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    Lighter (Object Overload)

    "YOU. DID NOT JUST. PUT. ME. ON. LOATHSOME CHARACTERS WIKI!!!" - Lighter when he finds out that he is on this wiki.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Stereotypical Killer
    Species: Zippo Lighter
    Status: Alive (Original series), Deceased (Reboot series)
    Media of origin: Object Overload

    Lighter, labeled as "The Blazing Killer" is a character from Object Overload, as well as its 2015 reboot. He is the main antagonist of the series. He likes to bully Tissue by burning him up whenever he runs into him.

    Why He Intentionally Will Be Killed Before He Kills Us

    1. Lighter is generally ruthless and mean to all the people around him, especially Tissue.
    2. His voice acting is obnoxious to listen to. Even his own voice actor hates voicing him.
    3. He can also be considered a Scrappy too. The viewers, critics, characters, and even his own creator hates him (although it's for a VERY different reason, which is voicing him).
    4. The reason why he's so unlikeable is that he is so snobbish, immature, and abusive. He is also a mean popular boy.
    5. He is nothing but a huge sadistic killer, as he takes pleasure in murdering nearly everyone. For example, he threw a knife at Melony's head, kicked Kite into an electric fence, stabbed Popcorn's back, threw Pumpkin into a tree (see WHIS#9), and always burns up Tissue. He even drives him into suicide by telling him to walk into the electric fence.
    6. His catchphrase: "YOU DID NOT JUST BUMP INTO ME!!!" is repetitive, as he always says it every time someone bumps into him.
    7. He's a massive fake friend, as he betrayed his best friend Tissue by crumpling him up just because of something minor.
    8. He's prone to overreacting, when Top Hat won the last cement block, he overreacts by getting angry and then says that he will kill Gamey, the host, and everyone in the entire world.
    9. He cannot handle criticism, when Pumpkin got upset at him for not moving out of the way he throws him at a tree causing him to break. Not to mention, that also proves that Lighter is a generic idler.
    10. He's a slight Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He is certainly meant to be hated for all of the reasons mentioned above.
    2. He got comeuppance in the reboot, as he got killed off by Picture, although he's still a bit of a Karma Houdini.
    3. He was the first to get the boot in the show.


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