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    Lori Loud (season 1a)

    Lori L. Loud
    "Lincoln!" *Lincoln screams* "There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Jerkish and Mean-Spirited Older Sister
    Age: 17 (S1-4; teenager)
    18 (S5-present; adult)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Catherine Taber (mostly)
    Lexi DeBeneditto (live-action appearances)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    Lori Loud is the titular tritagonist in seasons 1-4 and one of the titular main characters in 5th-present season of the 2016 Nickelodeon series The Loud House. She is Lincoln's cute and tomboyish 17-year-old (later 18-year-old as of season 5) sister, one of the eleven children in the Loud family, and is the oldest of them, being a cute 17-year-old as a teenage (later 18 years old as adult in the fifth season) tomboy. She gets annoyed easily, and mostly uses the phone that she has, mostly using it to chat or talk to her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago. She is the former oldest sibling in the house, before the fifth season which she eventually moved out to college at Fairway University and visiting home once in a while.

    While she was a decent character since season 1b, she wasn't well-written in the beginning of the series in season 1's first half.

    Intentionally Bad Qualities

    1. Before season 1b, she was somewhat (if not occasionally and usually) unlikable in the series thanks to these episodes:
      1. In "No Guts, No Glori", she was really (if not the most) unlikable, since in the episode, she bosses her younger siblings in an intimidating but still unfair way, while she does have good reasons to boss them (as Luna usually plays too loud, Leni usually gets most stuff tangled by the house telephone's wire, and Lana usually makes a mess with her mud pies) she also has rules for no reason, such as not letting Lincoln play video games for no reason
      2. In "The Sweet Spot", she, along with her other sisters (especially Lola and Lynn), was wiling to hurt and assault each other just to take the sweet spot, wake up the neighborhood (even her parents), and destroy Vanzilla.
      3. In "Making the Case" she was willing to disown Lincoln, though unlike most of the sisters, what she said to Lincoln wasn't that unfair, telling him that he disgusts her, which is perfectly well deserved.
      4. In "Driving Miss Hazy", she brainwashed Leni into listening to bad driving rules just so her siblings will do her work for her in order for her to take them to their destination, which would have endangered Leni's life and other people's life.
      5. In "Study Muffin", she has a crush on Lincoln's tutor Hugh, which contradicts her crush on Bobby.
      6. In "Come Sale Away", she, along with her siblings, was willing to sell stuff in the house.
    2. It was very harsh of her to threaten to smash Lincoln with a cabinet in "Save the Date". That wasn’t necessary of her, but she was just very upset at the time (due to Bobby breaking up with her).
    3. She sometimes acts like a child sometimes despite being the oldest child and can be bossy to her siblings.
    4. She is an occasional annoying jerk through season 1a.

    Good Qualities

    1. She received lots of well-written and turned into a good character since season 1b.
    2. She was still likable in some episodes.
    3. In the episodes she was unlikable in (with an exception of "The Sweet Spot"), she apologizes for her actions and makes it up.
    4. Before season 1b, the show's creator Chris Savino obviously created her she as very much meant to be hated.
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