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Losyash's clone
Losyash's clone.jpg
Gender: Male
Type: Arrogant Douchebag
Species: Elk
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Smeshariki'

Losyash's clone (Russian: Клон Лосяша, Klon Losyasha) is the evil clone of Losyash. He was created by Losyash because he was very lonely, and he had no friends.

Why He Sucks

  1. He did a lot bad things with Losyash when they were younger.
  2. He didn't like Losyash anymore after he became more polite and kind.
  3. He caused a lot of trouble:
    • He broke Krosh's bench.
    • He vandalized Barash's house by spray painting it.
    • He cut down a tree.
    • He destroyed Kopatych's garden.
    • He scared Nyusha with one of Kopatych's pumpkins.
    • He destroyed most of the houses in Smeshariki.
    • He tricked Pin into sending the real Losyash away, which was a needlessly dark twist ending for his debut episode.
  4. He constantly calls Pin "Cipollino", which is not funny at all.
  5. Other than that, in a brief period of time when he believe he could alter the reality by just believing in something, he attempted a lot of petty crimes and even suicide to blackmail Losyash into letting him do whatever he wanted.
  6. The worst thing is that he never got any serious comeuppance for his misdeeds.
  7. He is one of the worst male examples of the mean popular girl trope.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Though it wastes his talent, Anton Vinogradov does a great job of voicing him.


  1. He first appears in the Smeshariki episode, "Unbridled clone" (Невоспитанный клон in Russian.)
  2. He is the first truly villainous character to appear in the Smeshariki franchise.


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