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La Chilindrina (also known as Chiquinha) is one of the main characters in the Mexican live-action series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Maria Antonieta de las Nieves. The character had a small role in the original 1974-1992 live-action series, however, she was excluded in the 2006 animated series, being replaced by Ñoño. The character is known as the best friend of the main protagonist El Chavo and also the daughter of Don Ramón, she is characterized by being a short girl who wears glasses, pigtails and also by being mischievous and troublemaker.

Why She Sucks

  1. She is responsible for causing most of the problems that occur in the village, usually manipulating El Chavo to do things that she would not risk doing, such as: stealing food from Doña Clotilde.
  2. She is also responsible for encouraging El Chavo to beat Quico most of the times (since both she and El Chavo hate Quico) and also supports their fight.
  3. Her antics with El Chavo most of the time result in her father receiving the punishment from Doña Florinda who always slaps Don Ramón (believing that Don Ramón was to blame), who in turn takes revenge on El Chavo by giving him a punch on the head (believing that El Chavo was to blame). Chilindrina almost never receives karma for it.
  4. She shows hatred towards Paty, mainly because she feels jealous when El Chavo is in love with her. She usually bullies Paty for that.
  5. Chilindrina almost always takes advantage of the stupidity of both El Chavo and Quico to make fun of them.
  6. She often throws a tantrum to get money from her father and buy sweets.
  7. Sometimes she is very whiny, which makes her annoying.
  8. She often tells lies, especially when she wants to defend herself, claiming that she will tell her father things that "such a person" did not do against her.
  9. She proves to be a bad influence for El Chavo, usually putting him in trouble.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She does not always behave in a rude and naughty way. On several occasions she has shown a great deal of care and love for El Chavo and her father, as well as showing friendship with Quico at times.
  2. She is one of the most memorable and loved characters among El Chavo del Ocho fans, being as popular as El Chavo, Quico and Don Ramón.
  3. The moments when she receives karma are satisfactory.
  4. Her design is considered iconic so much that many fans easily compare any female character with glasses and pigtails with her. The character was also responsible for popularizing big lollipops.
  5. Her trademark crying is also considered iconic and many fans find it funny.
  6. In 1994, La Chilindrina became the protagonist of a short-lived spin-off series known as Aquí Está la Chilindrina. Although the series was short-lived (due to disputes between Chespirito and Maria Antonieta for the rights of the character) the series became popular enough to have reruns until 2002. The series is also considered more popular than the 1980s Quico spin-off series.
  7. Her absence from the animated series has become one of the main reasons why many fans hated the animated series. Her absence resulted in the flandering of two great characters: Don Ramón and Ñoño.


  • The reason La Chilindrina doesn't appear in El Chavo Animado was because in the 90s, during the production of Aquí Está la Chilindrina, Chespirito (the creator and main actor of El Chavo del Ocho) got into a dispute against Maria Antonieta de las Nieves for the rights of the character. Maria Antonieta ended up gaining the rights to the character which led to the character being removed in every new production related to El Chavo del Ocho after the 90s.


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