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    Lil' Rob
    Rob Dyrdek, if you are going to make a protagonist, don't make him as bland and generic as possible.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Loathsome Skateboarder
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rob Dyrdek
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wild Grinders

    Lil' Rob is the main protagonist of the obscure 2012 Nicktoons show Wild Grinders. He was born in Ketterville. He bought his first skateboard from his sister's boyfriend, the leader of the Street Rats skate crew. Lil' Rob wanted to be a Street Rat, and he practiced skateboarding every day but Lil' Rob was too young for that crew. As time passed, Lil' Rob grew into a local shredder of the streets of Ketterville and he made lots of new skate homies along the way. With his new friends, Lil' Rob started his own skate crew, the Wild Grinders.

    He was voiced by MTV star Rob Dyrdek.

    Why He Doesn't Deserve To Go Skateboarding

    1. He hides that he cares about his family as shown in the episode "Golden Grinders" where he ditches them just to get adopted by a rich family so he could be famous and get better skateboarding equipment.
      • Not only that, but he is very rude towards his friends for the most part.
      • On top of that, he makes a terrible role model for younger audiences.
    2. The only thing that Lil' Rob likes is skateboarding, which makes him a rather boring and one-dimensional character.
    3. His dialogue for the most part is laughable.
    4. His voice is annoying and wasted the talents of Rob Dyrdek.
    5. His catchphrases "Whaaaat?" and "Amazinggggggggg...." can get old and repetitive very fast.
    6. He hardly ever listens to anything his family says.
      • An example of this comes from the episode "Call of the Grinders" when his mom tells him not to go skate on top of a high mountain, but despite what his mom demands, he does it anyway.
    7. Much like all the other characters in the show, his design is just mediocre.
      • He looks too similar to Dawg from the Johnny Test episode, "Johnny Re-Animated".
      • His design even tends to replicate Phil Matibag from The Nutshack.
      • In addition, his color scheme is also similar to Mario's design.
    8. He constantly drags his friends into problems that he usually starts himself.
    9. He is also poorly animated, as he moves in stiff and robotic ways.
    10. The jokes he makes are mostly just unfunny and dull.
    11. He is basically a poor man's version of Johnny Test to the point where he makes that character from the later seasons look like Phineas Flynn in comparison.
    12. Much like Johnny Test from seasons 4-6, he is a complete crybaby as well as a spoiled wannabe character.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Deep down, he does care for his family and friends, though he just hides that from being a cruel jerk.
      • And to be fair, he also does care for his dog, Meaty.
    2. He did get some punishment at times.
    3. He used to appear in a lot of Nicktoons bumpers, which was quite nice showing that he was a popular character at the time.
    4. He is determined and outgoing for his age.
    5. Though not by much, he did improve a bit in the second season of the show.


    • He is based on Rob Dyrdek's childhood and himself as a kid.


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