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Welcome to the Loathsome Characters Wiki!
Characters that put bad tastes in viewers' mouths.
Butt-Monkey - A terrible characteristic that is cruel to one or more characters from a certain media, and these characters get punished when the abuser should.
Scrappy-Doo - A fictional Great Dane puppy that mostly existed to save the declining ratings of Scooby-Doo, and is such a hated character, that he even has his own trope named after him.
Greg Heffley (Awesome Friendly series) - A character that's usually likable enough in his own franchise, but gets the truth about him revealed in his friend's franchise.
Jeffy - A foul-mouthed puppet that makes his father's life a living hell, is extremely unfunny and caused the downfall of SML to the point of getting them demonetized later on. He nearly caused a child to commit suicide because he did it.
Sonic.exe - An evil version of a beloved fictional hero that's nothing more than a poor attempt at being scary or edgy, and became a meme due to being ridiculous.
Caillou - A character from a Canadian animated series and its 2016 reboot that's infamous for being spoiled and throwing tantrums all the time with little to no comeuppance, and made kids that watched his show act like him.
Brainy Smurf - A character who started off as a smart Smurf who was kinda of an annoying character but still a good character, but was flanderized into a know-it-all that's overly talkative and acts like he's better than everyone else.
SwaySway and Buhdeuce - A pair of ducks from an infamous Nickelodeon show that, aside from twerking way too much, have very lazy character designs that barely look like ducks and are overly hyperactive to the point of having very little emotions.
Thumbelina - Don Bluth's version of Thumbelina that, unlike her book counterpart, is a very weak and whiny damsel-in-distress that cries over things that aren't a big deal at all, and is extremely immature to the point that she never acts her age, despite being a teenager.
The Teen Titans - A team that was once serious and mature in the old Teen Titans, but became childish and dumb in the reboot.
The most important aspect of a piece of media is the characters. Characters can be good, but sometimes, a team of executives can make a character that is terrible, boring, mean, lazy, bland, or gross, and sometimes these characters can even ruin the media they're from. This wiki explains why they suck.
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Lynn Loud Jr. - A self-centered winning-obsessed sister who treats everyone around her, including her only brother, Lincoln like crap, and is basically a horrible sister that nobody would want as a sibling.
Mr. Krabs - A character that was originally a greedy yet caring boss, but was flanderized into an even more greedy boss that cares only about himself and his money to the point where he once fired SpongeBob for a penny.
Chris McLean - A once hilarious and great example of a comedic psychopath that was flanderized into a bad example of a comedic psychopath.
Ren Höek- A character that was initially an antipathic psychopath in the original series, but become a complete monster and an irredeemable psychopath to the point that he ended up being one of the problems with the Adult Party Cartoon, and was responsible for killing off the Ren and Stimpy franchise.
Sergio (The Casagrandes) - A pet bird that's nothing more than an unsympathetic troublemaker.
Bella Swan - An immature and male depending Mary Sue protagonist of the Twilight Saga.
Bubsy - An infamous video game mascot that talks way too much, is full of himself, has a terrible Twitter account, and exists just to cash in on the video game mascot trend of the 90s.
Tokkori - A selfish, cruel, annoying, and unintelligent bird from a well-received anime series that is grouchy, has an irritating voice, and uses Kirby only to protect himself.
Dolores Umbridge - A judgmental, prejudiced and sadistic woman who became the most hated character from the Harry Potter franchise.
Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super) - The flanderized version of a beloved hero that doesn't care to protect the world and constantly abuses his power.
Buck Cluck - A father that milked his son's mistake for clout, and even before that was still a neglectful father.
Flanderization - The process of giving a good character a new personality that is inferior to their old personalities and makes them unlikable.
Thomas the Tank Engine - A well-meaning and likable tank engine that was unfortunately flanderized into a bad tank engine who has little charm.
Cool Cat - An atrociously voice-acted cat who, despite what his name says, is not cool at all, but rather lame.
Chloe Carmichael - An egotistic Mary Sue introduced in Season 10 of The Fairly OddParents who often steals the spotlight from Timmy Turner, and aside from being a "female foil" to him, has no reason to be on the show. She even caused The Fairly OddParents to end.
Abby Anderson - An unintentionally unsympathetic karma houdini from the highly polarizing game Last of Us Part II
Jar Jar Binks - A Star Wars character that exists just to pander to kids and is considered to be the worst Star Wars character, even to this day.
Gene Meh - The cringey main character of an infamous animated movie that's also a bad example of the cliche misunderstood protagonist trope.
Ned Flanders - A Simpsons character that started out as just a guy who loved going to church but soon became obsessively religious to the point where he has a trope named after him.
Bloo (seasons 2-6) - A Cartoon Network character that was good for a short period of time, but was flanderized into an unlikable and greedy jerk who treats his owner, Mac, like dirt.
Kaname Asagiri - A sadistic torturer that rips off multiple other anime characters.
The Cat in the Hat - The movie version of the classic book character who, unlike his original self, is an unfunny and obnoxious sadist who provides loads of adult humor in a kids' movie, which makes him incredibly unfaithful to the original character.
Big Tex Arkana - A stereotypical greedy money-obsessing business criminal pawnshop owner that rarely shows any respect to the townsfolk (including his son's rival).
Norman Price - A character who started out as being a mischievous boy who would play harmless tricks on his friends but soon became a whiny brat who does horrible things for the most pettiest reasons.
Moneybags - A cliché spoiled rich guy that will find any way to charge Spyro.
Oscar - An egotistical fish that lied about killing a shark and always comes up with bad get-rich schemes.
Farfour - A blatant rip-off of Mickey Mouse who enjoys promoting terrorism and manipulating children.
Coconut Fred - A monopathic and creepy attempt into ripping off our favorite fictional sea sponge, and is considered by his voice actor Rob Paulsen to be his absolute least favorite role.
Princess Elise the Third - The most hated Sonic character in existence due to dating Sonic while being a human with Sonic being an animal.
Norm (Norm of the North) - The immature protagonist from the heavily panned film who is extremely unlikable and even twerks in the film.
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Tori Vega - A DanWarp character who, despite her cute appearance and beautiful singing voice, is a Mary Sue who's quite self-absorbed, egotistic and hypocritical, and frequently gets off scot-free with her behavior.
Fanboy and Chum Chum - A stupid, annoying and generic crybaby comic relief duo from a critically panned Nickelodeon series who frequently stick out their underwear in public, and were responsible for starting the downfall of Nickelodeon.
Wild Woody - An anthropomorphic pencil who is a rip-off of Earthworm Jim, and is incredibly annoying with his loud voice to the point that it will get on your very last nerves.
Daffy Duck - A Looney Tunes character who is usually a funny mischievous screwball prankster, but underwent a horrible flanderization during the DePatie-Freleng, Format Films and Seven-Arts eras, where he became a humorless and short-tempered sadist.
Karma Houdini- A horrible characteristic where a character commits wrongdoings nonstop and gets away without any comeuppance or karma whatsoever.
SpongeBob SquarePants - The flanderized version of our favorite yellow sponge who was once an optimistic, funny and childish adult, but has become an obnoxious and unfunny troublemaker who acts like a literal man-child.
Herman - A blatant rip-off of Jerry the Mouse who tortures his nemesis Katnip constantly, and is a Gary Stu who never gets comeuppance for any of his egregiously sadistic and cruel actions.
Lord Betrayus - An overly immature villain from the 2013 Pac-Man TV series who acts like a complete man-child, and is very pusillanimous to the point of letting others do the work on his behalf.
Stanley - Don Bluth's worst character out of all of them who is incredibly sappy and saccharine, and also a coward. In addition, he never shuts up any time he's on screen, and contributes way too much filler throughout the movie.
Rosalina - SML's terrible version of a fantastic video game character and is often the most hated character in SML.
Loathsome Characters Wiki
Don Bluth's Thumbelina.png
♫Who would believe the wonder of the world I see? Each little minute brings a new surprise. There's only one peculiar thing that bothers me: Seems I'm the only one my size!♫
Gender: Female
Type: Whiny, Immensely Weak and Moronic Heroine
Age: 16 (Less than a week old by birth)
Species: Human (later a fairy)
Portrayed by: Jodi Benson
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Thumbelina

Thumbelina is the main protagonist of the 1994 Don Bluth film of the same name. She is a tiny, thumb-sized girl who wants to marry Prince Cornelius who lives in the Vale of the Fairies.


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  1. Custom headings in content articles are allowed in most cases, except for where the character is marked 'average' (the defaults 'Good Qualities' and 'Bad Qualities' should always be used). Otherwise, defaults for other pages are "Why He/She Sucks" for characters, and "Why He/She Intentionally Sucks" for characters proven to be created with the intention of being loathsome. Because we do not want to make this wiki look as if it was hosted by amateurs, you must not capitalize short prepositions, conjunctions, or articles in the custom headings, unless they are the first word of the title. For example, "Why He Deserves an "F" Now", not "Why He Deserves An "F" Now".
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  3. Vandalism is not tolerated and nets a permanent ban if done repeatedly.
  4. No unfinished pages. If you publish a page, it must be complete with all of the requirements.
    • Any page should have at least 5 detailed reasons for why the character sucks.
    • Always add an image of the character to your page.
    • Make sure your grammar is accurate when making pages.
  5. Sandboxes and blogs should not be linked to categories as they messed up the categories and likely flood them, anyone who's still doing that may be blocked for 2 weeks without a warning.
  6. Do not make hate pages of well-liked characters that you personally dislike.
  7. Don't just pick any "mean" character/villain and put them on this wiki, especially if they are well-liked by viewers. This wiki is intended for characters that are widely hated, poorly written, and just plain bad characters. Note that poorly written villains are still allowed.
  8. No characters from the Great Characters Wiki are allowed to have a page on this wiki without discussing it with other users.
  9. If a pointer you're thinking of adding is based on your personal view, especially if you're alone on it, don't add it. If you think a certain edit based on your personal view should be added, explain it to someone among the staff or ask others.
  10. Please do not add pointers just to make comparisons to other characters from other media as bad or redeeming/good qualities, unless they are characters from the same TV channel, franchise, or someone who is very similar to the character. One good comparison is Peter Griffin to Homer Simpson who are similar characters from long-running animated sitcoms.
  11. Pointers such as "This spawned the X meme(s)", "he/she/they are poorly animated", "X is rolling in their grave", "Wasted the talents of...", and "depending on your view" are forbidden due to being unoriginal and overused. Any of the said quotes will be deleted immediately.
  12. Try to be professional when writing an article. That means do not go overboard with bold writing, capital letters and red writing, or it'll easily seem like a hate page, and make sure most of the information is correct. Biased contributions to bad pages give bad impressions.
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  1. Any characters already on the Great Characters Wiki - This should be self-explanatory. Exceptions are if the page is addressing a particular bad incarnation. As the rule says, contact us if you feel a character should be switched.
  2. Minor characters with minimal screentime - Please do not add minor characters that appear for less than a couple of minutes. Exceptions can be made for those that have a bad reputation among fans. Otherwise, one-time characters are allowed if they are important to the episode or media they come from.
  3. Episode-based pages for recurring characters - A recurring character being out-of-character, flanderized, or poorly written in a couple of episodes of a show does not warrant a page on this wiki.
  4. Real-life people - This wiki is intended for fictional characters only. Exceptions are self-insert characters and fictional incarnations of real-life people.
  5. OC/fan-made characters: - Please do not create pages for fan-made works. They don't qualify for a page on this wiki, especially if they lack a personality. Such pages could also cause drama.
  6. Parody characters - Especially those based on official characters and are intended to be unlikable. Such characters are meant to be jokes and they could clog the wiki if we allow them.
  7. Horror game characters - Characters from horror games like Slenderman, Baldi's Basics, Five Nights At Freddy's, Amanda The Adventurer, etc, are not allowed since they are most likely intended to be sucky, and shouldn't be taken seriously.
  8. Any Drawn Together characters - All of the characters are not meant to be taken seriously and similar to parody characters.
  9. Any GoAnimate/Vyond or Scratch characters - We can't allow them here. No exceptions. Their personalities are very inconsistent, which would make it hard to make a page on them in the first place. They also may count as OC/fan-made characters.
  10. Any .exe characters (Sonic.exe is the only exception) - Would likely clog up the wiki and besides, they're just parodies of Sonic.exe with overall generic reasons.
  11. Misty (Pokémon) - She is well-liked by many fans and grows as a character as the anime series progresses.
  12. Lillie (Pokémon) - Despite her flaws, she's quite possibly the deepest character in the entire Sun & Moon anime.
  13. Paul (Pokémon) - He is the most well-written rival in the anime series.
  14. Hop (Pokémon) - Over and nonsensically hated continuously. On top of that, he's not actually a bad character.
  15. Wallflower Blush (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Forgotten Friendship) - Not a bad character. Despite a bit of her mixed reception, she is also a villain, and is admittedly one of the best parts of Forgotten Friendship.
  16. Blue Diamond (Steven Universe) - Just because she lacks screen time or her villainy role doesn't mean she's a bad character.
  17. Anything related to Kiddyzuzaa - Overpopulating children, and most, if not all pages based on characters are poorly written.
  18. Harem protagonists - (the only exception is Makoto Ito (School Days))
  19. Endeavor and Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia) - As the series went on, they became more tolerable so it's not needed.
  20. Dabi (My Hero Academia) - Controversial reasoning, especially if you're caught up to the manga.
  21. Gabi Braun (Attack on Titan) - Way too polarizing of a character to be on both this and Incredible Characters Wiki.
  22. Richard and Benjamin Goodman (SML) - Basically the same characters as Mr. Goodman, so making a page of them would basically be rewriting Mr. Goodman's page.
  23. Any Super Smash Bros. characters - The characters only have judgeable personalities outside Smash Bros, and their movesets aren't part of their personality.
  24. Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) - While he is egotistic, he is for the most part a great and memorable character, and was only super loathsome in Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid.
  25. Waluigi (Mario) - While not a well-developed character and has a ton of flaws, he is pretty comical and has outspoken fans.
  26. Birdo (Mario) - Has a generally positive reception despite problems with her appearance and gender identity.
  27. Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, King K. Rool, and Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country TV Series) - Compared to a lot of the characters in the cartoon adaptation of Donkey Kong Country, they are the most likable and the most entertaining.
  28. Dwayne, Jack and Chita (The Nutshack) - Dwayne and Chita are by far the only likable characters in The Nutshack. Jack on the other hand is pretty decent as well despite being annoying at times
  29. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) - Despite being unlikable at times, she's not a bad character overall.
  30. Steve and Alex (Minecraft) - They lack so much personality that they can't go on either wiki. Overall, they are too one dimensional.
  31. Any of the baby characters from Super Mario (Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby DK, Baby Daisy, etc.): Too pointless to make a page out of.
  32. Pink Gold Peach (Mario) - Also pointless to make a page out of.
  33. Any Fortnite Character - Same as the above.
  34. Minions (Despicable Me) - They are not loathsome enough to have a page on the wiki since they appear to be more than just comic reliefs in the Despicable Me film series and despite their portrayal in Minions being annoying.
  35. Ralph (Ralph Breaks the Internet) - Despite showing signs of being dumbed down in the sequel, he goes through a character arc and improves himself.
  36. Pepe le Pew (Looney Tunes) - He's not a character who promotes rape culture.
  37. Toad (Mario) - Just because the Toads themselves are annoying, does not mean that they have a page on the wiki.
  38. Rodrick Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) - Despite being a flawed character, he's by far the most normal of the cast of characters.
  39. Morgana/Mona (Persona 5) - Has a generally position reception among fans despite his annoying flaws.
  40. Cheese (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) - Same reason as Morgana/Mona.
  41. Light Yagami (Death Note) - An example of a ruthless murderous villian from anime who is also popular among viewers.
  42. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill!) - Same reason as Light Yagami.
  43. David Madsen (Life Is Strange) - Has a history of causing drama on this wiki.
  44. Wolfoo characters - Similar history of controversy like the one above (the only exceptions are Wolfoo, Lucy, Bufo, and Kat).
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