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    Lola Loud
    Gender: Female
    Type: Wrathfully Spoiled Bratty Extravagant with Anger Issues
    Age: 6 (S1E1A-S5E3A (TLH) + (CS1E1a-SC116b (TC)
    7 S5E3A-present (TLH) + CSE17A-CS320b (TC)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Grey Griffin
    Status: Active
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    Lola Loud is one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House.

    She is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin.

    While she was a horribly written spoiled brat in season 1, and staring to be a bit well-written in seasons 2-4, unfortunately she got somewhat flanderized in season 5. She (depending on your opinion) improved slightly in season 6.

    Why She Was Intentionally Wrathfully Spoiled

    1. She tortures her siblings, particularly Lincoln. This all however were through the agency of Chris Savino, who made Lincoln's sisters to mistreat and torture their brother.
    2. She gets into fights most of the time with her siblings.
      • In "The Sweet Spot" she fights with Lana all because she was staring at her. Not only that, Lincoln was sitting between them while reading his comic book hence unintentionally pummeling Lincoln to a fine mess. This all again was due the agency of Chris Savino.
    3. She has a foul temper. For example, she has anger issues.
    4. She was written a villainous or antagonistic role in some of the episodes. It could have been much more better and sensible to use Chandler McCann as the main villain and antagonist at the beginning, if Chris Savino would have use his mind and head.
    5. She was extremely unlikable in most of the episodes, and badly reverted to being extremely unlikable in season 5.
    6. She goes crazy and acts like a evil, mean-spirited jerk and a spoiled brat.
    7. Her bratty behavior is considered to be a terrible role model among children who watch The Loud House.
    8. She has little to no character development. And since season 5, her character development was thrown out of the window.
    9. She feels like a archenemy to her only brother Lincoln. With having her sisters as her minions.
    10. She usually treats Lincoln like utter trash in season 1.
    11. Even though she improved in seasons 2-4, she however was somewhat flanderized in season 5, as the writers reinstated her selfish brat role that she was in season 1. For example, in the one of worst episode ideas in season 5, "Dream a Lily Dream", when Lincoln was grabbed by a tentacle, she selfishly refused to help him. She threw Lincoln under a bus, as well as treating him like canon fodder and did nothing to help him. Turning Lola into, well, a horribly written spoiled brat. (This was also during Lincoln's flanderization.)

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Before the producers and writers were forced to redeemed her (due so many complains), the show's creator Chris Savino, producers and writers obviously created her to be loathed.
    2. Grey DeLisle-Griffin did a awesome job voicing her.
    3. She did get some karma. For instance, she was grounded by her mother Rita, despite telling the truth but in the one of worst episode ideas in season 1, "A Tattler's Tale".
    4. The people who hates her so much, have made her as the butt of the joke, especially in the DeviantArt community. She gets what she deserves.
    5. She received character development during the second half of the season and became a much better character in the second season. Until this was unfortunately thrown out the window since season 5.
    6. Depending on your view, despite her flanderization, she was a little more likable in some episodes of season 5. And in season 6, she was a bit further improved.


    • She was one of the most hated characters in The Loud House.


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