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    Lena Luthor (DC Super Hero Girls, 2019)

    Lena Luthor (DC Super Hero Girls)
    "There she is Mom! See? Told you she stole my stuff."
    — Lex Luthor
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled Brat
    Age: 8
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Cassandra Lee Morris
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: DC Super Hero Girls

    Lutessa "Lena" Luthor is a recurring villain in the second generation of the DC Superhero Girls franchise, where she serves as the main antagonist of the four-part episode "Sweet Justice". She is voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

    Why She Intentionally Will Never Make Children Rule Metropolis

    1. First off, she is a huge spoiled brat who throws a huge tantrum whenever she doesn't get her way.
    2. She has absolutely no respect for teenagers whatsoever, as she sees them all as dumb.
    3. Her plans are literally dumb and pointless, as she states that children will rule Metropolis once she traps all teenagers in her VR world, tailor made.
      • Even Supergirl straight up said that her plan is literally the dumbest plan she ever heard.
      • Plus, even if her plan did work, children are just gonna grow up to be teenagers and adults anyway.
    4. Her temper tantrums, and sometimes her voice, can get on your nerves very quickly.
    5. In fact, when Supergirl said that her plan was literally the dumbest plan she ever heard, Lena crudely said to Supergirl that she's the dumbest plan she's ever heard! What a brat.
    6. Unlike the DC Super Hero and Villain Girls, she hardly have many comedic or tolerable moments, or any redeeming qualities.
    7. She refuses to accept the consequences and her defeat, as seen near the end of #SweetJustice Part 4 when Lex and Lena's mother demands Lena to get in the car right now, she flat out refuses by saying "You can't make me!" Thus causing them to drag her into the car, to which she unnecessarily throws a violent temper tantrum kicking around inside the car.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is kind of cute.
    2. Cassandra Lee Morris at least does a good job voicing her, despite what WSIWNMCRM#4 says and that fact that she's more annoying than Morris’ other character, Morgana/Mona from Persona 5.
    3. Because of the huge spoiled brat that she is, it is clear that the DC Super Hero Girls version of Lena Luthor is made to be hated.
    4. Lena Luthor can be really hilarious at times for some people, despite WSIS'tMCRM#6.
    5. She rightfully got punished by her parents as they dragged her into the car for hacking Lex's VR simulator despite WSIS'tMCRM#7.


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