for losing the tubing event in "Snot Funny!" (which already feels dumb in so many levels), he jumps up and down angrily saying; "No! No! No!". Even the book makes fun of it by stating how he's similar to a giant three year old with a hissy fit.
    11. There have been several instances where he acted pretty dumb.
      • He easily jumps to the conclusion that George was suggesting a tuba to be featured in his rock band when he was explaining his past experiences with instruments that he had played before, without letting him finish in “Trouble Magnet”.
      • After George clarified to him about Mike’s countdown of stick clicking during their band practice in the same book, he immediately wants to click the sticks and start things off.
        • When applied on the stage, he would just halt the song's performance for him and the group, potentially causing slip hazards on set.
      • He says that there will be another concert where he will do “his dive-bomb”, when he already fired George and doesn’t have a band at all with just two members. He even schedules a day for George to have band practice with him and Mike, when he already fired him.
      • He doesn’t know what sharing actually is, as in “World’s Worst Wedgie”, he says that “sharing” an item is watching it in action by its owner, rather than giving a portion of it for someone else to enjoy.
      • He thinks that world records are just sports in “Wet in Wild”, when in reality it is more than that. To be fair, he probably just heard about those types of records only.
      • He bets that he is braver than any other kid to not hold on the bars when riding the Stingray Slam at the Pirate Island Water Park, when others could have done the same thing out of his sight.
      • In “Attack of the Tighty Whities!”, he and his family goes to the all-star spelling bee because they wanted to celebrate Sam’s ribbon award. This doesn’t make any sense, as neither Louie or his older brother are participating in it and Sam won that award long ago. There is also a zero chance that none of them (with the notable exception of Sam) would cheer on George or anyone else in the spelling bee. So why are they there? In Sam’s defense, he (Sam) wanted to see the good effort George will make as the representative of Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School, as he used to attend it himself.  
      • In “Three Burps and You’re Out!”, he tells George that his spot at third base is “more important” than any of the other positions, when all of them are important to the game’s function.
      • He insults Sage and the teams need to have a replacement member, all because he is "better" than them. Only to later have an accident with her later during the game.
      • During one of his lunch breaks with the other students in "Lice Check", he puts way too much chili powder on his turkey sandwich, as he believes that the lice won't effect him due to how high his temperature will be when coming into contact with the powder. Even when Alex gave him advice on how it actually works, he just ignores him and does it anyway, leading to him (Louie) to suffer the consequences. Though he isn't wrong about his statement on Alex not knowing everything, he still acted like a smart aleck there. It also doesn't help coming from the fact that the strategy he tried there, didn't work as planned and just ended up making his life worse at the end of the book.
      • After Mrs. Kelly announces the special guest interaction with the astronaut Major Minor to her class in "How Do You Pee in Space?", he raises his hand in excitement and says that he would be a great interviewer, all because he's... wearing a new suit, also having the biased excuse that interviewers wear suits, much to the frustration of George and the readers.
      • When George wonders if Major Minor has ever seen aliens, he (Louie) makes up the biased opinion that aliens don't exist unless a Farley in Beaver Brook (like him and his good brother Sam) has seen it due to their popularity. And to poison the plant, he says that they would meet him or his family as living proof that they exist.
      • Despite his offensive, aforementioned statement on the Space Adventurers Program as stated before, he is still willing to participate in it's competition, all for the sake of "winning". This makes you wonder; what good will it be if he won the contest? Apparently nothing but harrassment and bullying to the "losers".
      • He thinks that movie stars can't come to towns without meeting Farley in "Revenge of the Killer Worms", when he clearly had no evidence to prove his statement.
      • When he tries to get Dirk Drek's attention, he sings like an evil witch saying random lines of gibberish, leaving some of Dirk's fans to have an awkward moment.
      • He makes a bet with George in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", having the punishment being the winner's butler for a short period of time. This makes you question why, as he already treats Max and Mike like that already, as shown previously.
      • During a lunch break in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", he makes a stale joke about a banana; saying that a banana is "a-peeling", much to the "laughter" of Max and Mike.
      • He states that no one will serve the ice cream in his father's parlor; Farley's Flying Floats, yet he states that drones will serve them. Sure, drones are objects and not living beings, but he could've just went straight to the point rather than dragging his info on and on.
      • He's probably at his worst in "Return to the Scene of the Burp" in terms of idiocy, as during the drones' work shift in Farley's Flying Floats, he boasts about a new remote-controlled car his mother bought him. While the drones were serving customers, he touched the remote of his RC car, causing the drones to malfunction and make a huge mess in the parlor. Even when George tried to help him in the situation, he acts a smart aleck and keeps pressing buttons on his car remote. It wouldn't be long until his big brother Sam takes his remote, as well as George's advice. What makes this situation even worse, is that Sam confirms about Louie ignoring his father's instructions of not bringing the RC car to the parlor, making him a very disobedient child to the harmed consumers. He (Louie) didn't even own up to his mistake as well.
      • There have been times where he thinks that he is gonna win a contest, only to speak too soon afterwards.
        • He says that Chris doesn't have a chance at winning the blue ribbon in the art show, all because he has a famous artist to help him in "Three Burps and You’re Out!”. Only to not win due to how overly "complex" "his art " was, and after the results were exposed.
        • He thinks that he will win his bet against George on Career Day in "Lice Check", only to lose when he yells out; "AAAHHHH! NO!" when Mr. Stubbs exposes the truth of his hair having lice during his (Louie) voluntary hair model experience, to which he denies it and throws a temper tantrum (as stated previously above), scaring his "customers" away from his father's booth.
        • Speaking of bets, he also thinks that he could win the bet against George in their basketball game, only to lose because of his own error during the game.
        • With a pinch of salt, he actually has the thought of winning the Space Adventurers Program in "How Do You Pee in Space?" despite claiming it for saps earlier, only to lose when he has a lack concentration, thanks to George's unintentional clown antics during the competition.
        • In "Snot Funny!", he thinks he is gonna win the tubing event, only to lose due to his "lack of control" and strategy.
        • He thinks that he will win the snowboarding contest, but during the time it happens; he flops his "trick" and ends up being nothing but a failure to his school.
      • As stated in WHIFfG#10, he tends to sue others for the dumbest reasons, thus making him unsuitable to actually go to court due to his bad sense of logic.
      • Despite the many times they ruin his lives inadvertently, he is still willing to associate with Max and Mike, even when it's clear that they are unreliable to be his "friends" in the first place.
      • He always doesn’t think about the things he said, nor does he ever think about what he could do to earn his goals successfully, despite it backfiring on him several times.
    12. He thinks that due to his status, he is the “best kid” and also thinks that he is always right, when most of the time he isn’t.
      • He tends to be pretty gullible, as in “World’s Worst Wedgie”; he easily pays for two cups of lemonade just because Sage stated that it was “gourmet lemonade”. Not only does he get the lemonade, but when he sees Max and Mike all puckered up because of its sour taste, he asks for a refund when it was already too late to do so. This could’ve all been prevented if he had just asked George, Alex or Chris what they put in the lemonade before paying up to drink it, rather than listening to someone’s biased opinion.
      • As stated in WHIFfG#8, similar to how he takes advantage of George, he uses his (George) private diary as a reliable source in getting what he wants in "Revenge of the Killer Worms", only to find out that it humiliated him later on.
    13. He is never content with what he has and always wants more just for the sake of “winning everything” and being the main title.
    14. Every time someone calls him out for his actions, he would always deny it like a wimp. This just shows how he can’t handle criticism.  
      • He basically tends to gaslight others by lying to them.
        • In “Attack of the Tighty Whities!”, when George won and he lost in the spelling bee of Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School, he says that he spelt the word; “crabby”, right with two b’s, when he misspelled it with a one b earlier. And did he forget about Mrs. Kelly disqualifying him?
        • Also in said book, he says he was gonna congratulate George for his efforts, when he was clearly gonna bully him from the start. He did this, all because his big brother Sam asked him if he was being a good sport, lying in the process to prevent him from getting into trouble.
        • When he gets a deserved scolding from George in "Lice Check" for blaming him on "cheating" the bet during Career Day, as he calls him out to be the actual cheater, he (Louie) denies any part in the obvious crime he committed, along with stating that no one can prove it and that George used his "cheating" tactics to prevent himself from getting lice.
          • This feels questionable, coming from the fact that he (Louie) obviously cheated as stated before and that he still owned up to losing the bet, despite his "methods" being seen by George and other people earlier in the event. Other than that, the argument he created with George is just ridiculous anyway.
        • To get out of a report on his accidental collision with the rule snitch supervisor in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", he tries reasoning to the supervisor that the rule book is "outdated" and that it doesn't apply during the time of the wheelie sneakers as well as saying that; "Farleys don't go on a report.".
        • When George claims to have evidence on Louie's error after the game in said book, he (Louie) just tells him to forget it because his team "won" without having the urge to peep into George's camera.
        • Despite the mad faces, as well as the well-deserved scolding from both his brother; Sam and his mother for his incident in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", he blames the mess on the remote though it's clear to everyone else at the scene of the parlor that he did it.
    15. Moreover, he acts like a sore loser like Lynn Loud Jr. and Big Tex Arkana, as he does cheat, frames others for his own suffering, denies his own actions and acts whiny when he doesn’t get his way, as stated previously.
      • One example of this would be the time when he was able to play his infamous game; “Killer Ball” with the rest of the class in “Attack of the Tighty Whities”, due to Mr. Trainer letting him volunteer as the gym teacher. As it was a backwards day at the time this was played. When they played it, and George was able to hit Louie, he (Louie) immediately stopped the game just because he was out. Even when Julianna asked him why, he just says; “I’m the teacher, I don’t give a reason.” Just because he created the sport and played it with others, doesn’t excuse him to portray bad sportsmanship.
      • When George wins against him in the Space Adventurers Program contest in "How Do You Pee in Space?", he (Louie) just glares at him like the sore loser he is.
      • As mentioned in previous pointers, he blames George for his aforementioned loss by attempting to sue him, not caring about Julianna's win for their school in the tubing event, throwing a tantrum over not suing him and most importantly; giving him a lack of focus and strategy during contest, making George the problem, despite it being his own fault for doing so in the first place in "Snot Funny!".
      • Let's not forget the other tantrums he threw at his unreasonable losses back in WHIFfG#11 and his other attempts in suing others for not winning something that "he deserved", as stated in WHIFfG# 10.
    16. This child has a huge status of hypocrisy.
      • He always shows hatred to George, when he is literally associated with him by having him in his band in “Trouble Magnet”.
        • Not only that, but he also sends him his (Louie) pointless Life with Louie webisodes even though most of them aren't good in portraying him (Louie) as a menace and inviting him to his father's ice cream parlor to give free ice cream to him and their other consumers.
      • As stated in WHIFfG#2.1, he takes credit for the dive-bomb George made during their act in the talent show due to the cheering he (George) gained in “Trouble Magnet”, when he was mad about it earlier.
      • He says that Farley’s always wins, when he clearly lost countless competitions to others; most notably George.
        • Even Max and Mike know about this very well and aren’t easily blinded by Louie's delusional mind.
      • He always criticizes George by calling him a “weirdo freak”, “dweeb” and other comments, yet he acts the very way he insults him by suing others for no valid reason (as stated in WHIFfG#10), throwing those worthless temper tantrums (as stated in WHIFfG#11) and the many other horrible things that he has done, as stated in the previous pointers above.
      • He frames George for his own suffering, when it’s clearly his own fault for doing those bad things in the first place like a foolish dimwit.
      • He thinks that George is a joke, when he acts like one himself due to being immature.
      • He states that he is “sharing” his toy in “World’s Worst Wedgie”, when he clearly isn’t due to his explanation as stated in WHIFfG#9.4.
      • He says that he has talent, when he clearly just cheats or commits copyright infringement by having someone to do the work for him (mostly Max and/or Mike) and claiming it as his own for the most part.
      • He claims to know what his father does as lawyer; just suing people, when its clearly more than that.
      • He says that Crumbunny students are enemies to the Edith B. Sugarman students in "Snot Funny!", when he acts just like one to George and others in all of the books.
      • Also in the aforementioned book; he says that bragging isn't cool, yet he has boasted several times in the previous and books to follow the mentioned title.
      • He thinks that his father can do anything due to their family's wealth, when it has been proved that even he has limitations like his son.
      • He says that Farley's can't be psyched, when he clearly is eager to do something in every book. Clearly, he doesn't know what the meaning of that word is.
      • "Farleys don't paint.", he says, yet he parents and his brother do. This is probably the ridiculous one out of all of them.
      • In "Lice Check", he claims that he will never have lice since his brother never had them when checked, only to get them near the end of the book.
      • He thinks that he (as well as his family) is better than others, not being "like" them, when he is way worse if not as equal as them.
      • He says that he is the best, when overall; he does more harm than good.
    17. Misleading name: His first name (Louie), means famous warrior; usually one that is good at combat, while his other name (Farley); means great courage. He isn’t either of these things since his plans are always dumb, easily backfiring on him. While on the other hand, he’s a wimpy coward for being immature, as stated previously above.
    18. Speaking of misguidance, his self-portrait artwork in "Three Burps and You're Out!" shown here, does not match up to the elements mentioned in few of the pages following this.
      • His self-portrait is clearly obvious, yet George, Alex, Julianna, Sage, Max and Mike cannot clearly make it out, due to how "complex" it is.
      • He states that there is a banana in the portrait, when it isn't present.
      • In conclusion, his portrait just looks similar to his original design, but with only a tuxedo similar to one of his outfits shown in "Lice Check" and without any of the "unique" elements that the painting tries to mention in the later pages.
    19. He is also inconsistent, as he somehow is a talented singer in "Trouble Magnet", but sounds awful in "Revenge of the Killer Worms". This is due to Sam helping him in the former book, while he (Louie) completely ignored it and does sing without his guidance in the latter.
    20. His overall appearance and even character, looks pretty similar to Rude Ralph from Horrid Henry.
      • His hair leans closely to his forehead just like Ralph in comparison, just like how George Brown looks a bit like Horrid Henry in terms of their hair design as well.
      • Both characters tend to be rude to the protagonist, but unlike Ralph; he doesn’t set aside his differences to team up with George on anything entirely as frenemies to get something they both want in life from one book onward after it had happened in “Trouble Magnet”, when it could’ve.
    21. He is a pretty static character, as he is incompetent, never learns his lesson, and has little to no character development to change himself for most of the books.
      • This is also shown in his remorseless heart, as in “Attack of the Tighty Whities” he still laughs at George for being a “loser”, just because he (George) hiccuped.
    22. Also, he is a Gary Stu, as there are a few instances where nothing bad happens to him, such as getting reprimanded by his parents for his bad actions. As they either don’t mind his behavior or just spoil him for the most part, which increases the reader’s hatred towards him, as well as his parents. In fact, he considers himself one, which the reason for his dumb logic and unlawful behavior.
    23. He always thinks that he can control his parents and others to get his way, as well as getting away with his actions. However, it has been proven several times that he can’t, but still does it anyway despite the countless consequences that are thrown at him constantly when he does it.
    24. Though he does get deserving comeuppance for most of his actions in the books, he is never sent to juvenile detention; as he has done several crimes, but is never properly apprehended for what he did.
    25. He is pretty overused in the series, as there isn’t one or more books in which he doesn’t appear in. Though this is due to the fact that he is the main antagonist, there are a few books where it feels reasonable in some instances to not include him, as he committed crimes in some of the books and has had well-deserved consequences for his actions to warrant that.
    26. The most baffling part of all, is the mixed-bag of him being a sympathetic and ruthless person. This doesn’t help as the readers can’t feel bad for him due to his horrible nature being shoved at their faces more than actual elements where you can feel bad for him, especially towards George, while Nancy (the author) tries to make you feel bad for him as shown in “Trouble Magnet”.
    27. Speaking of the author, she utterly despises him as she states in “Trouble Magnet”; “Louie was unbelievable”, which just foreshadows how much of a nuisance he would be in the later books.
      • One would think that Nancy could just write him off, but she can’t as she already established him as a main character at the beginning of the series.
    28. Due to these qualities, he is treated like a Butt-Monkey, and you can’t feel bad for him as it is deserving, coming from the high amount of egregious traits he has. This also makes his role as a villain extremely laughable, as he just continues being a stubborn crybaby, similar to Lord Betrayus.
      • One time, George tells a joke about his (Louie) remote in “World’s Worst Wedgie”, when he (George) says that his (Louie) remote is sending signals to his (George’s) tooth, making him spin. This results in Louie getting mad, as his bragging and spotlight hogging is drowned out by George’s joke and the laughter within it.
        • Speaking of drowning out, George bursted his big burp while the loudspeakers of the water park chanted Louie’s name in “Wet and Wild”, foreshadowing his defeat later on.
      • Another notable example of this would be in “Wet and Wild” as well, as on his birthday; one of his birthday posters would be vandalized without him knowing. This foreshadows one of his defeats as well.
      • He gets kissed by George in "How Do You Pee in Space?", when they both visited the Beaver Brook Planetarium with their class. This is arguably the worst (though still deserving) offender of the bunch.
      • When Max and Mike fought over the suitcase that one of them must carry to the egotistical Farley, they end up accidentally opening his suitcase to reveal his red footie pajamas. To this, George laughs at him in front of the public, much to Louie's embarrassment in "Snot Funny!".
      • During a lunch break in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", he gets snitched by Alex for hitting him by accident when skating backwards. Despite trying to get out of it with his dumb reasoning as mentioned before, he still gets punished, much to the delight of George. Ridiculous yes, but doesn't earn sympathy in the slightest.
      • His gym bag gets ripped by Max and Mike, when they fought over on who should carry it in said book.
      • His mother calls him; “Loo Loo Poo”, which is again ironic to the gross context that the series shows, and is admittingly hilarious.
      • Along with the cringe, cyberbullying and his foreshadowing defeats, his “Life with Louie” segments also serve the purpose of being a comedy machine of Louie gaining unintentional suffering from the mistakes of his duo of “friends”; Max and Mike.
        • When he "shows off" his exercises in "How Do You Pee in Space?", his cameraman; Mike, misses his bending stretches, only showing Sam's trophy shelf as well as circling Louie to zoom in closer to a part of his exposed bum, and gets a portion of blank footage after he (Mike) trips over an object, getting Louie to take the camera's hit on the head while doing push-ups.
        • Before his act of actual copyright infringement, he gets a close up of his foot by Max in "Revenge of the Killer Worms".
        • The most laughable part out of all of this, is the fact that he doesn't check his videos before posting them to the internet, making him a huge laughing stock for the whole world to see, and to think that he was "smart".
    29. Basically, he is a pointless, scrappy, filler plot-device, as he is just in the story all for being the main obstacle that always causes conflict for George (and others to some extent) when he clearly can just be removed entirely.
      • The main antagonists of George’s life in the series could easily be the thoughts and speculation of others and most importantly his big burp, which is the main cause of his clown-like actions and the criticism others have of his behavior. So if you removed Louie entirely from the franchise, it wouldn’t make much of a difference at all.
    30. As of this point, no new book for the franchise has ever been made after 2017, so it's unclear if the series has ended or if Nancy is planning to make more books as well as giving Louie a character arc.
    31. Overall, he is an embarrassment to his family and the worst character of the franchise, due to his bad actions and of course; poor writing (as stated in WHIFfG#1).

    Rich Qualities

    1. He at least has a good imagination sometimes, despite thinking of sadistic things that he would like to see on George Brown.
      • In “Trouble Magnet”, he pretends to play an electric guitar while Mrs. Kelly does hula dances, which is pretty fun when put to good use in real life.
      • Despite the lyrics of his song being dumb and not shown that much in “Trouble Magnet”, his creativity of the tune isn’t bad by any means, as his band members; George and Mike, and even the audience at the talent show enjoyed it.
    2. Though rarely, he does sometimes act nice to George, though it isn’t saying much as he still bullies him.
      • He does laugh at George’s unintentional interpretation of the snake when George tries to prevent the super burp from committing more chaos in “Trouble Magnet”.
      • In that book, he allowed him to come to his house and try out the talent he (George) has, and after George gave his best; he allowed him to be in his band, even as far as to let him change the name he (Louie) wanted; from “Louie and the Lice”, to “The Runny Noses”.
        • Despite this however, Louie still broke his partnership with George at the end.
      • While they were playing against the Kangaroos in their baseball game in "Three Burps and You're Out!", he didn't complain or blame George when he (George) inadvertently helped him to reach a base after he hit the ball at bat, despite doing the opposite earlier.
    3. He does respect his family sometimes, mostly his big brother; Sam.
      • He did let Sam fix the song that he and his band made in “Trouble Magnet”.
      • In “Wet and Wild”, he at least invited George to his birthday party since his mother requested it to him, despite being hesitant about it.
      • Bragging aside, sometimes he uses it to show how interesting his family is.
        • He says that his family went on a safari in Africa where they saw tigers, most notably a white one, as mentioned in “World’s Worst Wedgie”.
      • Though it was for the sake of being the "future", he didn't disagree with his family's idea to give free ice cream in his father's parlor in "Return to the Scene of the Burp" one time.
    4. Speaking of his family, his parents are likely to blame for his behavior (as stated in WHIFfG#21), since they spoil him, most notably his mother; who breaks the rules herself.
    5. Though rarely, he doesn’t complain when things don’t go his way.
      • During one of the practice days for the Sea Monkeys’ baseball game in “Three Burps and You’re Out”, he just took the advice from Coach Trainer and just practiced along with the team without a fuss for the most part.
    6. There were times where he did have valid points.
      • He was right about how gross it is when you put your fingers in your mouth in “Trouble Magnet”, as it is unnecessary to do, even when you are preventing yourself from burping.
      • You can’t blame him for looking mad at Max and Mike in “World’s Worst Wedgie” when they laugh at George unintentionally faking his death. As it is pretty heartless for someone to laugh at that if it ever happened in real life.
      • Nasty look aside, he did have a point to tell Alex not to bring ABC gum to the pool in “Wet and Wild”.
        • If Alex were to leave his gum somewhere around the pool’s parameters, he or somebody else might accidentally put it in the pool, which would not only result in ruining the party, but also intoxicating the pool due to the toxic bacterial liquid, choking hazards for the younger inhabitants and eventually closing the water park entirely. So Louie made a good call there.
      • He does give some excitement to the others about how interesting the Pirate Island Water Park is.
      • He did bring up the fact that Julianna focuses more on winning than having fun in "Three Burps and You're Out", as baseball games are meant to be enjoyable, rather than a competitive sport.
      • Despite intentionally steering attention away from Alex in "Lice Check", when Max misspelled mathematician with mathemachicken, Louie corrected his pronunciation.
      • In "Revenge of the Killer Worms", while he probably had condescending intentions when he said it, he isn't wrong about George not being born in Beaver Brook, as he (George) was born somewhere else.
      • When Sage complained about her lack of sprinkles on her flying float ice cream in "Return to the Scene of the Burp"; he rightfully reprimanded her for complaining about the free ice cream she got, as his family was being generous to them in his father's parlor.
    7. There are a few times where he does work hard.
      • He did work hard for the talent show by practicing George’s song for his band in “Trouble Magnet”.
        • Also, his slacking is a bit excusable when he lets his brother Sam fix the song, as he (Louie) doesn’t have a lot of experience with music.
      • At the very least, he tried to be creative when advertising for his father's ice cream parlor; "Farley's Flying Floats", as it can be funny (depending on your view).
      • Foul play aside, him wanting to exercise is a good thing, it just doesn’t work due to the writing.
        • Not only that, but he did explain the rules to Coach Trainer as shown in “Attack of the Tighty Whities”.
        • Besides the obvious poor writing on his inclusion in "How Do You Pee in Space?" and evil intentions, he wasn't wrong in training for an athletic competition, as practice is always necessary to be prepared for those types of contests.
        • While off-book for the most part, he did practice for his basketball team's game in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!".
        • Though not mentioned that much, he did work hard for the Sea Monkeys baseball team in "Three Burps and You're Out".
    8. Despite the infamously atrocious aftermath of the tubing event in "Snot Funny!", he didn't cheat when he participated in the event, though he still acted like a sore loser in the end.
      • He also played fair during the basketball game against George in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", despite not taking it lightly once the actual results were unraveled.
    9. He did learn his lesson on not reading someone’s private, personal stuff in “Revenge of the Killer Worms”, though it isn't saying much.
    10. Admittingly, he is a good singer as somewhat shown in “Trouble Magnet”.
    11. All he wants to be in life, is to be known for being good and memorable for his family, just like his older brother Sam Farley (someone he looks up to), who had won many trophies due to his own talents and is a good person at heart, or the best representation of the Farley family in general.
      • With this goal in mind, it does make him look a bit relatable and earns him a few sympathy points, which makes it pretty unfortunate that he still acts rotten due to the writing of his character, when he could’ve had a well-written character arc.
    12. He isn’t an Unwilling Weed Reaper, as he is always punished for his bad actions most of the time in the books.
      • In “Trouble Magnet”, he gets embarrassed by George Brown’s unintentional antics of silliness during the talent show. These include…
        • Removing his socks on stage and using his bare feet to play “Aunt Rhody” on the keyboard.
        • And dive-bombing straight onto Mrs. McKeon; the school principal to attract the liking of Sam and a few of the other older students. Thus rocking out Louie in the talent show, even though they didn’t win any trophies.
      • George also outshines Louie again in “World’s Worst Wedgie” by spinning on his skateboard unintentionally to prevent his Big Burp from coming out and to ignore Louie’s pride.
      • He did get reprimanded by the lady at the Pirate Island Water Park when he gave a bad reason to get a lifetime free pass in “Wet and Wild”.
      • Tantrum aside, he did get laughed at by a crowd of people for being a dimwit when he can’t get what he wants at the water park.
      • When he tried to brag how good he was sliding backwards in “Attack of the Tighty Whities!”, he failed by falling on his bottom and getting laughed at by George, Alex, Max and Mike.
      • Near the end of stated book, he did get an appropriate look from Sam when he was gonna pull off a horrid antic in front of him and their parents.
      • Julianna did call him out and reprimanded him for mocking George during baseball practice in “Three Burps and You’re Out!”.
      • Though not intentional, George was able to get on the JumboTron during the Beaver's baseball game during his big burp phase, leading Louie to be superjealous as a result, since he couldn't get on it during the evening.
      • He is called Loo Loo Poo by George during one of the baseball practice days, after he (Louie) teases him for being called Georgie by Sage, as well as being called out by Coach Trainer to "Cool it".
      • He did have an accident with Sage during the Sea Monkeys baseball game, again showing how isn't better than her in any way.
      • Not long after his hypocritical belief, he gets touched by George when he (George) portrayed his unintentional clown antics by tickling him in "Lice Check", pretending to represent lice. This would also foreshadow his defeat later on in the book.
      • For ignoring Alex's advice on his dumb lice prevention strategy during one lunch break; he turns beet red, yells in pain, and runs away away from the lunchroom, much to George's delight.
      • Not only does he lose the opportunity to be a hair model for Mr. Stubbs, but he also loses all the kids from his father's booth, gets deloused off-book after being sent home with his father to take a day off school much to George's delight, and is laughed at by Alex thanks to George's comment on his sweaty feet, all during career day. This gives good punishment for his cheating, committing other various crimes and acting like a smart aleck in said book.
      • He was asked to come down from the school's flagpole, got reprimanded and dragged on by Principal McKeon for a firm chat off-book, leaving George and Alex to go scot-free from climbing a tree in "How Do You Pee in Space?".
        • This is one of the few times where the trope is actually used very well in the series, as George and Alex are a well-written duo of a protagonist and deuteragonist who both admit to their actions and actually learn lessons in every book respectively, while Louie acts like an annoying jerk who almost never learns his lesson and doesn't take accountability for his actions. Let's not forget that he does get away with a few of his bad actions without any repercussions whatsoever, so it makes sense why he must be punished, while George and Alex don't due to how illegal climbing a school flagpole is to climbing a tree.
      • During the contest for the Space Adventurers Program, he gets battered by George's stinky foot stench and easily loses to him all thanks to his (George) big burp, making him (Louie) lack in concentration.
      • Not long after his hypocritical and pointless statement about Crumbunny in "Snot Funny!", George starts sneezing again to his (Louie) disgust and accidentally falls onto his mother's lap, to which the latter calls him Loo Loo Poo, is glad that he went on her lap and gives him a big, wet, sloppy kiss to his embarrassment. While this happens, George and Carly laugh at him, for George to snort; "Doesn't that scream 'killer instinct'?".
      • Due to his overconfidence and regular egotistical nature, he loses to George during the tubing event, by getting hit by him to where he spins out of control.
      • His parents did not let him succeed into suing George for his petty loss at tubing, despite Louie acting like the bratty spoiled jerk he is.
      • He receives other suitable consequences in "Snot Funny!", as during George's big burp antics; he (George) throws countless snowballs at his family's limo, gets a snowball thrown at him by Alex, Sage (at his rear end) and George, as well as getting blizzard of snow poured on him by George's force against a tree. And when Louie did his worthless suing at Alex, he (Alex) just joked at him for the evidence being melted and the ton of the ways it could've happened anyway.
      • In "Revenge of the Killer Worms", he gets clarification by Coach Trainer that's George's handstand isn't against the rules of volleyball, which results on George's team winning.
      • He got busted by George and Alex for reading George's private, personal journal; to which he gets told off by Dirk himself, gets laughed by the former duo, slips on turkey grease, slams on someone's food tray and goes off humiliated with a face covered in turkey gravy, along with the laughter George Brown and others.
      • Mike inadvertently calls the Farleys psychos as a mispronunciation of psyche, much to George's joy when he sees it as comeuppance for the spoiled, rich boy.
      • For being the overly talkative, hypocritical, annoying jerk he was when talking about basketball, he is written into the report by Alex for accidentally colliding with him. And much to his anger and dumb reasoning, he is still forced into it, to which George teases him in his misery.
      • George laughs at his hypocritical reasoning to not take his punishment for hitting Alex.
      • Despite his attempts of avoiding punishment, he thankfully got what he deserved when Principal McKeon drags him to the swing set and forces him to paint it, as well as missing practice for his team (though this doesn't matter to him anyway). It also can be speculated that Louie never payed Max or Mike to take his punishment, as he is taking the punishment.
      • To prevent him from showing off his narcissistical self at a lunch break in "Return to the Scene of the Burp", George teases him by asking him if he was gains memory of being a big, dumb, banana-loving ape, much to the laughter of the other children.
      • After he commits his infamous mess at his father's ice cream parlor; he gets his RC car remote taken away by Sam; where he (Sam) removes the batteries, gets told off by the latter and his mother, and gains stares of anger from some of his costumers, much to George's joy.
      • When he practices his tap dancing from one of his commercials on the Farley's ice cream parlor in his boastful attitude, he trips and falls down on his bum.
      • Sage did defend George from him, when he teased him for not "being cool".
      • Eventually, his father's parlor; Farley's Flying Floats, gets condemned by the mayor for having a drone accidentally knocking off his wife's wig by pouring malt on her head. This results in the parlor getting taken down, while Ernie's stays, contradicting his statement of his father's parlor being the future.
      • There were times where he got called out by his actions from George.
        • He kindly asked Louie to let him finish his statements when he (Louie) jumped to his conclusion in “Trouble Magnet”.
        • He backfired Louie’s insult in “Wet and Wild”, when Louie blamed him for his own misfortunes by saying that he; “cut in line”, to make this all possible.
        • He did tell Louie to shut his mouth when he was trying to spoil his fun in “Attack of the Tighty Whities!”.
        • He did tell him that all the bases are important in a baseball game “Three Burps and You’re Out!”, when he (Louie) makes his false claim.
        • When Louie gave him the blame in "Lice Check" for cheating; he reprimands for being the actual cheater, despite the former denying it as stated in WHIFfG#15.3.
        • He did reprimand him for giving dumb reasoning when he tried to sue him in "Snot Funny!", even asking him why he cares about this so much in his selfishness.
        • He tells Louie that he has no chance on forcing him to take his punishment in "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!", due to how dumb the statement already was.
        • When Louie claims to win the basketball game against his team, he (George) claims to have a photographic evidence that shows him shooting out of bounds near the end. Eventually, thanks to the help of Alex's rule snitching; his team; the Fighting Ferrets won and Louie became his butler for a while.
      • While irritating on the surface, he is getting punished in his Life with Louie webisodes for his rancid behavior.
      • Despite his huge Butt-Monkey status, it's still hilarious when he gets comeuppance for the most part.
    13. Despite looking a bit like Rude Ralph, his design is cute and appealing to children, similar to most of the other characters.
      • In fact, his design is very consistent throughout the series.
    14. He was clearly meant to be hated in the first place, so the hatred towards him is justified, though he could've had a redemption arc.
    15. “I see England, I see France, I see George’s underpants.” - Attack of the Tighty Whities!



    • Louie is also known to play along with his family band, as he plays the guitar.
    • He has only one trophy, that being third place in a swim race in a camp he attended.
    • He has played against his own classmates other than George in “Dribble, Dribble, Drool!”, as he has his own basketball team; Legal Eagles.
    • The image that is shown in his infobox, is his only colored appearance on the book cover of “A Royal Pain in the Burp”, which is the fifteenth book of the main series overall.
    • He owns a few items with the number one on it; such as his number one shirt that is worn by him in his colored appearance, as well as in other books like "Revenge of the Killer Worms" on page 53, "Dribble, Dribble, Drool!" and "Return to the Scene of the Burp", his helmet and tube in "Snot Funny!" and his RC car in "Return to the Scene of the Burp".
    • He once wore an ice-cream cone costume to advertise his father's ice cream parlor; Farley's Flying Floats in "Return to the Scene of the Burp".
    • He has appeared 21 times in the franchise; all the main 19 books and the 2 holiday specials. This is the total amount of the book series overall.
    • This is the longest character page in the wiki overall.

    Related Characters

    • Sage: A fourth grade girl that's forced into a relationship with George by Nancy, having no proper development in her character, making her a simp and pointless filler character like Louie.
    • Max and Mike: The duo who always help Louie to cause trouble as his slaves, never having any freedom and even character development.

    Similar Characters

    • Hanz (Micah’s Super Vlog)
      • Both are spoiled brats and always get what they want from parents. They both brag about what they have to others and are never satisfied with what they have. There was at least one instance where both of them had the opportunity for character development within their respective franchises; Hanz in The Armor of God series and Louie in “Trouble Magnet”. Despite having this opportunity, both are wasted and completely meaningless and they both revert to their nasty character afterwards. Other than being wasted and spoiled, they are also antagonists in their franchises; Hanz against Micah Murphy and Louie against George Brown.
    • Caillou
      • Both are known for their temper tantrums if they don’t get what they want, making them poor role models for children. They are always cruel to others, even their own family members, which just adds up to their status as infamous characters. They are both notable at being stingy, almost never sharing with what they have when they could’ve in various situations; such as when Caillou doesn’t share the swings and pail with Jim in “Caillou Makes a New Friend” and when Louie doesn’t share his RC Dude-on-a-Skateboard in “Trouble Magnet” with George and sugar coating selfishness as sharing.
    • Tori Vega
      • One word: selfish, as both of them don’t share like Caillou and always expects their “friends” and others to help him in his aid without consideration for their feelings and situations. Example: Tori for canceling the play Jade worked so hard on in “Prom Wrecker”, and Louie cutting in line of everyone in the Pirate Island Water Park in “Wet and Wild” all because it’s his birthday and that he has the golden ticket. Also, both of them are great singers as Tori sings a lot throughout the Victorious series and Louie sang well in “Trouble Magnet” only. Not only that, but both are still on questionable cliff-hangers, as there isn't any info on what's next for them in their franchises.
    • Naoka Ueno
      • Both characters are notorious for hurting innocent characters that actually try to deal with their disabilities; Naoka with Shōko and Louie with George, by acting delusional because of the thought that they (the disabled one they bully) are bad news to the public when it's clearly the opposite, giving ridiculous reasons to hate them permanently. They both act like smart alecks in thinking that their harmful tactics are useful, only to cause more harm in the process. Much like Hanz, both had the opportunity to have a well-written character arc; Naoka in both the manga and movie adaptation of A Silent Voice, while Louie had "Trouble Magnet". However, both weren't well thought out, and ended up giving the status quo they had previously when "redeemed". Despite the amount of well-deserved comeuppance they both get, they never learn their lesson and continue on doing their bad habits, making them nothing more than being infamous, pointless failures as a result. One would only wish for these two to be taken into proper custody for their crimes in their respective series'.
    • Miki Kawai
      • Both used to have a good status from others, as Miki is known for her good nature and Louie for his big brother Sam, who is good in comparison. However they use that status for their narcissistic practices, as they never own up to their actions and easily pin the blame on somebody else when it is clearly their own fault due to their actions. Both are also Butt-Monkeys that you can never feel bad for, as it is deserving due to how immature they both are as characters.
    • Perfect Peter
      • Both of them want to always be the center of attention for their communities, tending to never let their rivals show that at all because of their “good” status, when it’s clearly necessary for character development. Just like Miki and Caillou, they act infamously whiny when reprimanded for their actions, making them as well as the former two to become terrible role models to the audience. Similar to Hanz, both are extremely spoiled by their parents, who always give them whatever they want. Both do get treated like Butt-Monkeys as comeuppance for their actions, due to them being unsympathetic.  
    • Chandler McCann
      • Both are recurring antagonists that are absolutely horrendous, villainess hate sinks to the main protagonist in their respective franchises; Chandler against Lincoln Loud in The Loud House, and Louie against George Brown in George Brown, Class Clown. They both think that the world revolves around them much like the other characters here, as they both take advantage of others for their obvious personal benefit and treat their “friends” (Chandler for random students that somehow like him and Louie for the foolish duo; Max and Mike) more like slaves than actual buddies. Just like how they treat others, they tend to disrespect their family, other than the reckless behavior they both committed in their franchises, they actually think that they have control over their family. One example of this for both brats was when they both disrespected their fathers at one or more times: for Chandler; he actually sold items from his father’s sewage plant (probably without his permission) to just get the equipment for the Action News Team in secrecy in “Broadcast Blues”, while Louie on the other hand; drags his father (who is a lawyer) into situations that don’t need to involve him due to how busy he would be, not to mention that the reason Louie does this is to sue others for the dumbest things on Earth; such as when he tried to sue Mr. Tyler for a fifteen dollar RC Dude-on-a-Skateboard that broke when it could’ve been easily fixed and was never defective in the first place in “Trouble Magnet”, and when he tried to sue George all because he lost a race for their team, when he shouldn’t have because Julianna won and due to the fact that he wants to be winner and win everything in “‘Snot Funny!”.  
    • Lynn Loud Jr.
      • They are both callous individuals that only want to win and act like sore losers if they don’t get their way; as Lynn Jr. growls at losing most of the sport games she plays at, while Louie tries to sue others, complain and even stop a game at one point. Both are also gross characters as they provide a lot of gross-out humor.
    • Big Tex Arkana
      • Like Lynn Loud Jr., both of these characters tend to act like bad sports, acting like sore losers when they lose in a contest; Big Tex for taking advantage of Buddy and Darnell in "Get The Hock Out" for using them for his illegal repo man methods on them as well as Artichoke, Jacko and Robby. While Louie on the other hand; for using Max and Mike as his minions and taking advantage of George for his "winning" method by teasing him and infamously making him join his band in "Trouble Magnet", for the sole purpose of making him famous just like how he treats Max and Mike. With these actions at hand, as well as other instances of their bad behaviour, they come off as the worst characters in their cities and franchises; Big Tex for Greasepit and Buddy Thunderstruck and Louie for Beaver Brook and George Brown, Class Clown.


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