Leo (Leo the Lion, 1966-1967)

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Kimba (Birth Name)
Rune, you didn’t even try
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark-Side of Kimba/Leo
Species: White Lion
Portrayed by: Takashi Toyama (Japanese)
Enzo Caputo (English)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Leo the Lion (1966)

Leo the Lion (Born Kimba) is the main character and titular character of the 1966 anime series Leo the Lion which is a follow-up to the anime series Kimba the White Lion. He is the king of the jungle, the husband of Lea, and the father of Rune and Rukio. He is voiced by Takashi Toyama in the Japanese version and Enzo Caputo in the English version.

Sadly Kimba/Leo has gotten flanderized when he got his own spin-off series Leo the Lion.

Why He Sucked

Note: This will only focus on him in Leo The Lion from 1966-1967.

  1. His personality looks nothing more like stereotypical, psychopathic, greedy, ungrateful, he is more easier to anger and even attacks any animal who makes him angry rather than kind and caring, and behaves more like a tyrant himself! Which made Wonder Woman (from 2011 series pilot) look like a saint in comparison.
  2. He abuses his children whenever they do something wrong.
  3. Enzo Caputo does a very poor job voicing him on the English dub.
  4. He is also much more stupider than he once was.
  5. He almost KILLS Dan'l Baboon on Devil Falls after losing his temper.
  6. When his son Rune nearly falls off a branch after getting hit by his sister, he scolds his son that he didn’t even tried when it was clearly an accident.
  7. He ignores his wife's advice about being softer on their cubs while he was training them after they were born.
  8. He even ditches his son in the middle of nowhere after he was trying to escape him.
  9. He is also a hypocrite, he tells an elephant when he uses force to solve all problems that it shows other that he can run out of ideas, despite the fact that Leo himself uses force whenever he's mad at his children.
  10. He joins a blind man's side to help him kill the leopards after Lubar told him that he can have his children defend them.
  11. Some of his actions is inexplicably out of line with what was established in the first series, especially to English viewers.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was much more better and likable when he was Kimba.
  2. His design is beautiful to look at.
  3. He can be aware of how bad he is.
  4. He still means well.
  5. There will still times where he cares about his family.


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