Lois Griffin (seasons 8-present)

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Lois Griffin
Gender: Female
Type: Neglectful Sex Predator
Age: 46
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Alex Borstein
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Family Guy
First Appearance: "Death Has A Shadow"

Lois Patrice Pewterschmidt-Griffin (born February 18, 1975) is the deuteragonist in the FOX animated TV series, Family Guy. Originally she was a protagonist, but as she became darker, despite being one of the protagonists, she does have several episodes where she has an antagonistic role.

She is voiced by Alex Borstein, who is well-known for her portrayal of Ms. Bonnie Swann on the hit satirical comedy show MADtv.

Why She Doesn't Kindle Joy Anymore

  1. She is extremely and despicably unlikable. As she has done some very distasteful things to her family and other people.
    • What's even more jarring is the fact that just like Eugene Krabs (from Season 6 to 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants) where she is meant to be the wise one to Peter and yet does more bad things than him and gets away with them.
  2. Her voice is nasal and extremely annoying. While it does sometimes occur in the earlier seasons, it was not too much as her voice is still mostly tolerable most of the time.
  3. She's purely dominant over Peter's life.
  4. She has done just about as much (If not, more) stupid things as Peter. Like turning down ten million dollars from her father that could have really helped the family, and once tried to make the town give up vaccinations.
  5. She can also be very thick-headed, clueless and idiotic, like when she once stated that it's impossible for men to be sexually harassed by women, gay and transgender are the exact same thing, and she when she blamed Peter when she cheated on him.
  6. With Peter, it's expected for him to be a bad parent, but with Lois, she is meant to be the wise and kind one. But ironically, she is much worse.
  7. She sometimes completely neglects and insults her children, especially Meg.
  8. She falls right under MacFarlane's Unfair Sex trope. Where she has little to no exposed flaws that are supposed to cause conflict that will help her grow as a character.
  9. She constantly insults and puts down other people, acting as if she's better than they are, and even mocking people for things she is equally guilty of.
    • She keeps calling Peter names, even when he doesn't deserve it.
  10. She is at her worst in "Throw it Away", where she made the rest of her family leave the house and wants to ensure the house was empty and cluttered.
  11. Her mean girl personality makes her unlikable.
    • She used to be a mean girl back when she was in high school, and bullied Joyce Kinney to the point where she holds a grudge against her.
  12. She once abused Peter by beating him with a magazine in "A Shot in the Dark". While it was because he was trying to do something that was outright offensive, it is still not right.
  13. Her musical talents are almost never heard of in newer episodes, which is strange since that was one of her most well known traits.
  14. She is sometimes seen having sexual affairs with other guys. Worse still, some of them are underaged, such as Meg's boyfriend in "Go, Stewie, Go!" and a young Justin Bieber in "Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell". And in "The New Adventures of Old Tom" she abandons Peter to meet up and with a stranger who claims he's rich and left with him on his helicopter and presumably have sex with him afterwards as the episode ends. She even blamed Peter for cheating on him when it clearly was her fault.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. In Seasons 1-7, Lois was a loving mother who despite her annoying moments she cared about her children and was compassionate towards her husband Peter, always being there for her family, which makes the viewers miss old Lois.
    • Her original persona can still be present and she can be likable in a few episodes such as in "Connie's Celica" and even "Better Off Meg".
  2. Her design is still good (if attractive) and she can look pretty neat in different outfits.
  3. She still cares about her family nowadays and is there for them to help'em albeit much rarer.
  4. From time to time she has made some good points towards her family, along with her voice being tolerable at times, like PeTerminator, Back to the Pilot, and even when she is not yelling or screaming.

Her Most Despicable Actions

  1. In "Brian Griffin's House of Payne"; when Stewie was both injured and comatose, both Chris and Meg, and eventually Peter, tried to hide the fact the he's injured by putting a hat on his head and telling everyone he's asleep. When Peter tosses an injured Stewie while Lois was backing up she accidentally runs over Stewie. When she thought that she "injured" Stewie, instead of taking him to a hospital, she tried to hide the fact the Stewie was injured by doing the exact same thing that Peter, Meg, and Chris did. To many critics and fans, this is the episode where she becomes no better than her husband.
  2. In a flashback in "Ratings Guy", Peter and Lois were attempting to abandon Meg by leaving her outside the fire station.
  3. In "Friends Without Benefits", Lois tells Bonnie Swanson over the phone that she has left Stewie in the oven numerous times. Also in "Dearly Deported" it's said she put Stewie in the oven multiple times and dared herself to turn the oven on.
  4. In "Hannah Banana", when Chris was trying to prove the Evil Monkey existed, he set up a camera to see what happened that night. When he saw the video, Lois was caught stealing money out of Chris' wallet.
  5. Multiple times throughout the series Lois calls Peter an idiot, even when he hasn't done anything that is considered to be stupid.
  6. In "Go, Stewie, Go!", Lois has developed a crush, as well as a perverted nature, towards one of Meg's boyfriend, Anthony. After being scolded and driven away by Meg, Lois, instead of taking responsibility for her actions, confronts Peter, accusing him of making her feel bad about herself which drove her over the edge.
  7. In "Peter-assment", Lois doesn't take Peter being sexual harassed by his boss Angela seriously, saying that men like being touched and even makes jokes about it. This is one of many examples of her not caring about her husband. She also puts off and doesn't follow up on the fact that Meg was molested by her chemistry teacher, which she cites as an "actual" example of sexual harassment.
  8. In "And I'm Joyce Kinney", it's revealed that, as a teenager, Lois pulled a cruel joke on a then overweight and possibly unpopular Joyce Kinney (then Joyce Chevapravatdumrong) in high school. Tricking her into thinking she had become part of the cheerleading squad (which Lois herself was the captain of), Lois blindfolded her, walked her into the middle of the gym, pulled down her pants and put a hot dog in her mouth. This was done in front of the entire school and everyone laughed at Joyce. Lois probably only did this to simply be nasty and had an evil expression while she was laughing at Joyce. In the same episode, she is revealed to have been a cocaine addict. At the end of the episode, she shows her porno, in church, in front of children, including her own.
  9. In "Seahorse Seashell Party", she mistreated Meg, even blaming her for the bad things that happen to the Griffin family. Later, after Meg finally calls them out for their abuse, Lois fights with Peter and Chris instead of holding herself accountable. She also goes right back to mistreating Meg after the latter agrees to be the "lighting rod" of the family.
  10. In "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell", she pretends to be a young woman and begin combining pranks. At one point, she causes a car crash that kills two people. In the same episode, she attempted to cheat on Peter with Justin Bieber, who was under 18 at the time. She also blames the whole thing on Peter and refuses to take any personal responsibility, although Peter did make her very insecure about her age.
  11. In "Brian the Closer", she refused to spend the money to repair Brian's teeth. Lois even goes as far as to laugh at his predicament while stating that they weren't going to spend a lot of money on "some deformed animal". This is hypocritical, as Lois has at times spent much of the family's money for her own selfish reasons.
  12. In "The Peanut Butter Kid", she and Peter forced Stewie to do a commercial, which tired him, and they kept giving him drugs to keep him active and pressuring him to succeed, as well as using Stewie's earned money they planned for his college fund for themselves instead.
  13. In "A Lot Going On Upstairs", she almost killed Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland by locking them in the attic simply because they were annoying her. She only lets them out because Peter poops on her wedding dress.
  14. In "Hot Shots", she convinced the entire town not to vaccinate their kids, and, because of her, 150 people died from a measles outbreak and showed no remorse for it afterwards. Among those who died was a young boy named Billy. She is a hypocrite as in a previous episode, "Livin' on a Prayer", she kidnapped, Scotty Jennings, a boy who has cancer, disagreeing with his parents decision to forgo treatment, even though in this episode she believed parents should decide what's best for their child.
  15. In "Peter's Lost Youth", when Lois goes with Peter to Boston to a fantasy baseball camp, she reveals that the reason she was going with Peter is to get away from the kids, to which she calls them life-sucking turds to their faces.
  16. In "Dead Dog Walking", while attempting to steal money from Stewie's piggy bank, Lois discovers Stewie to be vaping and takes his stick away. She later proves to be a hypocrite, when Chris goes to get Stewie's vaping stick back and he catches her smoking a cigarette. Later in that episode she's seen strangling Peter to dead.
  17. In "Bri, Robot", Lois is seen attempting to cheat on Peter with another man and is almost caught by Peter.
  18. In "Vestigal Peter" Lois learns that Peter and Chris had gotten groceries when they return home with them. But instead of being grateful, she physically assaults her husband and throws a can at her son's head, because she believes getting groceries was her thing alone. Peter argues with the fact that Lois complains that he never does anything around the house, but then Lois admits that she likes saying that more than she like Peter actually doing things. This one is played for Comic Effect.
  19. In "Throw it Away", her worst episode, after being inspired by Tricia Takanawa's book, Lois is determined to get rid of the things the Griffin family don't actually need, but her attempt to remove the clutter ends up going too far and it causes her to become very obsessive and domineering over the rest of the Griffin family. It gets to the point where she throws out just about everything, including kicking the rest of the family out of the house as well, believing them to also be clutter "ruining her joy", only showing care about her own demented/psychotic wants over the needs of her family.
  20. In "Undergrounded", she dominantly grounds Peter simply because he was using a credit card. And at the end of the episode when Peter is hauled from the cave, they run to each other, and what does she do? She doesn't cuddle him, she assaults him! In addition, it's revealed that Lois murdered a waitress 20 years earlier during their honeymoon after Peter selected a waitress she could kill.
  21. In "You Can't Handle the Booth!", during a commentary on an episode of Family Guy by the Griffins, it's revealed that Peter was "previously married" to Sarah Paulson (hence his higher salary to pay "alimony"). While Lois is justified in being angry that Peter lied about his salary and covering up his "previous marriage", it was actually due to the fact that Peter is uncomfortable around Sarah to an extent (as she yelled at everybody to be quiet when her character was doing her scene). Before Lois learns about why Peter's "marriage" ended, her increased irritability after Peter complains about their sex life (when he's drunk), Lois lashes out and reveals that she had another affair (separate from Clinton), with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and that Hoffman may actually be Chris' biological father. She restates this while mockingly laughing, before arrogantly and narcissistically saying that she deserves better than Peter for being "Dishonest and disrespectful", when Lois honestly is no better, and has on occasion done things worse than Peter. Peter may've withheld and covered up information, but Lois is delusional if she believes that she deserves better, due to her own history of heinous acts.
  22. Lois has shown some forms of bigotry and intolerance.
    • In "Quagmire's Dad", when Quagmire's father Dan is revealed to identify as transgender and plans to get a sex change (in which Dan would later become Ida), both Lois and Peter view her as gay because of attraction to men. When Quagmire tries to correct them for their misinterpretations, Lois finishes the statement by gleefully saying "Well look let's all agree that he's odd", before laughing and referring the sex change operation as a "Circus" showing that she's transphobic. This is supported by how later in the episode she tells Meg to discard a crumble Ida made for them.
    • In "Thanksgiving" when Ida says she needs to freshen up Lois says "You may use the yard", dehumanizing Ida as if she's less than a person.
  23. In "Holly Bibble", when there's a hurricane and the Griffin family goes to a motel for shelter, but due to a lack of provisions Lois decides to go out and try and get some food. Immediately after she opens the door she sees Cleveland looking for shelter, before going back inside and shutting the door, denying Cleveland shelter despite his pleas which Lois and the others ignore.
  24. In "Stewie's First Word", when she tries to find out who caused Stewie to say drop an F-bomb, she believes Peter to be responsible so she waxes the stairs to make them all slippery and for him to fall down them like in "The Blind Side", where he repeatedly shouted obscenities after the replaced wood had done the same thing. While she did suspect Peter, she could've killed him.
  25. In "Wild Wild West", Lois endorses Elle Hitler (no relation to Adolf), a librarian for mayor believing her be knowledgeable and competent, when that's clearly not the case. She continues to support Elle and holds a strong opposition to the other and much more popular candidate Wild West, simply because she thinks that having a female mayor will be more beneficial to Quahog. While having a female mayor in Quahog after an implied history of male-only ones would itself be progressive, Lois is ignoring the fact that Elle isn't suited for the position while West, whose cousin Adam had served as mayor, seems to be much more driven and determined. Lois doesn't realize her own misandry and genuinely believes herself to be in the right. Later in the episode she develops a sexual attraction to West and fantasizes about him while she and Peter are in bed, something that deeply hurts Peter.
  26. In "Pawtucket Pat", Lois sides with Peter on allowing the statue of Pawtucket Pat to remain where it is, even after it was revealed that Pawtucket Pat was a racist murderer that killed Native Americans after he stole their beer recipe and passed it off as his own. Lois' reasoning for this is even worse as she says she believes that if someone applies the ethical principles of society today then essentially every statue should be taken down and while certain statues may've been dedicated to those who have done horrific things in history, the entirety of all memorial statues shouldn't be taken down. She then says "As a woman I need landmarks to find my way around town. Without that statue I'm completely disoriented", which is a profoundly sexist and regressive statement towards her own gender, when it's likely that Lois is going senile.
  27. In "The First No L", When Lois decides to leave the family on their own for Christmas to see how they would do, due to them being too lazy to help, she holds up at a motel with a pair of binoculars where she can spy on them and wait for them to call begging her for help. While leaving them on their own part with initial despair or spying on them isn't villainous, she vows revenge upon seeing that they've become a successful and loving family without her and in a nod/rip-off of The Grinch steals all of their Christmas goods. A Muslim neighbor is blamed for the theft and deported, but Lois doesn't reveal the truth.
  28. In "Customer of the Week", Lois goes to extreme measures to be customer of the week at a coffee shop. One of her first attempts is buying a $600 painting made by one of the staff members and doesn't take her family into consideration even though they are struggling financially. After many other failed attempts, she then decides to save one an employee's life to win the award. Aware that a staff member named Lisa has a peanut allergy, she loads her car with peanuts, but it ends in a fiery car crash as well as being run over that nearly killed her. Lois then panics when she learns that they'll be reviewing the security tapes, she finds that Kyle H. is already aware of her secret, so she kidnaps him and threatens to get him hooked on heroin against his will, but promises to take care of his cats just for manipulation purposes only because she doesn't want him calling the cops on her for everything she's done. At his apartment, she meets his two roommates and ends up having to tie them up when they realize he's in trouble. Lois also shows her bigotry once again, as she discovers one of his roommates is gay and thinks of stereotypes of gay men, as well as being shocked when the other one reveals he's straight and the gay one isn't attracted to his roommate, outright admitting she's clearly not woke due to this after initially claiming she was and not a bigot. She has also shown no guilt at all from putting peanuts in Lisa's car and throughout the episode she repeats that she is a good person. While it's understandable that Lois did want some form of excitement in her life, believing that she's a good person despite all of her heinous actions throughout the entirety of the episode and the series shows how delusional and screwed up she really is. Lois was ultimately sentenced to six months in prison for her actions. The cycle repeats after she is released, as she gets offended when she doesn't get noticed for her large tip at a different coffee shop.
  29. In "Young Parent Trap", after being mistaken for a young couple, hoping to make newer friends, Lois decides for her, Peter, and Stewie to move into an apartment to help live up this lie of Stewie being their first child. As a result of her wanting to make better friends, Lois was wiling to abandon Chris and Meg by leaving them in their old house, and pretend they knew about the latest trends, which resulted in Meg and Chris pretending to be a young couple to expose their parents after finding out where they were. This also resulted in her abandoning Stewie when she, Peter, Chris, Meg and the young parents all went to a music festival. This also resulted in all of the the other children drowning in the pool, with Stewie being the only one to survive.
  30. In "LASIK Instinct" when Lois became blind after trying to get her vision fixed with LASIK surgery she starts making videos to make money rather than help people in her situation as she was originally supposed to do. When Lois does get her vision back, she pretends to still be blind so she could still make money off her situation. She tries to defend herself to Meg by saying this is the only way that she a 'middle-aged, cisgendered, able-bodied white woman' would not be able to inspire anyone without doing this, once again showing her bigotry. She also forced Peter, Chris, Brian and Stewie to make a treehouse for Doug, the child she hit with her car which resulted in her going for the LASIK surgery, instead of doing it herself.
  31. In "Prescription Heroine", she gets addicted to Brian's painkiller pills and when she can't find any, she goes crazy and when she finds the last one she drops it in the toilet she literally shoves Stewie down the toilet to grab it because her hand wouldn't fit.


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