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    Lord Betrayus
    "*sucking his thumb* “I should've won! But, you, you useless slug server! You let that lemon menace win!" *whimpers*", as heard in "Pac-Pong Fever".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Paranormal Villain-Wannabe
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Ghost
    Pac-Worlder (before he was banished)
    Portrayed by: Samuel Vincent (TV series)
    Christopher Corey Smith (video games)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
    First appearance: The Adventure Begins

    "We interrupt this program to bring you an important message from the Netherrealm. Boo! Hahaha! Scared you, didn't I?" - Betrayus's first words in "The Adventure Begins".

    Lord Betrayus "Sneakerous" Spheros (also simply known as Betrayus), better known as Lord Betrayus, is the main antagonist of the video game Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures and its sequel, as well as plays a role as the main antagonist of the animated TV series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.


    He is an utterly tyrannical, temperamental, flamboyant, egotistical, wrathful, power-hungry arch-nemesis of Pac-Man with a hammy nasally dialect and delusions of grandeur. He used to be a Pac-Worlder and citizen who became a somewhat strict but competent warlord who was once cruel enough to commit genocide towards Pac-World when he was alive and inspired genuine fear and loyalty in his troops, as well as inflicting successful attacks on the Resistance for the time before losing his body as shown in the first episode, and the episode "Pac to the Future" showcasing this status as a dictative commander of armies.

    But due to his plan of starting a war and nearly wiping out a ton of Pac-People during his time, he became stripped of his body and was sent to the Netherworld as a form of punishment, being banished from Pac-World for committing genocide and familicide, he is also well known for being responsible for the deaths of Pac-Man's parents and the entire race of the "Yellow Ones" before The Pacinator and Apex were introduced.

    As a vengeful ghostly overlord, he has become a self-centered "card-carrying villain", and is now a ghostly scoundrel who has a single-minded ambition as he seeks to get his body back by seeking to obtain the repository Stratos keeps in his dormitory to rule Pac-World with an iron fist, he often sends his ghostly people to do his bidding while he remains on his throne, endlessly plotting revenge every time his plans are typically foiled by Pac-Worlders, every time.

    He is now the hot-headed and hare-brained comic foil to Pac-Man, Stratos, and even his ghostly minions. And he became one of the show's biggest objects of ridicule for how unfortunate and overreactive he generally is, and because of him making the same mistakes over and over again, his extremely hasty decisions to plans he "thinks" were brilliant and flawless on the surface, ends up as disasters for not thinking twice about his plans and having lack of keen premeditation, to the point it's more opportunistic and foolish than well-planned and successful.

    He is also an abusive tyrant since he constantly belittles and bullies his underlings who work for him, snaps at them all the time, and bluntly insults (almost) all of the ghosts in very harsh ways for their ineptitude and not defeating Pac-Man and getting what Betrayus wants irritably, despite Betrayus also being much more imperfect and a bungler than they are, as he also relies on them to succeed so Betrayus can achieve at his plans of conquest. He is even rude to characters that are loyal to him such as his servant Butt-ler, and is also poked fun at by Pac Man and his henchmen for being an selfish jerk and an nuisance whose decisions (mostly) happen to make him very inefficient and unwary with his hegemonic goals of conquest, as his methods or plans never get him anywhere, and he always exaggerates his levels of anger that also results in how his incompetence and antics affecting him negatively as a villain.

    Why He Intentionally Failed to Scare Us

    1. For starters, he is the most pathetic Pac-Man villain of all time. Even though he is meant to be sinsister for being a manipulative, deceitful, cocky, malicious, ruthless, deceptive, unscrupulous, delusional, bossy, sadistic and a sociopath who wants nothing but to get the repository to rule Pac-World after being banished, but he tends to be extremely incompetent, empty-headed, dorky, obstinate, fatuous, juvenile, buffoonish, pitiful, and ignorant instead of being a real threat to Pac World.
    2. He is a bumbling crime boss who acts more like a petty "Mean popular bully" stereotype who is given way too many goofy and exaggerated moments to be taken seriously as the show's main antagonist and is also subjected to moments of overexaggerated slapstick abuse that treat them like an incompetent comic relief, thus making way too infantile and clownish than necessary.
      • In "Cave Pac-Man", he and Dr. Buttocks somehow get defeated by falling from the sky like they lost traction and friction (somehow!?), despite being spirits that can fly in the sky as far and high as they like, and get caught by Pac Man's long tongue before getting eaten. How do you logically explain or justify making Betrayus this weak of a villain? It being a "silly kids' cartoon", is not a good excuse for such shoddy writing!
      • More examples of these include episodes that showcases Betrayus acting like a complete schlemiel are "Cosmic Contest", "Meanie Genie", "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime", "Pac-Mania", & "The Shadow of the Were".
    3. He is also an shameless smart-aleck who thinks he's smart, conniving, and self-important with his plans (with a small amount of cleverness to see events or ideas as opportunities to further his goals of hegemony), but at the end of the day, he just continues to prove to be a consistent failure for a "villain", whom happens to be very immature, quite dumb, super reckless, and sometimes easy to manipulate towards any sane manipulator/strategist, even more than necessary.
    4. He tries way too hard to be menacing by making himself look fearsome or notorious, he comes across even more unintimidating and useless than any other generic villain wannabe in history due to not being any real threat to Pac World as a ghost, making him too much of a typical "ineffectual villain" whose traits which include his childish silliness, constant shortcomings, and petty motives/actions are pretty much his sole characteristics played for laughs, and nothing much else other than that, thus making him very one-dimensional.
      • All of his failures and moments of embarrassment typically have him look unfortunate and bashful in an extremely predictable way. He even blames others for whatever misfortune happens to him despite it usually being Betrayus himself who caused it to happen, which also makes him too unpleasantly inept as a villain since Betrayus continually falls from grace in every single episode after the first episode.
    5. Not only is he a incredibly lame supervillain that rips off Mezmeron from the 1982 Pac-Man TV series and Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom, but he is also an extremely insufferable to watch due to being an obnoxious manchild who is prone to throwing countless breakdowns when things don't go his way, acts like an brat by throwing fits if he's not achknowleged and passing the blame onto his ghostly allies, he never learns from his mistakes, and has the mentality of an effeminate teenager with little to no maturity whatsoever, thus making him very petulant, irresponsible, and immature.
      • As seen in the episode "The Great Chase!", when his mom was seen spending time with his brother, Stratos, he complains and nags about it to the point of setting Butt-ler on fire. When he stupidly ask his mom whose fault it was that Betrayus doesn't have his body back, to which Butt-ler and Dr. Buttocks respond with Betrayus being the cause of his own demise. The same episode that has Betrayus behave and cry like an actual baby in front of his mother as if he's a 7-year-old. Which gets very cringeworthy to watch.
    6. He is very cowardly and pusillanimous, letting his allies do the dirty work on his behalf and always relying on his ineffective ghostly minions to defeat Pac-Man for him since Betrayus is way too inept to do it himself, thus making him a sissy because of how lazy and immature he is (all of which also leads to him to his incompetence and being subjected into mishaps and defeat), and not in a charming way either.
    7. He is way too overdramatic, if Pac-Man chooses to eat him or defeat him for his misdeeds, he holds his grudges and acts like he didn't deserve it despite Betrayus getting what's coming to him, depending on the episode. This makes his levels of flamboyance, overconfidence, bossiness, pettiness, immaturity, wrath, pedanticism, arrogance, overreaction, hamminess, buffoonery, mischief, and occasional sarcasm all the more stale and irritating to watch.
      • He can sometimes make some REALLY awkward-looking facial expressions in an extremely over-the-top manner (especially his spiky teeth, his eyes, and mouth shape that can look a little off-putting in motion. For example, the episode "Nobody Knows" has an ugly shot of his grey teeth in a gaping mouth his), which can make his expressions look very deranged in a rather ugly, creepy and strange-looking way at times (In 2D, it'd look way better)
      • On top of that, Betrayus gets once too many extreme closeups to the camera in many episodes to list ever since the first episode like "Nobody Knows", "Invasion of the Pointy Heads" or "All You Can Eat". Which can be rather uncomfortable and incredibly awkward to watch instead of it being funny or charming.
      • He is always seen being completely neurotic, high-strung, and excitable whenever he's being humiliated, excited about his plans working, or being looked down upon, all done in a way that tends to be rather awkward to watch.
    8. He is also far too arrogant for his own good and is always forcing his henchmen into his aimless schemes to get the Repository that he wants while expressing his relentless actions with glee (the episode "PacLantis" has him making Buttocks and Butt-ler carry him in a transparent sphere after taking him there with a vehicle, to announce his presence and his act of wanting to conquer a world of fish for whatever reason than to assert dominance; which in response, Butt-ler expresses how greatly underwhelmed he is by the fact Betrayus thought it was a good plan, to begin with), which makes him come off as domineering and quite annoying to watch.
      • He regularly commands someone like Dr. Buttocks, to come up with a plan and likes to take credit for said plan. However, if the plan goes awry, he forces all blame upon the plan's originator, who likely had no choice in the first place to concoct it. He even takes all the credit for the bright ideas his minions make, taking absolutely no consideration for their efforts, and he also causes problems for his allies because of not knowing how to use those inventions properly, his lack of skill would better show this because of his endless cowardice and stupidity, thus making him very insufferable to put up with.
      • He'll consider even anyone, even villains, to be an enemy of his to hoodwink unless they're on his side of the story with want to defeat Pac-Man, all in a rather immature way since he can act like a competitive yet selfish little kid who calls his rivals "losers" and even mock his allies with insults that are just as childish and demeaning, all of which despite him being a sneaky scoundrel, he always demands the ghosts to help him succeed.
    9. Sloppily Written Motives: On top of being more of a "joke villain" than a good main antagonist, even though he was once a genocidal warlord, his motives as a villain are all over the place and make very little to no sense.
      • All we know about his past was he wanted to be great at Pac-Pong, was not being cared for enough by his family, and becoming a warlord who wanted to outshine his brother and gain control of Pac-World, yet there was no explained reason for committing genocide towards yellow people (genocide itself being a very heavy topic to be placed in a kids' show! As well as it coming off as a very racist implication since he murdered "the yellow ones" just because he wanted to). Which makes it very hard to understand how he goes from being embittered about winning at ping pong and wanting to be living in the spotlight, to starting a war and committing genocidal acts towards specifically yellow-colored people without any well-explained reason or well-developed motive to do so. (It's not helping that it's implied that his pettiness was what started his path of villainy where Betrayus became a villain over losing at a tennis match, which still sounds too weak and superficial for a good reason with turning evil)
      • In "Planet Pac", when a giant Ghosteroid that is lured by Dr. Buttocks attacks Pac-World, Butt-ler discovers the factual error of part of Dr. Buttocks' plan, and Betrayus sends the Ghost Gang to save Pac World and Netherworld. Question... Why would you want to save Pac-World, Betrayus?! Isn't it his plan to conquer Pac-World by wiping out Pac-Worlders from getting in the way of his dreams of tyranny?? The fact he still overlooked the mere idea of Pac-Man and his team still opposing and wanting to defeat him during this plan, is beyond baffling. If this was done better to make him look "pragmatic and slick", he would've used this plan to his advantage by making himself seem noble to the public eye for saving the world from a greater threat but manages to use his charm to backstab just about everyone without anyone knowing nor expecting it. Instead of doing that, he lets himself get defeated yet again, the fact he didn't think of making a deceptive strategy like this just makes him way too stupid for a psychotic tyrant like him supposedly being all "unfaithful" and "hegemonic".
    10. Character Derailment: He suffers from both flanderization and Character derailment, the latter moreso. He went from being decent and entertaining with balanced moments of comedic relief and seriousness in the very first episode "The Adventure Begins". After the first episode and in seasons 2 and 3, however, he has later slowly become more and more of an pitiful, condescending, unmenacing, downright idiotic and childish, overbearing, and an whining bungler who never succeeds at anything despite acting all 'deceptive and sneaky'. This gets to the point that his flanderization absorbs its character to the point of no return and becoming even more unlikeable, mean-spirited, and dumber than ever before.
    11. His evil plans and bumbling antics in seasons 2 and 3, started to become much more nonsensical than before, even by Pac-Man standards. The fact that he still orders his minions to antagonize Pac-World, even though he and the ghosts are always defeated by Pac-Man when they all already know that they're already going to get eaten by Pac-Man in general, brings up the question: why should Betrayus care so much about getting the repository anymore if he's already dead, can use fire to his advantage as he attempted to raise the temperature of Pac-World to commit worldwide heat exhaustion in the episode "Betrayus Turns the Heat Up" (and tried inflicting pyrokinetic attacks onto Skeebo once in "Heebo-Skeebo"), having nobody reliable enough to help him succeed, already rules the Pac-World embodiment of hell (that being the Neither World), and was proven to be just as powerless as any other ghost in the series???
      • Especially when he was sometimes depicted as a "frothy trickster joke villain" in the previous 2 seasons in episodes like "Pac-Mania"; disguising himself as himself and a Pac Worlder (but his plans didn't leave any real impact at the end), and even in the last episode of season 3, "New Girl in Town"; where his tactics of rationalizing and fabrication towards his niece Elli into trusting him, were too subpar to be effective or scary, therefore, making his attempt acts of villainy, harder to take the slightest bit seriously.
    12. In fact, the more you look into it, Lord Betrayus shares many similarities that are almost identical to Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (If said traits Robotnik had in that show, and even his worst flaws, were all upped even more than necessary. To the point that he feels like a uninspired knockoff of that version of Dr. Robotnik by comparison). Several examples of these include:
      • They both come up with sophisticated and wordy yet very silly-sounding insults and retorts toward those he disapproves of to suit the goofiness of their character, using puns to make this much more evident in a blunt manner (Robotnik uses specific puns to insult Sonic like calling him a "glorified porcupine", "trouble-making teenager", "spine-puss" or a "hedgerat"; Similarly, Betrayus usually calls Pac-Man a "lemon loser", "lemon menace", "Pac-Pain", "lemon lummox" or a "ghost gobbling lemonhead", as well as insulting his allies like calling Butt-ler a "worthless nobody" and a "purple-fingered failure".)
      • They both individually have showed a level of childish care and concern for keeping their plush animals with them upon sleeping. Where the episode "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" had Robotnik show plenty of sympathy and care over Fuzzy Wuzzy being harmed; the episode "Mission ImPacable!" had Betrayus had him getting Butt-ler wanting him to bring one to him, and is later seen sucking on his thumb loudly while sleeping with his plush toy, which is also something Dr. Robotnik literally did in the famous episode "Boogie-Mania".
      • They both also had a female "yandere" love interest who both were too insecure to say no to the women's love-struck behavior and both females wanted to help get rid of the males' archnemeses in exchange for a relationship. As well as the two finding a way to escape the overwhelming infatuation, where they were both forced into a marriage because the women helped their male partners overpower their enemies. However, the setups and endings do differ though. In the episode "Jinxed": The witch, Madame Ghoulasha, displays smitten infatuation towards Betrayus even though Betrayus doesn't feel the same way, as Ghoulasha also tries to help Betrayus get rid of Pac-Man in exchange for getting married is incredibly similar to the plot of Katella displaying smitten behavior towards Robotnik and was willing to help Robotnik so she could be his future wife in the episode "Zoobotnik" (it doesn't help that the talented voice actress herself who voiced Katella in that show, Kathleen Barr, also voices Madame Ghoulasha. Which is far too identical for it to be an mere coincidence).
    13. Much like The Storm King from My Little Pony: The Movie, while he can be amusing and/or sympathetic sometimes, Lord Betrayus overall is an extremely campy and weak comedic villain that takes the idea of a "comedic villain" to a pitifully piss-poor extent, that it becomes more irritating and humorless rather than hilarious, as he lacks the charm of a comedic villain (for the most part) since his "comical" traits also don't blend well for a "comedy adventure" show that prides itself on seriousness in the same way Danny Phantom is supposed to be, this makes his role as a "comedic villain" more underdeveloped in the long run.
      • One example of Betrayus making a unironically bad dark joke was the episode "Nobody Knows" from Season 1, where Pac-Man, Spiral, and Cylindria are hanging from a cliff and surviving from their death, Betrayus spots them with his minions, Betrayus starts cackling and makes a sadist joke by telling Pac-Man that he noticed him "hanging in there", laughing it up as if it was a very funny joke he just made as his ghost army laugh after Betrayus just did, and then demanding Pac-Man for the repository as if he knew where it was, which gets treated like a running-gag at a point. Which in its entirety, is not funny whatsoever and the running gag gets more tedious and repetitive than anything else.
      • Another example of Betrayus making an unfunny joke was the Season 3 episode "Pac's Very Scary Halloween (Part One)"; when he tells a worried female ghost to do her job with sarcasm in a typically mean-spirited manner, then the hovering eyeballs of a ghost bump into Betrayus, which makes Betrayus' eyes pop out', and he holds onto his eyeballs and tells the hovering eyeballs of another ghost, to watch where it's going before he gives it a "black eye" (which is the most stale joke he's told so far).
      • It's not helping that a lot of his dialogue, comedy gags, jests, and retorts tend to be more cheesy or unfunny than the writers intended it to come off as comic gold. It would sometimes sound like a comedian constantly trying way too hard to make a villain sound funny in an over-the-top manner (even though he's not in a show that actually be befitting the world of a "slapstick comedy"). Especially since Betrayus acts like he's the most threatening villain around, tells the funniest jokes, or behaves like an underappreciated edge lord, sometimes all at once, but really isn't any of those things.
    14. He is abusive and heartless to his entire ghost army who work for him, and he treats them all like dirt despite Betrayus also being even more of a bungler than they are. His way of doing lambasting and belittling his allies comes off as far too mean-spirited and cruel to get a good laugh, and it also makes him seem insufferable to his minions, who are constantly tortured and abused for Betrayus wanting to defeat Pac-Man and steal the repository to get their bodies back, and it shows how he is still wasting their time in the afterlife.
    15. He sometimes does gross or disgusting behavior, as seen in "Pac's Very Scary Halloween (Part One)", there was this running gag where Betrayus tells like Butt-ler and Dr. Buttocks the ever so hypocritical line: "Have fun with your dim-witted delusions", and it cuts to Betrayus flying to his outhouse he keeps in his room and taking a loud dump there, presumably taking a crap on top of Inky with fart sounds being played for laughs , as Clyde says "Poor Inky" for always hiding in the wrong places.
      • In episodes like "Pac's Very Scary Halloween (Part One)" and "Pac-Pong Fever"; he can hold his very own eyeballs as they tend to pop out of his eye sockets quite easily, which is just very unsettling on it's own. Sounding a little too familiar here??
    16. The biggest problem with Betrayus being insufferable and annoying to watch, overall, is his ear-piercing voice. It is incredibly whiny, grating, squeaky, and unpleasant to listen to. No disrespect to the voice actor, Samuel Vincent (the voice behind Krypto, in Krypto the Superdog Edd, aka Double D in Ed, Edd n Eddy, Jerry Mouse in Tom and Jerry Tales etc.), Betrayus's voice sounds like Jack Black if he swallowed too many squeakers, gargled nails and tried pulling off a effeminate drag queen act while imitating The Joker. His voice comes across as passable at best, and extremely intolerable at worst, such to the point it wastes the talent of Samuel Vincent.
      • The worst offenders are his nasally/effeminate voice cracks, his childish cries, whimpering, wailing, squealing, yelling, and his cackling laughter, all of which tends to sound extremely irritating and ambysmal in nearly all of his appearances in almost every single episode of the show.
      • In fact, Christopher Corey Smith did a rather subpar job voicing him in the first Ghostly Adventures game, where Betrayus started off sounding harsh and annoying, the worst offender being his long-lasting yelling when he says "Nooooo!!" upon getting eaten by Pac-Man. However, the voice actor does improve this issue in the second Ghostly Adventures game and sounds less annoying than Betrayus' English voice in general.
    17. His design is surpisingly bad, as it looks like he's meant to be gothic and edgy when he's the opposite of that, making it a sight to behold.
    18. Misleading name: Not only is his name the worst name you could ever name a villain in a cartoon/video game, but it's also really misleading. Despite his very name being Lord Betrayus, he never really betrays anybody that trusted him throughout the animated series despite how evil he is. He never displays any real signs of betrayal like genuinely helping out his enemies as a form of treachery, being treacherous, or double-crossing his allies outside of being malicious or competitive (ex. "Cosmic Contest" has Betrayus being bossy towards Buttocks & acting competitive towards Apex in his attempts to win over Apex, and some unknown force claims that the "trio" are betraying each other when they weren't, they were acting like competitive children).
      • In "Invasion of the Pointy Heads", he claims that he'll "betray" the aliens and take their half of the deal once he conquers Pac-World in front of Apex and his assistant while attempting to side-talk the attempted betrayal with Dr. Buttocks, but instead he gets betrayed and is proven to be some helpless distraction upon trying to team up with Apex once the latter conquers Pac-World himself!
      • Despite the whole show, never showing Betrayus y'know, betray anyone that actually trusted him. There was also one forgettable easter episode called "Easter Egg Island", that had him genuinely helping his enemies for no discernibly good reason. Which still proves his name is rather misleading and lacking in meaning when only THREE episodes overall, and only one episode that has him forced in the story to do anything that he should be doing consistently as the show's supposedly "treacherous" villain .
      • As a matter of fact, he has shown to be betrayed by many other characters like his favoristic mother who favors Stratos over him, the iconic Ghost Gang who often helps out Pac-Man a lot of the time (basically being disloyal to Betrayus behind his back), and some of Betrayus's minions constantly screw up at defeating Pac-Man in a traitorous manner after being eaten and belched out. It doesn't help that a ghost such as Spector from the episode "The Spy Who Slimed Me", for example, is a prime example of a ghost who tried gloating about his success and was caught on camera of him actually betraying Lord Betrayus himself before Spector inevitably got caught on camera and sent to a dungeon to pay for his sneaky crimes of greed and usurpation. So Betrayus's very name tends to be more contradictory than anything.
      • It doesn't help that his name is so horribly thought out, it's similar to how George Lucas proposed the name for the main character to be named "Darth Insanius" in the Star Wars game The Force Unleashed.
    19. He is somewhat of a hypocrite on occasion because of how self-deluded and foolish he generally is; these moments include:
      • In the episode "The Great Chase!", he gets jealous over his brother, Stratos, and then asks Dr. Buttocks why are people cruel when Betrayus himself mistreats everyone around him.
      • The fact that he cannot sleep without his stuffed toy bunny and always sucks on his thumb like an actual baby does. Not only does it make him kind of irritating for the fact he always acts incredibly childish, but it also makes him look hypocritical when in the episode "Mission ImPacable!", he tells Butt-ler that he doesn't need a teddy bear when one of his demands for Butt-ler is giving him his plushie, making Butt-ler rolls his eyes like anyone would.
      • In the episode "The Spy Who Slimed Me", he labels each and everyone in the Netherworld as a complete klutz (who also considers Dr. Buttocks as the most inept, pathetic, and worthless minions around) when Betrayus himself is literally everything that he just said, completely inefficient and a screw-up when it comes to defeating Pac-Man and succeeding at his ambitions.
      • In the episode "Heebo-Skeebo", when Skeebo was tied up and then sent into one of Betrayus's dungeons for being a clumsy charlatan of a hero, Betrayus first called him a "buffoon", which is obvious hypocrisy considering that Betrayus literally is a buffoon, personality-wise as the shows' object of ridicule discussed above.
      • In the episode "Nobody Knows", he claims to be tired of Dr. Buttocks' ego and makes him find sludge on the other end of the Netherworld. Considering that Betrayus is a full-on egotist with a god complex, it just displays his delusional personality.
    20. He is very irresponsible since he seems to not care that much if his ghostly people indulge in toxic behavior with each other (e.g Butt-ler and Dr. Buttocks fighting with each other).
    21. In the PMATGA games, despite being able to commit villainous actions (especially in the second game), his boss fights are a complete joke since they're way too easy to be challenging; especially since it only takes 4 hits to defeat him in the first game despite the obstacles he inflicts have litte challenge like bouncing the speedy projectiles back at him while dodging countless obstacles, all in which, made his boss fight more tedious than enjoyable.
      • Even though his final boss battle in the second game can be considered a bit of an improvement, it also makes Betrayus come off as a complete idiot in terms of defeating Pac-Man by how the game's storytelling shows. Especially since he had increased in size because of a ray Dr. Buttocks used to make Betrayus giant with a paddle that is just as big as him (meaning he is big enough to easily kill Pac-Man with no effort). If he was written better, he'd whack Pac-Man immediately and/or flip the table over to make everyone fall to their doom, this would make for a terrifying challenge for Pac-Man to face and still a good chance for Betrayus to easily win over Pac-Man since Betrayus has already succeeded in obtaining the repository with his ghost army as he demanded. But instead of crushing Pac-Man with the tennis paddle on the spot (or getting murderous on him like the terrorist he is), he instead makes some pointlessly long tennis match with little to no challenge, when he does then attempt swatting Pac-Man; it's very prolonged and it was still done at the very last moment, making him easily defeated by Pac-Man at that point. Why make a plan this stupid to begin with, Betrayus? (Or more realistically, Why make Betrayus this incompetent, to begin with, writers?)
      • It's even more surprising to know that even his ghostly minions seem like they do a much better job at trying to pose more of a threat to Pac-Man than Betrayus thinks he does, making it hard to believe anyone would take Betrayus seriously at all. It also makes the audience ask how is Betrayus supposed to be taken seriously when the game/TV show doesn't make him a formidable antagonist at all.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does have his humorous or somewhat entertaining moments. Mainly because of how over-the-top and childishly eccentric he is.
      • He was a decent comic-relief antagonist in the very first episode of "The Adventure Begins" who also had a somewhat sympathetic backstory for being banished and wanting his body back as his source of motivation for conquering Pac-World (especially since he was just a harmless man-child who became evil because of his childhood-related trauma disorders), too bad he was derailed as the series progressed.
      • On the topic of sympathy, as mentioned at WHIFTSU#6, there are times when his pathetic defeats and levels of humiliation can make viewers understand why he hates Pac-Man with a strong passion.
    2. As mentioned at WHIFTSU #1 and #14, there were minor moments here and there when he could be effective and come off as a little bit of a threat despite being very ridiculous, incompetent, and pathetic. These include occasions in episodes like "Heebo-Skeebo" when Skeebo was sent to one of Betrayus's dungeons, right after Betrayus attempted using a fire attack to burn Skeebo.
      • He, as mentioned before at WHIFTSU #14, did commit some heinous actions that make him a little bit formidable if he isn't being too "comedic". Examples of these include the second Ghostly Adventures game where he kidnapped Pac-Man's parents and needed to make Pac-Man bring the repository to him by tricking Pac-Man with a subtle lie with the help of Apex, which had the potential to succeed. This is where he actually betrays Pac-Man for once by an actual double-cross as a part of his plan (despite being deceived by Sir Cumference), which is a shocker since this was what makes his name somewhat meaningful compared to the last game and the animated series he starred in.
    3. In "Invasion of the Pointy Heads", the only true thing he almost admits about himself is being a coward, which he prefers to call "caution", and that's pretty much it.
    4. He always receives comeuppance for his sinful deeds, usually by Pacster eating him and spewing out his eyeballs. So it can be argued that he isn't too much of a Karma Houdini.
    5. Since he is the titular villain of the show, it's clear that he was meant to be hated due to how mean and despicable he is. (But not all villains are supposed to be hated, they can also come off as likable, understandable for their motives, and sometimes very funny/entertaining for providing great moments of comedy for example: Doctor Doofenshmirtz, Thanos, Darth Vader, Eren Yeager, and Steppenwolf (Snyder Cut), etc.)
    6. Despite how misleading his personality is, some people can find his ghost design (and his Pac-Worlder design as an adult in "Pac to the Future") to be serviceable and iconic enough to fit his role as the main antagonist.
      • While most of his facial expressions tend to be ugly, some of his facial expressions can look okay and passable at times.
    7. All of his theme songs and leitmotifs, like Castle Crashers are extremely catchy and wonderful to listen to. It gives off a ghostly and haunted yet light-hearted and bouncy vibe.
    8. While his voice is very annoying and whiny, at least his voice actor, Samuel Vincent, did try his best to do an okay job at voicing him while he was voicing Betrayus the way the sound directors told Betrayus to sound (as his voice can be passable whenever Betrayus isn't yelling or whining with grating voice cracks). You can also tell that Samuel tried having fun with providing the voice for the role of a villain by doing a Peter Zimmerman voice impression.
    9. Some of his quotes can be either a little funny, somewhat clever, pretty funny, or just interesting, such examples include:
      • "Pulverize the old hag!"
      • "Oh, I see! My dear sweet mother is visiting her favorite son Stratos and not ME!! How can people be so cruel?"
      • "No-body is sneakier than ME!! So deal with them and leave Pac-World to me and MY ghosts!!! Also, my nose itches, and I can't scratch it, YEOW!!"
      • "What are you free-loaders doing?! Is that my credit card? I'm not paying for those pizzas and-"
      • "You?! Forget it!"
      • "This! Isn't! The Reposit-torrryyyy!!!"
      • "C-C-Cr-Crime!? WHHHAAAAA??? I uh, I don't recall committing ANY 'crime'!"
      • "'Image'?? YOU'RE just a stale 'ol, marshmellow chicken!!"
      • "Guagh! Gag mmee! I don't understand what you see in this show!"
      • "Where's the action? WHERE IS THE EXPLOSION!?"


    (TV counterpart)
    (Skip to 20:08 for the ninth video)

    (Gaming counterpart)
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    (Skip to 5:22 for the fourth video)



    1. His name is a play on the two words "betray" and "us". Which is also a pun for a former CIA Director David Petraeus.
    2. His mother often calls him "Tray-Tray" as a nickname of his.
    3. He shares a lot of similarities with Klogg from The Neverhood (being hammy, sharp-fingered, having red and white colors, and having a brother on the side of good) and Lucius from Jimmy Two-Shoes (being the ruler of Hell-in-everything-but-name, has fire powers, and is very attached to a stuffed pink rabbit).
      • In addition to this, he is also similar to Lord Shen from mh:greatestmovies:Kung Fu Panda 2, as both characters are particularly associated with fire, have red/white/black colors, metal talons, and have supposed involvements in the genocide of the hero's entire race who may not have been entirely succeeded after all.
    4. To quote this article on the series that discusses Betrayus's name, "If your mother named you something like Betrayus, could you honestly go through life and not feel obligated to live up to it?".
    5. He had a supposedly gay moment with Apex. Where Betrayus physically brushes his finger onto Apex's chest that makes it look like he's flirting with him while he says "let's talk" in a very seductive way in the episode "Invasion of the Pointy Heads".
    6. He is seen changing into many outfits outside of his regular appearance. As seen in episodes like "A Hard Dazed Knight"; where he is seen wearing a Crown, in "Jurassic Pac" he puts on clown makeup with a tacky suit to match, and in "Seems Like Old Times", he is seen wearing a red sleeping hat with his stuffed pink bunny).
    7. Despite being a ghost in a cartoon, he can still have random things physically happen to him, and it never made any kind of sense how the way this series presents physics or elementals towards phantoms.
      • In "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime", Betrayus gets decapitated on screen despite being a ghost, (you heard us right!) and have his head sowed on backward, but still acting oblivious to this gets him flying into the sky, resulting in the recurring Ghost gang laughing at Betrayus. This means Betrayus is also quite sadomasochistic for a kid's show!
      • In "Rip Van Packle", Betrayus can have slime poured onto him.
      • In "Seems Like Old Times", he can wear ordinary hats as seen in this episode.
      • In "The Wizard of Odd", he and Butt-ler can be gravitated even though they're not made out of metal, and they are still ghosts (the spiky gauntlets on Betrayus' hands and Buttocks' robot hand could be easy to overlook in this pointer, it doesn't take away the fact that it makes very little sense).
      • In "Mission ImPacable!", when Pac-Man fell on top of him, it's revealed that he, and presumably all of the ghosts, are made out of slime. Not only was this scene played for gross-out humor since Betrayus remains oblivious to this and sucks on his thumb in his sleep while whining like a two-year-old, but it makes you question the show's logic a little more (if not disgusted by this).
      • In "Easter Egg Island", while Betrayus is talking in his sleep because of a blind-fold on his eyes and is in Sir Cumferences' lab room, he was held onto by a robot as if he was a regular living person. (not trapped inside of a vacuum, a bottle or a vase, mind you)
      • In "PacLantis", he can be wet and burnt upon touching the water as if he's made out of fire despite the fact he is made out of the slime.
      • In "Cosmic Contest", he can be frozen solid and also electrocuted.
      • He was once shown to be easy to spin around with ghosts barging all over him twice, and one time he was sent tossed skyrocketing and flying into the Ghost Gang with a pirate hat like he was on a slingshot. All of which proves that he is a weakling, even as a ghostly spirit.
    8. When he was a Pac-Worlder, he was also Spheria's competitive rival who felt like he deserved to win in a tennis match and his envy over losing a tennis match against his supposed love-interest Spheria in "Pac-Pong Fever".
    9. Despite every single flaw he has, there were, and still are, plenty of fans out there who genuinely support and adore this character throughout. This is taken to the point where fans of the show (or people who dislike the show) both consider him to be the best character in the show, reasons for this include him being viewed as a cute, sympathetic, entertaining, and hilarious villain in the same manner as Dr. Eggman/Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    10. Speaking the comparisons and similarities between Betrayus and AOSTH Robotnik, in the episode "Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man", it has a similar premise of shrinking Pac-Man down to size so Betrayus can harm him like he's a tiny bug, the same way Dr. Robotnik did this differently in a similarly named episode called "Honey, I Shunk The Hedgehog".
      • Betrayus also sports a long mustache in ghost form with makeup that (kind of) resembles an AOSTH Robotnik version of a Pac-Man ghost with a flashy goth aesthetic (especially the black eye makeup on Betrayus's face and the metallic-looking long gloves).
      • They both have mothers who treated them unfairly, to the point where they were practically raised to become villains of some sort and come off as petty since they have emotional conflicts that came from their treatment from the moms. The mothers both betray their sons' trust and talk down to them in ways that would emotionally affect them in a negative light, except in the episode "Sonic is Running", Robotnik betrayed his mom in response to her underestimation of him, whereas Betrayus in "The Great Chase!" ended up crying like a baby naturally would as discussed above, as he flew back to his lair like a child running away in tears (Betrayus's mom is rather cruel towards Betrayus's feelings in comparison to Robotnik's generally abusive mother).
    11. This is currently the fifth longest page on this wiki among its other contenders.


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