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Butt-Monkey - A terrible characteristic that is cruel to one or more characters from a certain media, and these characters get punished when the abuser should
Scrappy-Doo - A fictional Great Dane puppy that mostly existed to save the declining ratings of the original Scooby-Doo, and is such a hated character, that he even has his own trope named after him
Jeffy - A foul-mouthed puppet that makes his father's life a living hell, is extremely unfunny and caused the downfall of SML to the point of getting them demonetized later on. He nearly caused a child to commit suicide because he did it.
Tori Vega - A Nickelodeon character from a well-received sitcom who, despite her cute appearance and beautiful singing voice, is a Mary Sue who's extremely self-absorbed, egotistic and hypocritical, even though she is written as a nice girl.
Bubsy - An infamous video game mascot that talks way too much, is full of himself, has a terrible Twitter account, and exists just to cash in on the video game mascot trend of the 90s
The Teen Titans - A team that was once serious and mature in the Teen Titans 2003 TV series, but became childish and dumb in this spin-off
Caillou - The main character from a Canadian animated series and its 2016 reboot that's infamous for being spoiled and throwing tantrums all the time with little to no comeuppance, and made kids that watched his show act like him
Bloo (seasons 2-6) - A Cartoon Network character that was good for a short period of time, but was flanderized into an unlikable and greedy jerk who treats his owner, Mac, like crap
Coconut Fred - A monopathic and creepy attempt into ripping off our favorite fictional sea sponge, and is considered by his voice actor Rob Paulsen to be his absolute least favorite role
Lynn Loud Jr. - A self-centered winning-obsessed sister who treats everyone around her, including her only brother, Lincoln like crap, and is basically a horrible sister that nobody would want as a sibling
Fanboy and Chum Chum - A stupid, annoying and generic crybaby comic relief duo from a critically panned Nickelodeon series who frequently stick out their underwear in public, and were responsible for starting the downfall of Nickelodeon
Stanley - Don Bluth's worst character out of all of them who is incredibly sappy and saccharine, and never shuts up any time he's on screen.
Cool Cat - A rip-off of Barney the Dinosaur who, despite what his name says, is not cool at all, and has an incredibly grating and insufferable voice as well as being a horrible role model for young children
Norman Price - A character who started out as being a mischievous boy who would play harmless tricks on his friends but soon became a whiny brat who does horrible things for the pettiest reasons.
SwaySway and Buhdeuce - A pair of ducks from an infamous Nickelodeon show that, aside from twerking way too much, have very lazy character designs that barely look like ducks and are overly hyperactive to the point of having very little emotions
Ned Flanders - A neighbor of the Simpsons who started out as just a guy who loved going to church but soon became obsessively religious to the point where he has a trope named after him
Ren Höek- A character that was initially an antipathic psychopath in the original series, but become a complete monster and an irredeemable psychopath to the point that he ended up being one of the problems with the Adult Party Cartoon.
Bella Swan - The protagonist of the Twilight Saga who is overly immature and dependent on men, and has little-to-no character development, instead getting worse as the Twilight Saga went on
Jar Jar Binks - A Star Wars character who only exists just to pander to kids and is considered to be the worst Star Wars character, even to this day, as well as being a prime example of a Scrappy
Oscar - An egotistical fish that lied about killing a shark and always comes up with bad get-rich schemes
Flanderization - The process of giving a good character a new personality that is inferior to their old personalities and makes them unlikable
The Cat in the Hat - The movie version of the classic book character who, unlike his original self, is an unfunny and obnoxious sadist who provides loads of adult humor in a kids' movie, which makes him incredibly unfaithful to the original character
Chloe Carmichael - An egotistic Mary Sue introduced in Season 10 of The Fairly OddParents who often steals the spotlight from Timmy Turner, and aside from being a "female foil" to him, has no reason to be on the show. She even caused The Fairly OddParents to end.
Herman - A blatant rip-off of Jerry the Mouse who tortures his nemesis Katnip constantly, and is a Gary Stu who never gets comeuppance for any of his egregiously sadistic and cruel actions
SpongeBob SquarePants - The flanderized version of our favorite yellow sponge who was once an optimistic, funny and childish adult, but has become an obnoxious and unfunny troublemaker who acts like a literal man-child
Rosalina - SML's terrible version of a fantastic video game character and is often the most hated character in SML
Mr. Krabs - A character that was originally a greedy yet caring boss, but was flanderized into an even more greedy boss that cares only about himself and his money to the point where he once fired SpongeBob for a penny
Thumbelina - Don Bluth's version of Thumbelina that, unlike her book counterpart, is a very weak and whiny damsel-in-distress that cries over things that aren't a big deal at all, and is extremely immature to the point that she never acts her age, despite being a teenager
Wolfoo - A rip-off of Peppa Pig who is very whiny, bratty, spoiled and mean-spirited, treats everyone around him horribly and is also a very poor influence on children due to his horrible behavior.
Chris McLean - A once hilarious and great example of a comedic psychopath that served as the host of Total Drama, but was flanderized into a bad example of a comedic psychopath who tortures his contestants frequently
About this wiki

The Loathsome Characters Wiki is the sister wiki of the Incredible Characters Wiki. Its purpose is to serve as a wiki for characters that are not well-liked, originating from various media such as cartoons, sitcoms, live-action shows, movies, video games, and comics.

Characters are an important part of media and can usually be likable, but sometimes a team of executives can make a character that is too bland, gross, mean-spirited, lazy, annoying, and/or poorly written which can lead them to become an unlikable character, and can even play a factor in ruining the media they originate from.

You can also express your opinion on any character on this site, so feel free to do so!

Featured Article
"Because, Lois... Meg tells a story that makes you wanna blow your brains out, Stewie just sits there and Chris is always leaving his Russian mice around."

Peter Griffin is the titular main protagonist of the FOX adult animated comedy series Family Guy. He is an overweight man who is the husband of Lois Griffin, and the father of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Usually, he's depicted as being innocent and stupid; however, he is not as nice a character as some may imagine; in fact, throughout the course of the series, Peter has caused much misery for those around himself: often this is due to stupidity but there have been times when Peter has deliberately caused harm or misfortune on others to better himself, which only backfires, leaving Peter the raw end of the deal.

Peter is not alone in this respect as he is shown to have an "evil" brother known as Thaddeus Griffin, suggesting antagonism runs in his family, that explains about his son, Stewie (though in fairness, Peter does have some moments of being a caring individual, though they are rare).

He is voiced by the Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane.

While he was generally likable in the first 7 seasons, as of Season 8, he suffered an awful case of flanderization and hasn't redeemed ever since.


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