Krista (The Edge of Seventeen)

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Krista (The Edge of Seventeen)
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"I dunnoooo....I dunnooo...I don't - I swear I don't even know what happened I don't even know was... I don't know...I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry..............................Are you okay?"
What do you think, bitch? You just slept with her brother and also, best friend fucking your sibling is a personal violation by most people's standards.
Gender: Female
Type: The fake friend
Age: 17
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Haley Lu Richardson
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Edge of Seventeen

Krista is a fictional character appearing in the 2016 film The Edge of Seventeen.

She is portrayed by Haley Lu Richardson.


At first, Krista comes off as kind, supportive, and funny. But as the movie progresses, she becomes selfish, vain, and a fake friend altogether.

Why She Sucks

  1. Krista is a shit friend. Krista and Nadine were supposed to have been each other's best and only friends for 10 years, having gotten each other through all sorts of personal crises.
  2. Krista knew exactly how insecure and self-hating Nadine was, and knew that her mother, very selfish and vain in her own right (and of course also mentally ill, but still unnecessarily self-absorbed), always made it clear that she liked her brother better, and how that made Nadine feel about herself.
  3. And then Krista goes and sleeps with Nadine's brother while Nadine is drunk and passed out. Nadine is understandably upset, but she knows that Krista is all she has, and then Krista tries to make friends so Nadine does try to go along with it.
  4. Then she asks Nadine to third-wheel with her and Nadine's brother at a party. Nadine feels lonely and left out, and then Krista abandons her to hang with the popular crowd
  5. Nadine gives her an ultimatum. She can choose between her or her brother. Her friend of ten years, or a guy she just met the other day. Instead of speaking up immediately, and saying that she wants to stay friends with Nadine, she thinks about it, as if it's a choice between a long-lost lover, or a friend.
  6. The sickest part out of all of this is that Krista knew she was the only thing keeping Nadine together. She clearly knew what all of this would do to Nadine.
  7. What makes her such a shitty friend is that she should have honestly taken the punches and been the bigger person and made an actual effort to make up with Nadine afterward.
  8. Instead all we get to see is her socializing with her new friends and not giving a shit. She probably was sad that they were having that fight, but obviously not sad enough to do anything about it.
  9. After that fight she should have made sure to spend plenty of time with Nadine and make up with her. But she had to jump right into the proverbial bed of all his friends, and not just continue with her own life.
  10. She could've been the bridge between Nadine and her brother from the very start.
  11. She didn't look like she cared about Nadine even for a minute. All she cared about was how she found this guy and suddenly Nadine did not matter to her at all. She threw her out of the picture.
  12. She would shamelessly still come over to Nadine's place after all this.
  13. She spent her whole life being with Nadine, in her room, being her friend. Now next moment she's with her brother giving two hoots about how Nadine would feel.
  14. Her brother, the selfish guy just took away one thing that kept Nadine sane. Krista found new friends so she just stopped being friends with Nadine.
  15. She's an opportunist. She did what was convenient for her. What seemed to be getting her more popularity. She's an excuse for a friend.
  16. The movie is essentially about how Nadine feels alone and being seventeen years old, she starts falling into all sorts of traps...but all of this could have been avoided if Krista hadn't ditched her.
  17. Nadine finally realizes that she doesn't need Krista as a friend anymore and tells her that they're done. Surprisingly, Krista seems relieved that it's over because now that means she can keep dating Darian, a guy she literally just met the day before.
  18. When Nadine gets better, the two of them have a short conversation before Nadine leaves to do something important. She tells Darian she misses her as if it just occurred to her that there was something like a friendship in her life, that she dumped in the trash for a guy.
  19. And what a disturbing thing to say! Is that even a way to react when you realize your best friend is gone forever because you decided to sleep with someone who was a stranger to you?
  20. She gives one heck of an apology after Nadine catches her sleeping with Darian:
    • "I dunnoooo....I dunnooo...I don't - I swear I don't even know what happened I don't even know was...I don't know...I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry.......................Are you okay?"

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can see her at least trying to make an effort to apologize at first.
  2. Krista was played extremely well by Haley.
  3. In a way, Nadine was her own worst enemy and was overly confrontational with just about everyone on every matter.
  4. Krista knew this and supported her as a foundation for their whole lives but now the one time she wants to do something for herself, and tries to invite Nadine to be a part of that, Nadine flips out and turns the whole situation into something about her.
  5. Some people think that Krista was in an unnecessarily uncomfortable position and Krista chose the route that didn't compromise her happiness just to make her self-destructive friend happy.
  6. Edge of Seventeen is a very emotional movie, especially after seeing what Nadine had to go through. To be fair, she was the one who made a lot of the bad choices, and technically it might not have been Krista's fault altogether.



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