Little Guy (Greeny Phatom)

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Little Guy
GP Little Guy.png
Don’t let his catchphrase fool you! He is DEFINITELY not the king of 123 Greeny Phantom.
Gender: Male
Type: Extremely Unlikable Protagonist
Species: Human
Portrayed by: AT&T Mike
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Greeny Phatom

Little Guy is the main protagonist of a web series that originated from youtube named Greeny Phatom.

Why He's Not The King of 123 Greeny Phantom

  1. His character design is abysmal at worst and looks poorly drawn, as it's an ant-like body with a basketball-like head and stick limbs.
  2. He can be very unlikeable and mean-spirited at many times such as...
    • Little Guy shooting Doctor with a gun.
    • Injuring Dr. Beanson with a chainsaw.
    • Beating Little Guy 3 up in "CSI: Sing Along Songs with Doctor's New Foe" all because he wanted him to take off the mask which we didn't see any in the episode.
    • Destroys his computer when his Sony Vegas account got expired.
    • And worse, he's even known to have threatened one of his friend's lives!
  3. Similar to the first reason, he is also poorly animated as he's only a bunch of still images like a slideshow that are drawn in software like MS Paint (we're not kidding!). This was improved by James Sharp when he reanimated the first few episodes.
  4. He is also a manchild, due to being a spoiled brat and throwing temper tantrums just because one of his creations was destroyed as shown in the show's movie named "Greeny Phatom The Movie".
  5. He is also kind of xenophobic since he had a huge hatred for Russia mainly due to their music for unknown reasons. Even when Doctor tries to sing these songs, he would threaten to beat the living crap of him. He also mentioned that Russians should be imprisoned forever. Also he wants to attack Russian singers so that Doctor from Greeny Phatom won't see them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He can be a so bad it's good character. Depending on the viewer. It might be the same reason that he can often be hilarious due to his immature behavior.
  2. Sometimes his actions can be the best part of the show, but that's not saying by much.


  • His hatedom and the hatedom of the show itself started growing around October 2013, due to Carlos Squidarmy's rant on the show. The hatedom fully grew when SkipperthePenguin100 agreed to the rant and closed the wiki. This era was also nicknamed as the Great Greeny Purge. (yes, they used to have a Wikia/Fandom wiki).


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