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    Lincoln Loud (seasons 4 and 5)

    Lincoln Loud
    "No! What awful thing is Mrs. J gonna tell my parents?" *gasps* "It's probably about the time I called her Mom instead of Mrs. J." *gasps* "Or the time I fell asleep during the video about string." *gasps* "Or, maybe it's something so bad, I blocked it from my memory."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Self-Centered, Reckless Idiot
    Age: 11 (seasons 1-4)
    12 (seasons 5-present)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tex Hammond (S3E18b-S4E21b (TLH) + S1E4b (TC)
    Asher Bishop (S4E23a (TLH) + S213B (TC)-S6E4 (TLH)
    Wolfgang Schaeffer (ALHC + TRLH)
    Bentley Griffin ("The Loud House Super Sports Special"-"Back to School with Big Nate and The Loud House") + S3E10a-S319 (TC) + S6E4-S7E13b (TLH)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    Lucy: "Gads! Lincoln, what happened? I told you explicitly to get popcorn, Ricky's favorite."
    Lincoln: "The microwave in the teacher's lounge was on the fritz, so I got these instead."
    Lucy: "And it didn't occur to you that serving chicken at a rooster's funeral might be... inappropriate?"
    Lincoln: "Oh, 'kay, now I see it."
    — Lincoln's portrayal in "A Grave Mistake", showing just how much the new showrunner and writers butchered his character.

    Lincoln Loud is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House, its live-action counterpart The Really Loud House, and its four film adaptions, and a supporting character in its spin-off The Casagrandes. He is an 11-year-old (later 12-year-old as of the season 6 premiere "Present Danger") boy who lives in a house with his ten sisters and two parents (Rita and Lynn Sr.). With the help of his friends, he finds new ways to survive in such a large family every day.

    While he was likable in the first three seasons, he suffered flanderization and some character derailment in seasons 4 and 5.

    "Stinkcoln!" Qualities

    1. He has received huge flanderization. He went from a kindhearted child who cares for his friends and family, to a bigger and more selfish jerk than he already was. While he has been jerky sometimes in the classic era (especially in season 1), it wasn't his defining trait. But in these seasons, its taken to the extreme.
    2. His plans for the most part aren't as impressive or fun as they were in the earlier seasons. They're mainly now more self-serving and stupid.
    3. Much like Meg Griffin, he has been reduced to a clumsy butt-monkey, and while this was present in the earlier seasons (especially the first), he's now become a full-on punching bag to everyone around him, especially Chandler.
      • An example is in the "No Bus No Fuss" episode, where he and his friends are continously attacked by a trio of cruel eighth graders.
    4. His clumsiness has also been taken to a higher level:
      • In "A Grave Mistake", Lincoln serves chicken nuggets for funeral food leftovers at the funeral of a rooster.
      • In "House Flip", he and most of his sisters acted like insecure idiots throughout the whole episode. He also thought of hiding Flip in the attic to avoid letting his parents know.
    5. He has jumped quicker to conclusions:
      • In "Stall Monitor", he worries that his teacher (Mrs. Johnson) at the time had bad things to say about him, so he tries to delay his parent-teacher conference, but it turns out she had no bad things about Lincoln, meaning that he overreacted over nothing and his actions got him a week of detention and also a week of being grounded from his parents when this could've been avoided if he hadn't jumped the gun. In addition, there is no foreshadowing or build-up of what Mrs. Johnson is going to say to Lincoln's parents,
      • In "Family Bonding", he thinks his new neighbors are evil spies just because he saw them moving stuff around their house late at night, and somehow ended up being right about them in the end, which was really absurd.
    6. There are a lot of episodes where he is at his worst:
      • In "Kings of the Con" (the episode that started his flanderization), he and Clyde planned on staging a crime for them to save, which is not heroic and very villainous likely at all for a superhero themed episode and commit an act of selfishness by catnapping the Kitty to get the role, which is considered animal cruelty.
      • In the episode "Grub Snub", he and his friends make such a big deal of Leni and her friends hanging out at Gus' Games and Grub and then he and his friends try to get Leni to leave Gus' Games and Grub. In fact, during the final round of their challenge, all of them start fighting and destroying all the arcade games which cause everyone else to run away from Gus' Games and Grub and they even injure the owner of the arcade, and somehow they are allowed back in the arcade when they are supposed to be banned from the arcade since they've done much worse in the arcade and they even injured the poor owner. You think he would have learned his lesson from season 1's "Space Invader", right? Not helping by the fact that Gus getting hurt would later be brought back in "Runaway McBride" (coincidentally, both episodes are season 5 episodes, where "Runaway McBride premiered ten months after "Grub Snub") as if Katie Mattila did not learn her lesson from the fans.
      • In the infamous 2021 live-action movie A Loud House Christmas, he is at his very worst as he, alongside Clyde, sabotages his sisters and parents' plans to have the perfect Christmas ever and the rest of the Louds' plans of going to Miami and the Royal Woods' Christmas tree light ceremony. He was also played by Wolfgang Schaffer, who did a mediocre and bland job as him. He did, thankfully improve his acting in The Really Loud House.
    7. His friendships are not written well at times.
    8. In the fourth season, he barely receives any focus at all, only getting fifteen out of fifty episodes with those being the following:
    9. Much like all of the characters since season 4, while his design still looks the same, it has gotten headachingly too thin, thanks to the animation software changing from Toon Boom Harmony to Adobe Flash. While it's not a bad thing to change his design a bit, it can make his design look uncanny in a few scenes.

    "Man with the Plan!" Qualities

    1. He was better in seasons 1-3, as he wasn't as much as a jerk in those seasons and in addition, his personality improved a bit in season 5, as he isn't that jerky there and, depending on your view, fully went back to his original personality in late season 5. He also redeemed himself in The Really Loud House, video games that feature him and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.
      • He was also decent in the first few season 4 episodes. It wasn't until "Kings of the Con" that he received his flanderization.
    2. His voice is still mostly good, thanks to his voice actors (except the live-action counterpart in the Christmas movie but he did thankfully improve his acting in The Really Loud House) doing an awesome job (especially Tex Hammond and Asher Bishop, with the most notable one being the latter).
    3. Despite his jerkiness, he still loves his family and friends.
    4. He often at times has his original personality such as:
      • In the season 4 premiere, titled “Friended! with the Casagrandes," his video chat with Ronnie Anne was nice to watch.
      • He also does have well-written in some episodes of Season 5.
    5. To be fair, his selfishness is admittedly justified since he is very young and has to deal with his sometimes annoying sisters.
    6. His design is still awesome and pretty iconic, despite being too headachingly thin.
    7. Like Rigby, he's not really a bad character, just downgraded for a relatively short period of time.
      • Also like Rigby, the show wouldn't be the same without him.



    • As of season 5, he now attends Royal Woods Middle School and has special talents of his magic shows and the Action News, and would eventually turn 12 years old in the season 6 premiere "Present Danger".
      • In that same episode, according to Gus, he also shares his same birthday on the day as the Fox Quintupplets' birthday.



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