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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Crude, tasteless and kinky concepts are discussed on the following page

    King Star King
    Unhand Snow White evil bunny for i'am King....
    Gender: Male
    Type: Grotesque Pervert
    Species: Demigod
    Portrayed by: Tommy Blacha
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: King Star King

    King Star King is the main titular character of Adult Swim's 2014 flash animated short-lived series of the same name. He is a tall, blond muscular man who serves as a fry cook in a run-down waffle house. He is voiced by Tommy Blacha.

    Why He Won't Return to Heavens

    1. His design is absolutely hideous, grotesque, and ugly. It basically looks like a warped version of He-Man's design. Special mention goes to his face, where his teeth look incredibly crooked.
      • In fact, his character design looks worse when he gets distorted with random, gory, and exaggerated druggy shape shifts to his design.
    2. His name is very bland, lazy, and laughable. Besides, who on earth would name someone "King Star King"? It sounds more like a dumb nickname he gave himself than an actual name.
    3. He has the maturity of an irrational teenager, meaning that he can't take criticism.
      • In the episode "Chunkles and Smear", he and his friends first laugh at a poop joke, but he and his friends take insult his waffle butter being described as "worse than diarrhea", which makes King swallow a huge pill that makes him strong enough to lift the whole restaurant, breaking it in half and lifting it so people can fall. This means he has a sadistic side to his lunacy.
    4. Because of being an extremely mindless lunatic, he has done lots of gross and disgusting things like taking his bones out of his body, seeing his love interest Snow White naked, taking a dump in a giant tornado, making his eyes gauche out in the shape of hearts, eating a cake with a stick of dynamite on it, eating garbage that fills up to his cranium (making a repulsive bulging look on his head) which then goes to his body that makes him morbidly obese, and the list goes on.
    5. He slowly starts to become more of a passive sadomasochist in a way that gets too trippy and bizarre. All of this shows how anything painful, unhealthy, or druggy that happens to him, comes off as something completely enjoyable, refreshing, and stimulating to him, as he treats the pain he receives as something pleasurable instead of feeling any agony and whatnot, making him masochistic. Examples of these include:
      • He summons galactic, royal enhancements and sortileges, his "wacky" drug-induced abilities cause some random side effects to his head (i.e., through the eye socket and his cranium splitting in half before fixing it) as a way to get bullets out of his body (all of which doesn't show any sign of actual pain and whatnot),
      • Laughing it off when the faces of his friends magically pop out of his eye sockets and head without questioning it or freaking out,
      • And finally, when he pulls spiky objects out of his head and sniffs a bloody/gory section of his body back to his head, he doesn't sense or respond to any pain he actually has, he then drinks a supposedly acholic drink with the shape of a triangle, he then inhales a possible drug vase and starts dancing like it's all ok, making him a senseless party animal.
    6. On top of that, he is extremely perverted and infatuated before and after his mind got erased, to the point it makes him look extremely kinky.
      • He humps the air after pulling two spiky points from the ears of a creature he defeated and faces it in front of his legs like he has two dongs, and he breaks through his love interest's door as his eyes gauche out into hearts when he sees Princess Snow White naked in a bathtub.
      • In the episode "Springtime in the Gigantiverse", he opens his entire solar plexus to keep women inside of him, which makes them stick their arms gauge out of his body. This looks like a disturbing fetish that only degenerates would make a dream come true.
    7. His voice sounds horrid and forced. When you hear his voice lines more closely, it actually sounds more like he's drunk or something than an actual normal-sounding voice.
    8. When someone named Hank was in pain, he hastily thought to spawn a wizard who puts Hank's soul in a pancake mascot when the guy wanted to be healed, as his actual body fades into ashes and Hank complains. King ignores that fact over the princess.
      • After Hank nearly died from the bear the wizard spawned, he shows no concern over the guy who was being chewed and refers to the man as Hank Waffle.
      • He even forces Hank to come along on the trippy adventure by flying into the cosmos on impulse. Meaning that he doesn't listen that much to others.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite looking grotesque, his design looks pretty stylish for Adult Swim standards.
    2. He got his comeuppance in the series finale, where he got sucked into Kwa Kwa City, resulting in his death.
    3. His voice did get slightly better in the later episodes, as it sounded less annoying than before.


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