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    Lois Griffin (seasons 8-present)

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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Lois Griffin
    Gender: Female
    Type: Neglectful Sex Predator
    The Dark Side of Lois Griffin
    Age: 43
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Family Guy
    First appearance: Death Has a Shadow

    Lois Patrice Pewterschmidt-Griffin (born February 18, 1975) is the deuteragonist in the 1999 Fox animated TV series Family Guy. Originally, she was a protagonist, but as she became darker, despite being one of the protagonists, she does have several episodes where she has an antagonistic role.

    She is voiced by Alex Borstein, who is well-known for her portrayal of Ms. Bonnie Swann on the hit satirical comedy show MADtv.

    In the first seven seasons, she was a good character, but ever since season 8, she has been flanderized badly, and will never be who she once was.

    Why She Doesn't Kindle Joy Anymore

    Note: This will only apply to Lois' character as depicted in seasons 8 to onwards since she was likable in the first seven seasons of Family Guy. Any attempts to add Lois' loathsome moments from seasons 1-7 will be automatically reverted.

    1. She has been flanderized beyond recognition to the point where any redemption for her character is almost pretty much hopeless now. She has gone from a nice and compassionate wife of Peter and a loving mother who always supports and gives good advice to her children to a short-tempered, immature, egotistical, annoying, wrathful, and psychotic dominatrix wannabe who acts like she has control over her family's life, never defends Meg and Chris from their father's abuse and only talks down to her, is a massive hypocrite who calls her family out on things she's guilty of doing herself and is very loud and obnoxious and has shown a great deal of disrespect towards Peter, abusing him on several occasions, and even cheating on him on several occasions as well.
      • What's even more jarring is the fact that just like Mr. Krabs from seasons 6-10 of SpongeBob SquarePants where she is meant to be the wise one to Peter and yet does bad things just like him and gets away with them.
    2. Her voice by Alex Borstein has become extremely annoying and nasal nowadays, especially when she screams. This has got to the point where she starts sounding like an actual bird whenever she speaks. While it did sometimes occur in the earlier seasons, her voice by Alex Borstein was still mostly great and tolerable at the time.
    3. She's purely dominant over not only Peter's life but her children's life as well.
    4. She has done some stupid things as Peter does. Like turning down ten million dollars from her father that could have helped the family, and once tried to make the town give up vaccinations.
    5. She is very thick-headed, clueless, and idiotic like when she once stated that men can't be sexually harassed by women, gay and transgender are the same thing, and when she blamed Peter when she cheated on him.
    6. With Peter, it's expected for him to be a bad parent because of his stupidity, but Lois is meant to be the wise and kind one.
    7. She sometimes completely neglects and insults her children, especially Meg.
    8. She falls right under MacFarlane's Unfair Sex trope, where she has little to no exposed flaws that are supposed to cause conflict that will help her grow as a character.
    9. She constantly insults and puts down other people, acting as if she's better than they are, and even mocking people for things she is equally guilty of.
      • She even keeps calling Peter names, even when he doesn't deserve it.
    10. She behaved very badly in "Throw it Away", where she made the rest of her family leave the house as they don't "kindle joy" to her and wants to ensure the house was empty and cluttered.
    11. She is somewhat useless in "Peter-assment" when she doesn't take action against Angela for sexually harassing Peter and insists that he goes out with her. The fact that she is Peter's wife, and wants him to go out with her is insisting on having him try to cheat on her which is a very poor characterization moment from her.
    12. She is at her absolute worst in the season 19 episode “Customer of the Week”; in it, she goes on a crime spree in which she exposes a coffee barista to peanuts, which almost gets her killed and run over by a car, kidnaps another barista and threatens to inject heroin into him, and kidnaps the barista’s roommates after assaulting one with a toaster. She did all of this just because she did not win customer of the week at a coffee shop.
    13. Her mean-girl personality makes her unlikable.
      • She used to be a mean girl back when she was in high school and bullied Joyce Kinney to the point where she held a grudge against her.
      • She once abused Peter by beating him with a magazine in "A Shot in the Dark". While Peter was trying to do something that was outright offensive and wrong, it was still not right.
      • She sometimes sexually assaults Peter whenever she wants sex, and he is not in the mood for it. She also does not see anything wrong with this and believes that men can’t get raped.
      • Her musical talents are rarely seen or mentioned nowadays, which is strange since that was one of her most well-known traits.
      • She is sometimes seen having sexual affairs with other guys. Worse still, some of them are underaged, such as Meg's boyfriend in "Go, Stewie, Go!" and a young Justin Bieber in "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell". She even blamed Peter for cheating on him when it was her fault. In "The New Adventures of Old Tom" she abandons Peter to meet up with a stranger who claims he's rich and left with him on his helicopter and presumably has sex with him afterward as the episode ends.
      • In "Mister Act", when Chris (her son) compares her to Madonna, she strangles him into saying something she wants, therefore she tried to commit capital murder just because she didn't like what Chris said. What makes this worse is that this was when Lois had become a bodybuilder, and Chris had no chance of fighting back.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was a much better character in the first seven seasons.
      • She, along with the other flanderized characters, are slightly going back to their original personalities starting with season 21 and even more so in season 22.
    2. She can still be likable and even has her original personality in some episodes, such as "Connie's Celica" and even "Better Off Meg".
    3. Her design is still good, if still attractive, and she can look pretty neat in different outfits.
    4. She still cares about her family nowadays and is there for them to help them, albeit much rarer.
    5. From time to time, she makes some good points towards her family.
    6. Alex Borstein's voice for her can still be tolerable at times, like "PeTerminator", "Back to the Pilot", and even when she is not yelling or screaming.
    7. Much like Peter, she occasionally feels remorse for her actions, like when she attempted to apologize to Joyce Kinney for her mean prank back at high school.
    8. In "Snapple Decision", she reconciled with her daughter, Meg, by taking her on a tropical vacation.
    9. The show wouldn't be the same without her.



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