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    Leader Caterpie (Starter Squad)

    Leader Caterpie (Starter Squad)
    Pablo probably didn't want the war to happen, especially the other actions shown here.
    Gender: Unknown (Possibly Male)
    Type: Control freak, who brainwashes people
    Species: Caterpie
    Portrayed by: Jill Harris
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Starter Squad
    First appearance: Episode 4: The Caterpie Ambush
    Last appearance: Episode 9: The Lizard Slayer (Main Appearance)
    Episode 10: The Legend of Blue Shell Man Guy (Flashbacks)

    Leader Caterpie is the main antagonist of Starter Squad that first appeared in Episode 4.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite trying to act all tough, all he really does is use other people to do the fights for him Especially for the war in Episode 10, where Squirtle and Whiskers were forced to fight in, in which they later lost.
    2. He broke his deal with Squirtle in Episode 9, by stabbing Charmander with the piece of wood killing him.
    3. He brainwashed Squirtle to do orders for him, resulting in Squirtle being forced to be in the war, and killing Leonard (After Whiskers refused to do so) for desertion during the war.
    4. Because of his actions in Episode 9 and Pre-10, it resulted in Squirtle not evolving and having PTSD, Whiskers losing a friend, the war starting, and various Caterpie soldiers dying.
    5. Despite Squirtle being right, he doesn't listen to him and instead does the wrong thing.

    Good Qualities

    1. Jill Harris does a great job voicing the character.
    2. He gets a taste of his own medicine, when they lose the war. Losing everything in the process.
    3. In Episode 4, he did have a point for the reason why he wanted Charmander dead. As Charmander killed Pablo (In which revealed to be his brother) while cheating in a Pokémon battle in Episode 2.


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