Lois Griffin (Seasons 8-present)

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Lois Griffin
Gender: Female
Type: Neglectful Sex Predator
Age: 46
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Alex Borstein
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Family Guy
First Appearance: "Death Has A Shadow"

Lois Patrice Pewterschmidt-Griffin (born February 18, 1975) is the deuteragonist in the FOX animated TV series, Family Guy. Originally she was a protagonist, but as she became darker, despite being one of the protagonists, she does have several episodes where she has an antagonistic role.

She is voiced by Alex Borstein, who is well-known for her portrayal of Ms. Bonnie Swann on the hit satirical comedy show MADtv.

Why She Sucks Now

  1. She is despicably unlikable. As she has done some very distasteful things to her family and other people.
    • Whats even more jarring is the fact that just like Eugene Krabs (since Season 6 of SpongeBob SquarePants) where she is meant to be the wise one to Peter and yet does more bad things than him and gets away with them.
  2. Her voice is nasal and very annoying. While it does sometimes occur in the earlier seasons, it was not too much as her voice is still mostly tolerable most of the time.
  3. She acts like she has pure dominance over Peter's life, such as the time when she grounded Peter in Undergrounded just because he was using a credit card. Not helping is the fact that at the end of the episode when Peter is hauled from the cave, they run to each other, and what does she do? She doesn't cuddle him, she assaults him!
    • When Peter and the family are having a good time in The First No L, she storms the house and sacks it just because they were doing well without her.
  4. She has done just about as much (If not, more) stupid things as Peter. Like turning down ten million dollars from her father that could have really helped the family, and once tried to make the town give up vaccinations.
  5. She can also be very thickheaded, clueless and idiotic, like when she once stated that it's impossible for men to be sexually harass by women, gay and transgender are the exact same thing, and she when she blamed Peter when she cheated on him.
  6. With Peter, it's expected for him to be a bad parent, but with Lois, she is meant to be the wise and kind one. But ironically, she is much worse.
  7. She sometimes completely neglects and insults her children. Especially Meg.
    • She once stole money from Chris (Which Chris works hard to earn) in “Hannah Banana”. She also made Chris once sleep in the basement for no reason. And she also once chained Chris to a board of wood and forced him to remember the names of the 4 girls from Sex and the City. She also promised not to share an embarrassing photo of him and she went ahead and did it anyway.
    • She also doesn't ever help Meg. (When she is the one person that she should be able to turn to for help). In another episode, she breaks Meg's glasses when they were on her face and could have blinded her! And when Meg calls her out on her crap, she is too fragile to take it and Meg has to apologize for doing the right thing showing that Lois is a coward and that she can't take criticism very well.
    • Even Stewie (an infant) isn't safe from her. There's been times where she stated that she's "put Stewie in the oven several times" which is not only assault, but child abuse as well! Like Chris, she also stole money from him in “Dead Dog Walking”.
    • If there was any justice in Quahog, Child Protective Services would have her head for her crimes.
  8. She falls right under MacFarlane's Unfair Sex trope. Where she has little to no exposed flaws that are supposed to cause conflict that will help her grow as a character.
  9. She constantly insults and puts down other people, acting as if she's better than they are, and even mocking people for things she is equally guilty of.
    • She keeps calling Peter names, even when he doesn't deserve it.
  10. She is at her worst in "Throw it Away", where she made the rest of her family leave the house and wants to ensure the house was empty and cluttered.
  11. Her mean girl personality makes her unlikable.
    • She used to be a mean girl back when she was in high school, and bullied Joyce Kinney to the point where she holds a grudge against her.
  12. She once abused Peter by beating him with a magazine. While it was because he was doing something outright offensive it's still not right!
    • She also violently assaults Peter many times, such as when he and Chris went out to get the groceries (One of the few things Peter has done that is nice), when Peter compared her to Anne Hathaway, (Short Cuts) and when Peter was just freed from a tunnel (Undergrounded).
    • She also slaps Peter just for him not acting like Wild West in Wild Wild West when they were having sex, which is another example of her being abusive for no reason. (though this was in the dark and could have been on his bottom)
    • She also strangled him in “Dead Dog Walking” and pulls at his ear for lying in a cutaway in The Finer Strings.
  13. Her musical talents are almost never heard of in newer episodes, which is strange since that was one of her most well known traits.
  14. She is sometimes seen having sexual affairs with other guys. Worse still, some of them are underaged, such as Meg's boyfriend in "Go, Stewie, Go!" and a young Justin Bieber in "Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell". And in "The New Adventures of Old Tom" she abandons Peter to meet up and with a stranger who claims he's rich and left with him on his helicopter and presumably have sex with him afterwards as the episode ends. She even blamed Peter for cheating on him when it clearly was her fault.
  15. It can be argued that since Season 17, she has become an even worse character then Peter.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. In Seasons 1-7 Lois was a loving mother who despite her annoying moments she cared about her children and was compassionate towards her husband Peter, always being there for her family, which makes the viewers miss old Lois.
    • Her original persona can still be present and she can be likable in a few episodes such as in "Connie's Celica".
  2. Her design is still good (if attractive) and she can look pretty neat in different outfits.
  3. She still cares about her family nowadays and is there for them to help'em albeit much rarer.
  4. From time to time she has made some good points towards her family, along with her voice being tolerable at times, like PeTerminator, Back to the Pilot, and even when she is not yelling or screaming.


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