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    Lee Kanker
    "That better not be fighting over some narcissist like me I'm hearing in there!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Yandere Bully
    Age: 12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Janyse Jaud
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ed, Edd, n Eddy
    First appearance: Nagged to Ed
    Last appearance: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

    Lee Kanker is the oldest and leader of the Kanker sisters, and the main antagonist of Ed, Edd, n Eddy. She is in love with Eddy, although he doesn't return her feelings.

    She was voiced by Janyse Jaud, who also did the voice of Sarah.


    Lee seems to be the leader of the Kankers. Despite this leadership role, her sisters aren't exactly blind followers, and so quite often there are scraps for leadership among the Kankers, as evidenced by their various arguments. However, Lee doesn't have a problem with this as she enjoys the brawls, and this may even help her out in two ways; the fights both establish her authority and keep her sisters in good physical shape for whenever they might need to go out and establish power.

    Even though Lee loves fighting, her style is quite pragmatic, especially when she is teamed up with her sisters. This is most evident in "Out with the Old, in with the Ed", where she backs off and lets her sisters fight over the tater tots in order to listen to Edd's proposal. Although that's the most obvious example, there are plenty of other examples, such as in "Know it All Ed", when she and her sisters let the Eds exhaust all their ammo before moving in for the kill.

    If she is willing to back off and let her sisters do the fighting sometimes, though, she is quite often more willing to be the first one in, as was demonstrated in "Run for your Ed". This fighting spirit has caused some problems with the kids, but Lee doesn't seem to care. If she did care, she obviously wouldn't have undertaken such an effort as The Destruction of Rethink Avenue. This is more overt in the movie, where she and her sisters capture most of the kids in order to help their "boyfriends".

    Lee does not seem to be motivated solely by her love for her boyfriend, however, as she is (like her sisters) willing to steal his hard-earned (or rather, hard-scammed) money whenever the feeling takes her. In fact, she is very good at this, as her plans vary from completely wrecking Eddy's schemes ("Over Your Ed") to providing a simple pocket-picking ("Know it All Ed"). Despite this, she does seem to genuinely love Eddy, as in both her first appearance and her last, she is shown to deeply care for the one she terms her boyfriend. She may be faking some of their relationship, however, as when she was pursued in "A Twist of Ed" she was shown to not be quite ready to deal with such a thing. Not only that, but as "Don't Rain on My Ed" shows, it's not so much that she needs a specific Ed as much as she needs just an Ed, as she was willing to share Edd with her sisters. However, by "May I have This Ed?", she seems to have some problems with Marie "borrowing" her boyfriend to get back at someone, so she may very well have gotten to a point where she refuses to share Eddy with either of her sisters.

    Like her sisters, Lee seems to be really possessive of her looks. Her pride actually seems to be her hair, as evidenced by her comments towards it in "Quick Shot Ed", "Look Into My Eds", and "Home Cooked Eds". This makes sense, as her hair is probably her most remarkable feature. It always covers her eyes, which have only been seen on five occasions. In the first, "Who, What, Where, Ed", she briefly exposed one of her eyes when telling a "man" at the trailer that her mother wasn't home. In the second, "A Fistful of Ed", both eyes were shown as she screamed in pain from a book dropped on her foot, as well as in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo where she was bitten by Eddy on the leg during a scuffle (third) and then kicked upside the head by May shortly afterward (fourth). But in the movie, she was shown with three, which may have been an intentional goof.

    Why She's Intentionally the Worst Girl for Eddy

    1. While May is the nicest of the three sisters and Marie is the most physically attractive, Lee is the meanest and ugliest. She has multiple yellow teeth and even a blue tooth, presumably either covered in cavities or rotted away from tooth decay. Her androgynous name and appearance even make it look like she could be mistaken for a boy if she wore less feminine clothing.
      • It's even revealed in "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show" that she has three eyes (this could be an animation error, but still), which is completely creepy and makes her look like an alien instead of a real human being.
    2. Her voice, while not terrible, sounds deep, nasal, and grating.
    3. She called Nazz a "hussy" in "May I Have This Ed?”, which is completely inappropriate for a kids show.
    4. She tends to bully her sisters around.
      • She also tends to start the most fights between the three, and she and Marie both tend to pick on May. In "Ed Overboard", for example, they both ruin May's hairstyle for fun, causing her to cry.
    5. She attempts to give Sarah a wet willy in the movie, which is completely disgusting, even if the latter deserved it.
    6. She and her sisters constantly torment the Eds, either bullying them or forcefully kissing them, which is sexual harassment.
    7. She and her sisters hardly ever face karma for their actions, thus making them Karma Houdinis. They are pretty much the invincible antagonists who always show up to ruin things for the Eds.
    8. Despite her claim that she cares for Eddy, she constantly bullies, humiliates, and straight up assaults him. "Look Into My Eds", for example, ends with her stealing the hypnosis wheel and hypnotizing the Eds into being dogs for her and her sisters; to be fair, Eddy was trying to hypnotize everyone first.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. While ugly, she looks pretty compared to the show's true villain.
    2. Like Sarah, she is clearly meant to be hated due to her bullying tendencies and being the main anti-villain of the show.
    3. She does care for her sisters, despite how she treats them most of the time.
      • In the Valentine's Day special, she and Marie both got very protective when they thought that Edd had somehow hypnotized May or something. She and Marie also kidnapped Ed and presented him to May as an apology for messing up her hair. Granted, kidnapping Ed was still bad, but it shows they were remorseful.
    4. At least she and her sisters were genuinely appalled like everyone else by the way Eddy's brother treats him horribly. Although this was kind of hypocritical since Lee also abuses the Ed’s, and other kids and sometimes her own sisters.
    5. At the end of the movie, she and the rest of the Kanker sisters got to finish off and seduce Eddy’s brother after the latter was taken down.
    6. She along with her sisters sometimes get their comeuppance:
      • “Nagged to Ed” (In the end, the Eds were able to escape from their clutches)
      • "Dawn of the Eds” (They got scared away by Ed.)
      • "Momma's Little Ed" (Ed trapped their heads in a measuring cup.)
      • "For the Ed, By the Ed” (They got pummeled by Plank.)
      • "A Twist of Ed” (Ed and Edd used reverse psychology to make the Kankers fear them by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Their plan was going smoothly until the end when the Kankers were able to volley back because Eddy choked.
      • “An Ed is Born” (Ed and Edd swiped Eddy away from the Kankers and were able to get away them.)
      • The Mis-Edventures level "Pin the Tail on the Ed" (They were attacked by Edd's slingshot and retreated from Jimmy's party they crashed.)
      • The Mis-Edventures level "Ed-Zilla" (They got attacked by Ed in his Ed-Zilla persona, who saw them as a Ghidora-esque three headed monster.)
      • "Tight End Ed” (Ed tumbled toward the Kankers and knocked them out)
      • "A Fistful of Ed" (In the beginning, Edd accidentally hurt Lee’s leg. At the end, Eddy, standing up for Edd, yelled at the Kankers telling them to go away, and so they did.)
      • "May I Have This Ed?” (They got caught in Rolf’s pufferfish costume with everyone else at the dance.)
    7. Despite what WSITWGFE#2 says and unlike Sarah, Janyse Jaud did do a good job voicing Lee.


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