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    Leni Loud (seasons 5 and 6a)

    Leni Loud
    "Lori, what about this pantsuit? I can't go to school until you tell me what to wear!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Wannabe Idiotic Comic-Relief
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Liliana Mumy (series)
    Dora Dolphin (ALHC)
    Eva Carlton (TRLH)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House
    First appearance: Left in the Dark

    Leni Loud is one of the titular main characters of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House. She is the second older sister of Lincoln, is currently in 12th grade, and is the second sibling to sleep by herself after Lincoln since Lori moved to Royal Woods University. While she was tolerable for the most part in seasons 1-4, she received flanderization in season 5, but became more likable in season 6. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy.

    "OMGosh!" Qualities

    1. Like Lincoln, she also suffered from flanderization. But unlike him, she went from a compassionate teen to an even dumber person. Now granted, Leni was the airhead of the show, but she wasn't that stupid in the earlier seasons, not even to the point of being very dumb to the point it's not even mostly funny anymore. Sound similar?
    2. In the season 5 premiere "Schooled!", she acts like she lost all of her IQ, as she confused high school with preschool. This is considered not just the stupidest moment she has done in season 5 but in the entire series. It does not help that this would later be put back in "Appetite for Destruction" as a callback as if the writers didn't learn their lesson from "Schooled!" and the fans.
    3. She has become even more irresponsible in season 5 as well.
      • She mostly has clumsy/accident-prone moments and is a true butt-monkey in the series due to her ditziness.
      • Example in one of worst episode ideas in season 5, "Dream a Lily Dream", where she along with Lincoln, Lynn, Lola, and Lisa are going to stop Lily's nightmares. When they also face the tentacle beast in the bathroom, it grabs Lincoln, and his sisters do nothing to save him, Lola also even idiotically claims him for volunteering. When they are also gonna get rid of it with the teddy bear, they use and treat their only brother like canon fodder and do nothing to help him. This shows very easily that the producers and writers had also nothing learned of Lincoln's torture from seasons 1-2 and 4. They also put his sisters to act as total jerks towards their only brother which they were in the first two seasons, and just because they trying too hard to be like Chris Savino, who under his hands treated Lincoln like this. (This was also during Lincoln and Lola's flanderizations.)
    4. In "Electshunned", she tried to run for mayor of Royal Woods despite the fact she's a minor and not even a politician. Thankfully, she quit in the end, redeemed herself, and was nice.
    5. What makes it worse is that in season 4, she started to get a little smarter in that season, which was pretty good character development. In season 5, it is almost all thrown away but got it back in season 6.
    6. Her voice in the A Loud House Christmas, its 2021 holiday rerun special A Loud House Holiday Party, and its 2022 holiday rerun special A Loud House Christmas: Plussed Up Edition, Dora Dolphin, shockingly sounds nothing like her original actress. In The Really Loud House, there is a possibility that she will be replaced, which was eventually confirmed to be true, where she is replaced by Eva Carlton, who does a wonderfully great job playing her and sounds close to Liliana Mumy.
    7. Similar to Lincoln, she has jumped quicker to conclusions at times:
      • In "Time Trap!", she and the rest of her siblings break their parents' wedding vase that was a gift, and at Rita and Lynn Sr.'s wedding, they act stupid and they don't get rid of the vase, where they then wreck the wedding by telling the people there what to do, and not focusing on their plan instead. In addition, as a result of this, she fades away (which also happens to Lori Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lola, and Lana, all because of a broken vase, of which Lynn points that out. In the end, Lisa fixes everything before the kids disappear forever and Leni and all of the Loud siblings come back, where their parents come home and ground them because of this, they tell them that they want to live for as long as they can, they hug their parents, and Lisa sees and figures out in horror that the picture of Rita and Lynn Sr.'s wedding has Lily in it now.
      • In "Crashed Course" (the season 6A finale in terms of airing order), she and the rest of the siblings go to Fairway University to sabotage Lori's college life. Also sound awfully familiar? In addition, she and her siblings make Lori fail one of her college tests, and get no consequences at the end, making them karma houdinis. Lori does also forgive them, however, similar to "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "Don't You Fore-get About Me".

    "Totes!" Qualities

    1. She was better in seasons 1-4, and as mentioned above in the description and OMGosh#5, she improved a bit in season 6a, as she isn't as dumb there, similar to Lincoln Loud improving himself a bit in season 5. She also thankfully redeemed herself in season 6b, as she didn't do anything really stupid, especially by the time she got her driver's license.
    2. She still has her original personality in several episodes, such as in "The Boss Maybe" and the end of "Electshunned".
      • In "Schooled!", she shows Lily her preschool pictures. Later, she is shown bouncing at the preschool, telling her parents that she will go to high school after five more bounces.
    3. At least she still cares for her friends and still has nice relationships with his family, especially Lincoln.
    4. Like modern Lincoln, she still has her fair share of funny moments and funny dumb moments, despite OMG#1.
    5. She still has a likeness for designing outfits and accessories to go with them, making them look pretty, much like the first four seasons.
    6. She finally got her driver's license and was able to drive Vanzilla completely in "Driver's Dread" after she passed her driving test.
    7. Liliana Mumy still does a wonderful job voicing her.
      • Her design is still cute and beautiful.
    8. She's still very likable and is the nicest out of the family, and to be fair, it was mostly her intelligence that was flanderized, not her personality.
      • That being said, she’s not bad, just flawed.
    9. The show wouldn't be the same without her.


    • Starting in season 5, she is now in 12th grade.
      • Since in the season 6 episode "Driver's Dread", she finally got her driver's license and was able to drive Vanzilla completely after she passed her driving test.


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