Kirby (Kirby Squeak Squad)

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Kirby (Kirby Squeak Squad)


Oh God Kirby! What did Flagship do to you?!
Gender: Male
Type: The petty, tantrum-throwing side of Kirby
Species: Kirby (Species)
Portrayed by: Makiko Ohmoto
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Kirby Squeak Squad

Kirby (カービィ, Kābī in Japan) is the titular character and the main protagonist of his own eponymous video gaming series by Nintendo. He’s normally lovable in the series, but in Kirby Squeak Squad, he was badly flanderized.

Why He Sucked (literally)

NOTE: This is only focusing on the Kirby Squeak Squad interpretation of him, since Kirby himself is generally a likable character.

  1. Kirby is way too mindless and ruthless to be a likable protagonist in this game, going as far as to cause Dark Nebula to be freed from his chest prison.
  2. He is much more of a bland and basic version of himself as a hero, where he comes out with no personality and character development. He still has his traditional inhale powers and copy abilities and nothing else to say about him aside from being ruthless when it comes to food.
  3. His new abilities are either mediocre or flat-out blasphemy to use, whether if you may like those abilities or not, probably the most infamous one is the Metal ability; it turns him into metal as he moves and flies way too slow. It's basically just a Melee Kirby's version of the fan-favorite Stone Ability.
  4. Like most of his other games, he can easily lose his ability any time he's hit, and the player character has to chase the Ability Star to get the ability back, which is hard as it constantly bounces around and might fall into a bottomless pit if there is one.
  5. He does not get any comeuppance for his unheroic actions, making him a Karma Houdini.
  6. He was the real reason why the story was in a nutshell, all because of him going on a rampage because his slice of cake was stolen. The first thing he does is jump to a very dumb conclusion that it was King Dedede who did it, like how he always does, In which he mindlessly beats up King Dedede in his own castle. Because of this, King Dedede's treasure chests were also stolen from the Squeak Squad.
    • Even after it was revealed that King Dedede had nothing to do with the whole predicament, he was just standing there like a statue when everything happened until he was picked up by King Dedede and thrown at the Squeak Squad, so he basically just wanted to get his cake back and nothing else as his main motive.
  7. Even though Meta Knight was aware that the main antagonist, Dark Nebula, was in his chest prison, Kirby framed Meta Knight for stealing his cake to the point where he mindlessly beats him up in his own Halberd.
  8. At the end of the game, despite his goal of getting his cake back and was also bribed into getting Dedede's treasure back, he stupidly unleashes darkness upon his world twice, so the day was saved purely out of dumb luck aside from the Squeak Squad giving up on invading Kirby's world as Kirby was still thinking about the cake the whole time.
  9. When Dark Nebula was released, instead of rushing to save the world again, he was more concerned over his cake.
  10. While not confirmed and pretty much non-canon, he may be a murderer. In an image in the Boss Rush subgame, Kirby can be seen, alongside the bosses, who have their eyes X'd, which looks like he actually killed them all.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even when he showed a ruthless side at the beginning of the story, he still takes down the Squeak Squad, thus redeeming himself by fixing the problem that happened.
  2. After Squeak Squad, he became as nice and lovable as ever again, with his ignorance being toned down.
  3. He undoubtedly has a bit of charm with the outfits he wears like the Animal ability, making him look very adorable.
    • With that said, most of his abilities are useful (like the Bubble ability for example) and sometimes fun to use.
  4. Like in Kirby's Avalanche/Kirby's Ghost Trap, his mistreatment of others didn't make the game any less fun.
  5. YouTubers TAKirbystar and Nintendude428 are working on making him into a more likeable character.


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