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    LaCienega Boulevardez
    Gender: Female
    Type: Narcissistic "Popular" Girl
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Alisa Reyes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Proud Family
    The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

    LaCienega Boulevardez is Penny Proud's arch-rival turned frenemy of Latin descent. She is beautiful, wealthy, and has been voted by her peers as the most popular girl in school voiced by Alisa Reyes in The Proud Family and its reboot.

    Why She Isn't Cute

    1. To start things off, she is written as a stereotypical spoiled mean rich girl.
    2. She had no real reason to have a rivalry with Penny in the first episode as she didn't do anything to LaCienega.
    3. Hypocrisyː In "Rumors", she started a bad rumor about Penny for not being invited to her party, but at that point she didn't even like Penny, so it makes no sense why she would be mad.
      • This happened again in "The Party", when Penny excluded LaCienega from her party again, only this time LaCienega threw another party in her house, only for it to backfire on her.
    4. In "Bring it On", Penny saves LaCienega from a trap made by the Gross Sisters, but she doesn't even thank her.
    5. In "Forbidden Date", she gets stuck with a rotund boy named Carlos, who she then gives to Penny and steals her date.
    6. She did not support Penny once in "She's Got Game" when Penny is shown to be great at football, and she's nowhere to be seen in Penny's big game.
    7. It has been revealed in Louder and Prouder that her cousin LaBrea bullied her when they were younger. The problem is that it sounds forced as LaBrea is introduced in the reboot & not once mentioned in the original series, on top of that it makes both girls out to be in the wrong.
    8. Speaking of Louder and Prouder, she tried to flat out steal Penny's Boyfriend; even Dijonay called her out on it, but she didn't care.
    9. In the same show she along with the rest of the friend group, except Penny, ganged up on Zoey because a celebrity liked her. Only after Zoey apologized did she apologize and even then, she gave a half-assed apology.
    10. She was at her worst in "Twins to Teens", where she and everyone else treated Penny like dog water when BeBe and CeCe turned into teens, so she doesn't care about Penny at the end of the day.
    11. Her crying is very annoying to hear.
    12. She broke Michael's heart by canceling her date with him because she was embarrassed to be seen with him when he was being teased, which is a jerk move because she should've stood up for him.
    13. In the first episode of the reboot, she got hit with acne and hair when everyone else laughed. Penny was the only one who cared, only for LaCienega to insult her not once, but twice throughout the episode.
    14. Even though there's an explanation for LaCienega's behavior it is very hard to sympathize with her as it seems she was a jerk from the very beginning.
    15. She has shown to be a gaslighter as she fooled Trudy into thinking she was a very sweet girl. To be fair, though, Trudy shouldn't have believed LaCienega over her daughter.
    16. In "Tiger Whisperer", when LaCienega is with her mom she straight up put handcuffs on Penny. She doesn't have a reason for it either, which can come off as racist.
    17. She had no problem kicking Penny off L.P.D.Z. when she went through a voice change.
    18. Despite her supposedly "liking" Penny deep down her actions heavily contradict that.
    19. It's been noted that Dijonay brings LaCienega the same problems she does to Penny, but one could argue LaCienega is no better than Dijonay as a friend, as she will still ditch others if it means getting what she wants.
    20. Even if she's capable of being a good friend, she is generally an unlikable person.
    21. In her takeover, she danced Penny and lied to Oscar that she was sad and took off with obligations. Also, her takeover sequence was very awful, disturbing, and annoying to the point that she ruined everything.

    Popular Qualities

    1. She might have glaring personality flaws, but she does have a good heart deep down.
    2. She did reconcile with LaBrea, so she is capable of forgiving others.
    3. Like Dijonay, she does be a good friend to Penny at times, despite WSIC#20.
    4. Alisa Reyes does do a great job voicing LaCienega, despite her annoying crying.
    5. She does get comeuppance for her actions, so she isn't a Karma Houdini.


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