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    Lois Lane (DC Super Hero Girls, 2019, season 1)

    Lois Lane (DC Super Hero Girls, 2019, season 1)
    Lois Lane.jpg
    "They call me, Lois Lane."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Obnoxious Control Freak
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Grey Griffin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: DC Super Hero Girls (2019)
    First appearance: DC Comics

    Lois Lane is a supporting character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a student at Metropolis High School and the editor-in-chief of the school's Daily Planetoid newspaper. Sadly, unlike other versions of Lois Lane, she was flanderized in the DC Super Hero Girls TV show.

    Why She Was Not the Lois Lane We Know and Love Here

    NOTE: This article only applies to the character as depicted in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls TV series.

    1. She's an in-name-only character and a very poor attempt at creating the show's version of Courtney from Total Drama. Whereas Courtney was an unlikable character in the middle of Total Drama World Tour and then redeemed herself in the infamous Total Drama All-Stars season (which was ruined in "Sundae Muddy Sundae"), Lois Lane was just a mean popular girl unlike the super villain girls from the show who did one bad thing after another before becoming an antagonist at the end of it.
      • Because of this, she could easily come off as a clone of Courtney similar to how Big Tex is a carbon copy of a SpongeBob SquarePants character, Mr. Krabs.
    2. She was heavily flanderized than she was in the original DC Super Hero Girls web series or any other versions of Lois Lane from an aggressive, career-minded, yet hard-working and beautiful reporter who is Clark Kent's love interest to a Ron the Death Eater-like villain who lacks any personality traits that her comic book counterpart has and only cared about exposing the superheroes just of an internship rather than noticing that everyone was in danger for some reason.
      • She became more selfish than the previous versions to the point that she doesn't even care that Metropolis getting attacked or even destroyed by the villains like Star Struck when the homecoming game abruptly ended when Star Sapphire goes crazy love for Hal Joran.
        • Additionally, she was responsible for letting everyone in Metropolis be attacked by the killer moths since she forced the Superhero Girls to stop fighting crime when other heroes like Da Invinci-Bros or Superman could've just come to the city and stop the moths.
    3. She rarely showed any respect to anyone including Jimmy Olsen who was being forced by her to come back with photos of the girls, even when he failed to do so to the point where she can make Lynn Loud Jr seem more likable by comparison.
    4. She was at her absolute worst in the infamous episode "Breaking News, where she follows Diana Prince, Jessica Cruz, Zee Zatara, Barbara Gordon, Kara Danvers, and Karen Beecher around and preventing them from projecting Metropolis from the killer moths and forces them to stay in class, the pier or Sweet Justice while watching them giving up on their hopes and dreams all because of a stupid internship at the Daily Planet (which potentially the CEO of the Daily Planet couldn't allow Lois to join them and getting arrested for what she did to six teenage heroines by the way) without even knowing that everyone was in danger without any hero to defeat the moths which is a very poor timing to expose them, and somehow get off scot-free for her actions, not only that, but she's planning to do this on Clark Kent which means that she's a huge killjoy and total creep towards the heroes and never even redeems herself after she deleted the email about the girls being exposed.
      • She also betrayed Metropolis, her own hometown, by refusing to notice that everyone was in danger without the Super Hero Girls which shows how completely cruel, villainous, and very out of character this incarnation of Lois Lane really is to the point where she overshadowed the killer moths as the true major antagonist in this episode. Even the per-DCSHG versions of Lois Lane aren't that cruel, to begin with.
    5. She gets very few episodes to herself, and when she does, she's a total manipulating freak, always to the point where she becomes an all-out bully or an absolute jerk. Even when episodes are not centered around her, these traits are often still present, usually for the sake of comedy:
      • In the graphic novel Midterms, she tried to frame the Super Hero Girls for the damage at the auto service just because they went fast enough to broke her camera when they literality just did that to stop a car thief from stealing cars and Lois Lane clearly knows nothing about superheroes can damage property to stop villains. As a matter of fact, this is the DCSHG G2 media where she is the most unlikable other than “Breaking News”.
      • In "Super Who", she rejects the idea of a "Supergirl" story and calls it "retread" which she was responsible for Kara's jealously toward her cousin, Clark, and even stupidly praise him for defeating the monster when it was Kara Danvers who fly and defeat it in space.
    6. Because of her actions, she seems to be more of an antagonist rather than a hero as her behavior makes her such a villainous business obsessing criminal that could've gave Big Tex a run for his money.
    7. She has no real motivation beyond "Exposing the Superheroes" even though many of her problems are her own fault.
    8. She's an Karma Houdini who has never been told off by Mr. Chapin nor any of the Super Hero girls' parents, especially one time where she was running the girls' lives and reputations as heroes.
      • Her motivations and actions make little-to-no sense. She basically forces superheroes to stop saving people and making them feel safe.
    9. She has little-to-no character development, unlike her comic book counterpart where she has a crush on Clark Kent.
    10. She's quick to jump to conclusions, kind of a foreshadower much like Lynn Jr to the point where she only appears in certain episodes just to get the Super Hero Girls a bad reputation at being heroes making her a filler plot device.
    11. She also refuses to accept that there are way more superhero/non-superhero stories than Superman or the Superhero Girls.
    12. She's annoying, incompetent, entitled, and a narcissist. None of these traits fits any version of Lois Lane. She may be a bit of a pain to deal with, depending on the version, but she never displayed any of these personality traits until her debut in this series.
    13. She's a literal Mary Sue typed character which is not her character in the comics.
    14. She leaves Metropolis High in order to expose Clark Kent just so that his reputation and daily life can be ruined by her even though she was his love interest in the comics.
    15. This version of Lois, overall, is just a big insult to the original Lois Lane, given that she is portrayed as a villain in a Ron the Death Eater fanfic and is very annoying.
      • Also, her design, while okay, doesn't look like Lois Lane at all. It looks more like a young principal rather than a news reporter herself.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She deleted the email about exposing the Superhero Girls before she could even publish it in Breaking News.
    2. She deserves some karma in "Shock It to Me" where she was bullied by Livewire.
    3. Grey Griffin was still great voicing Lois Lane like in the LEGO DC Superhero Girls films.
    4. Though she was flanderized in G2 of DC Super Hero Girls, she was likable in the "Equal Tights" short "Shock It to Me" (though she got karma for her actions in "Breaking News").
      • She thankfully redeemed herself in 2021 with the show's video game and season 2's "Cruz Control" as she has her original comic book persona restored due to the heavy backlash from fans of the character, thus recovering from the flanderization she had earlier in the series.
    5. She was a much more likable character in all other entries outside the first season of the second generation of DC Super Hero Girls.
    6. Overall, like everyone else, her design is okay, despite not being Lois Lane.
    7. Depending on your view, her design is very pretty and overall, she's beautiful.


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