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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Mentions of brutality, sexual assault, and potential rape.

    Kyler Park (Cobra Kai)
    "What girl would ever wanna kiss this &$#@?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic High School Bully
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joe Seo
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cobra Kai

    Kyler Park is a recurring antagonist of the martial arts television series. Cobra Kai, which was the direct sequel to the original Karate Kid trilogy and it's two standalone spin-off films (The Next Karate Kid, and 2010 film of the same name). He was introduced as a high school bully who constantly targeted Miguel Diaz, Eli Moskowitz, and Demitri whom he sees them as unpopular losers and weaklings until the former learned karate and stood up for himself. He would later join Cobra Kai under the formerly retired founder of that dojo, John Kreese in the second season and his friend, Terry Silver in the fourth season, as his wrestling skills make him an above-average student.

    Why He Intentionally Deserves No Mercy

    1. The main problem with Kyler is that he is a spoiled rich brat of a bully who comes across as rude, immature, reckless, cruel, and egotistical who only cares about being the center of attention around high school no matter what it takes including beat up and harass unpopular students (like his favorite target, Miguel Diaz), making him an unsympathetic antagonist, a laughing hooligan, and a one-dimensional Mean Popular Boy.
      • He is also one of the worst characters in this show as he's done horrible things to Miguel and others.
        • His motivation over bullying people is never implied in the show and it is probably due to his parents being strict. This was even mentioned that his father would defecate his mouth if he doesn't pass other exams (including mentioning trigonometry), indicating that Kyler's parents were selfless people who wanted their son to be a perfectionist and rebel against their authority. That is a possible reasoning why Kyler sees his bullying victims as weak, unpopular losers.
          • The fact is, Asian parents are known to be strict and demanding considering their children are insecure to forced into performing well in school in a manner of perfection.
    2. He always tries to play the victim - After he and his gang fight against former Cobra Kai student, Johnny Lawrence while harassing and beating up his classmate, Miguel Diaz for spilling Pepto Bismol outside from the mini mall, he tells Daniel LaRusso that he and his friends were attacked from Johnny and mistaking him for being some homeless-looking guy. Also, he even hides of his harassment of Miguel which left Daniel puzzled and makes him a karma houdini for that.
    3. He is outright very disrespectful to older adults including Johnny Lawrence, whom Kyler would mock him if he tries to defend Miguel from him.
    4. He is indeed unapologetic and does not after Miguel fights him back at lunch.
    5. Since his role in the first season, his fighting skills used to consist of yanking people’s hair, pushing, and just put things on to someone, unlike Daniel, Johnny, Kreese, Silver and the rest of the Cobra Kai students.
    6. His dialogue is mostly incredibly painful and will most likely get on your nerves and mostly always say "loser" or constantly swearing.
    7. Similar to Peter Griffin (Family Guy) and Eugene Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants), he constantly bullies people he considers to be weak and even being sore losers only for his own gain and satisfaction. Examples include...
      • Spilling Pepto Bismol all over Miguel just for exposing them unintentionally.
      • Throwing Demitri's backpack in the trash (resulting in it being covered in yogurt).
      • Making fun of Miguel of how much he is a sore loser at the library.
      • Beating up Miguel during Halloween night.
      • Spreading lies about Samantha to tarnish her reputation.
      • Helping Cobra Kai cut off Eli's mohawk.
      • Throwing Miguel to the pool to keep him out of trouble.
    8. His gesture to Miguel while with Samantha in the School Cafeteria may come across as cringe-worthy.
    9. He is sexist, only dating Samantha LaRusso for sexual desires. Examples include:
      1. He lustfully wants to desire the love for her (possibly wanting to marry her for the sensual fun of it).
      2. Attempting to have sex at the Halloween Party possibly without Sam's consent.
      3. Attempting to GROPE her at the movie theater. Samantha instantly noticed and fended off his assault.
    10. Despite being unlikeable, he gets more screentime in season 1, 3 and 4, while having absolutely no character development at all other being a mean-spirited jerk.
    11. Since being a bully, he comes off as just being "muhahaha I'm trying to ruin everyone's lives and they all suck", whenever he targets other people.
    12. His evil awkward smiling and smirking will get you on last nerve whenever he encounters Miguel or else.
    13. He treats his gang horribly like when his second-in-command, Brucks, gets beaten by Hawk, and doesn't defend him, just to justified that action.
    14. He never even learns his lesson whatsoever until season 5 (sort of, when he was one of the students to turned against Terry Silver at the end of the season).

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. After being beaten by Miguel in the cafeteria fight, he becomes scared of Miguel or any Cobra Kai student, showing that he is better off a coward on the inside for what he treated Miguel and he no longer torments him every day at school.
    2. His fighting skills have improved in season 3-4 thanks to John Kreese and Terry Silver's training.
    3. His characterization is slightly improved in season 3-4 as he becomes more confident fighting opponents who are equally strong as him or stronger, like Miguel or Eli.
    4. His fight sequences with Miguel are enjoyable to watch even in the aforementioned cafeteria fight and the LaRusso household.
    5. He is meant to be hated, no question.
    6. In season 4, he gets his comeuppance again for helping Cobra Kai cut off Eli's mohawk. He is later beaten by Eli in the All Valley Tournament for that.


    • In the fourth season, his last name is revealed to be Park.


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