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    Lexi Reed
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Popular Girl
    Age: 15-18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Stefanie Scott
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A.N.T. Farm
    First appearance: transplANTed
    Last appearance: the New York experiANTs

    Alexis Taylor "Lexi" Reed is one of the main characters and a recurring antagonist in the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm. She is most recently a student at Z-Tech Prodigy School where she is the head cheerleader and a self-described "math princess".

    Why She's Not Our Math Princess

    1. She's basically a rip-off of Jade West from Victorious, and that character herself is no better.
    2. She is a mean popular girl, as she tries to manipulate people into doing things for her and often puts them down.
    3. She often doesn't like other talented people when they are around her, and she is very protective of her popularity.
    4. She tries to sabotage people, like Abigail Timmons and Chyna, just for the sake of her popularity.
    5. She is superficial and self-centered, caring only about herself and believing that she is the only person that matters in the world.
    6. She not only looks down on the other students, she also looks down on even the teachers, which is very rude and disrespectful.
    7. She only takes great pride in herself, which causes her to overestimate her own abilities.
    8. She has a superiority complex, believing she's better than and is above everyone else.
    9. She doesn't like to be remembered for her smarts, but rather her beauty.
    10. She often acts like she doesn't know anything and like a bimbo.
    11. She cares a lot about her appearance and hates it when someone acknowledges anything about her other than that.
    12. Paisley is supposed to be her "Best Friend", but Lexi is often mean to her, uses her to do stuff for her, has stolen almost all of her boyfriends, as well as McKenna's, rarely thanks her for anything she does, and when Paisley had a broken arm, she writes a very cruel and sickening message on her cast, "Hope Infection Sets In, Love Lexi".
      • Not to mention, Lexi then pretended both of her arms were broken, just so she could beat Paisley on getting the most signatures of her casts.
      • She also often says "Shut up, Paisley!", when Paisley bugs her in someway.
    13. She can be very annoying, like when she says "You've got to be kidding me!" when surprised or upset.
    14. She makes people, including Paisley, feel miserable about themselves, and she enjoys doing it.
    15. Her portrayer, Stefanie Scott, can often make her cringe-worthy, like when she has Lexi talk in a sassy and girly tone.
    16. She can be very bossy.
    17. Her humor is weak, mean-spirited, and scatological.

    Princessy Qualities

    1. She is admittedly attractive, but don't let her attractiveness fool you.
    2. She's also often pretty smart, and only pretends to be dumb to throw everyone off.
    3. She's very good at math, as seen in season 3.
    4. She often socializes with less popular people, like Cameron and the A.N.T.s, even if she is mean to them most of the time.
    5. She does care for Paisley, Chyna, and the A.N.T.’s deep down, and is willing to help them at times.
      • It’s also shown that she could have a crush on Cameron, as seen in the episode "idANTity Crisis", she had a dream where she was attracted to Cameron.
      • In fact, she became an A.N.T. herself in season 3.
    6. She does have her likable and funny moments here and there, like in "The New York ExperiANTs", when she played Goldi-Locks in the mini play at the alley, where she continued on despite the many distractions.
    7. Unlike Jade West, she often gets her comeuppance for her bad actions and her plans usually backfire on her.
    8. She was popular when the show was on back then and has a group of fans that like her despite her flaws.
    9. She can be so bad she's good to some others.
    10. She did slightly improve in season 3, though that's not saying much since she's flawed in that season too.


    • Lexi's favorite genres of music are death metal, hardcore punk, pop country and Armenian reggae.


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