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    Behold, one of the worst bullies in animation history.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Selfish Bully
    Species: Letter
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Alphabet Lore
    First appearance: L | Alphabet Lore
    Last appearance: Now I Know My ABC's

    L is a character from Alphabet Lore and it's sequel Number Lore, and the 12th letter of the alphabet. He is one of the 6 characters that were not used to make any words.

    Why He's Loathsome

    1. For starters, he was the one who bullied F when he was lowercase meaning he was responsible for the deaths in the series, and not F. In fact, he and O are the ones who started it all. He didn't even have a reason to bully F and N, he just did it for pure fun (and revenge when they did a harmless "fart" prank to get him back).
    2. His design is rather ugly and mediocre; the shade of green is unappealing, and his chin just makes him look bad.
    3. He and O have been peer-pressuring N since he met F when they were lowercase; they humiliated the latter by forcing him to spell the word "Frick", making the other letters cast him out, and in spite of being the main reason of F's rampage, they always get away with it. Not to mention, L is the worst between the two, as he kept treating N harshly in his uppercase form, despite the fact that the three belong to the same superhero crew.
      • Unless everyone was distracted by F, the worst part, is that almost none of the other letters even notices their mistreatment against N.
    4. His voice is rather unsettling, and can get on your last nerve.
    5. He got little-to-no comeuppance for his horrible actions, though he deserved it most out of any group member (see below), making him a Karma Houdini.
      • In fact, while he did tried, F never even killed or injured him, like he did to P.
    6. In "3", he aggressively throws the numbers' calculator ship at F's cave, knowing F is inside. Even the other letters thought he was going too far.
    7. It is never explained why he hates F or any of the other letters, as the flashback starts with him and O harassing N, leaving a plot hole. Could be revealed later on, however.

    Likeable Qualities

    1. Sometimes, he can be a little bit funny.
    2. Him and O are starting to get some comeuppance starting with "3", where they got attacked by 2 and ran over by the BIKE, with F laughing at their humiliation.
    3. He is at least heroic and saved some letters from F’s wrath.
    4. In "4" J, E, R and K stood up to him and called him a JERK by spelling it.
    5. F punished him by shoving him into 1's calculator. He tried to escape, but his gem froze him in place. So he did at least get punished for his actions


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