Kotaro Shimura (My Hero Academia)

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Kotaro Shimura
Kotaro Shimura.png
"Do you really want to know what heroes are?! They're people who hurt their own families... only to help complete strangers." - Kotaro to his son Tomura Shigaraki (then Tenko Shimura) in Chapter 235
Gender: Male
Type: Asshole father
Age: 32
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: My Hero Academia

Kotaro Shimura is a minor, yet pivotal posthumous antagonist in My Hero Academia. He was the son of Pro Hero Nana Shimura and the father of Tenko Shimura.

Fueled by his bitterness towards heroes because of his mother giving him up, he abused his family harshly for even mentioning them, which was one of the factors that led to his son to become the villain now known as Tomura Shigaraki.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's a horrible father to Tenko (who's now known as Tomura Shigaraki), as he's always seen abusing him whenever he hears the word "Hero".
  2. He's a major hypocrite, as he hates his mother for hurting her own family through heroism, yet ends up doing the same thing to his own through his strict rules.
    • Not to mention for someone who wanted a happy family, he screwed it up because he couldn't let go of his grudge with his mom.
  3. He referred to Nana Shimura (his own mother) as a demon who threw away her own child, just because she choose hero work over protecting raising him (for his own safety).
  4. His actions not only made Tenko hate Shimura, as well as the rest of his family for their inaction, but also caused friction between him and his wife, daughter, and in-laws. Result: Tenko kills them all.
  5. Ironically enough, he treats his Tenko like shit, yet from his childhood, he seemed like a relatively happy and normal child, who had a close relationship with his mother.
  6. When he sees his son's quirk rampaging out of control, the first thing he does to try and stop him is hitting Tenko. It doesn't work out too well for him.
  7. His actions are not only the reasons why Tenko became a villain, but had he been encouraged to love and been given acceptance in his household instead of fear, Tenko may have never been scarred emotionally and would have grown up decent and good. Instead, Shimura ends up getting his entire family killed, leaving his broken son alone, with no one to protect him from the manipulations of an even bigger monster - all for one.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Kotaro desperately apologizes to Tenko, after he had awaken his quirk and accidentally killed all of the other members of his family (including his dog), and begs him to stop, but it's too little, too late; an enraged Tenko loses it and kills him, not just for this last cruel action but for all the abuse he inflicted upon him.
  2. He did have a point about Nana leaving him.
  3. His design is passable like everyone else.
  4. Yuya Tajima did a great job voicing him.


  • Kotaro shares multiple similarities with Kota Izumi:
    1. Both have black hair.
    2. Both hated their relatives for leaving them behind and their sake of being heroes. However, both of them expressed their remorse after understanding the meaning of heroes.
    3. Both are connected to the League of Villains, Kotaro with his mother killed by All For One and his son would become the next leader of the League, Kota with his parents killed by future member Muscular.
    4. Both of their first names starts with "Kota".
    5. Though the difference is while Kota gets better under Deku's influence and moves on from his grief, Kotaro had no one to inspire him and only further descends into his own sorrow. Tragically, Kotaro's hatred for heroism ends up getting him and the rest of his family killed.
  • Kotaro's favorite things were stated to be his wife, his parents-in-laws and his two children.


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