Lemmings (Norm of the North)

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The Lemmings
You thought the Minions were annoying? Well, you haven't seen THESE guys!
Gender: Male
Type: Obnoxiously Unfunny Sidekicks
Species: Arctic Lemmings
Portrayed by: Nicolas Atlan
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Norm of the North

The Lemmings are the best friends, companions, and sidekicks of Norm and major protagonists in the 2016 animated box office bomb, Norm of the North and its sequels. They are portrayed by Nicolas Atlan.

Why They Deserve to Be Crushed

  1. Out of all the annoying and pointless characters in the film, they are considered the most annoying and the worst characters in the Norm of the North film series, even worse than the titular character himself.
  2. Much like Jar Jar Binks, they're written for no other reason than to be useless comic reliefs.
  3. They are extremely disgusting and are constantly used for toilet humor. In fact, their portrayals as a trio of “comic reliefs” make them have nothing more than toilet and gross-out humor.
  4. Each time they’re on-screen, they do something unfunny, annoying, gross, or just downright obnoxious. Here are examples of this:
    • In the first film, they infamously urinate in a fish tank for thirty full seconds. Even worse, they never got punished whatsoever, giving them an invite to the Karma Houdini trope.
    • Their flatulating gag jokes are cringe-worthy, tasteless, and childish.
  5. They’re obviously complete rip-offs of Dee Dee, Joey and Marky from Oggy and the Cockroaches, the Rabbids from the Raving Rabbids franchise, The Blues from Angry Birds and especially the Minions from the Despicable Me franchise, but they lack all of the charm and likability of these characters mentioned above. They are less funny and a whole lot more annoying than them somehow.
  6. Their designs are misleading as they look more like guinea pigs or hamsters instead of actual lemmings, partly due to the film’s bad animation. They also look ugly as well.
  7. Their purpose of existence, aside from being comic-reliefs, is to be another one of these filler characters.
  8. They all do not have a clear personality outside of being quote on quote "funny" and are supposedly Norm's loyal sidekicks.
  9. They disobey others' commands, like when Norm told the Lemmings not to go to New York with him in the second movie, but they go anyway.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It's actually impressive to see them not die, showing strong durability like them surviving from being stomped, squished, electrocuted, or smashed by any object.


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