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    King Pig
    Smoothcheeks? More like brown cheeks after he keeps eating.
    Type: Lazy Butt-monkey for a "King"
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Pig
    Portrayed by: Baker Terry (Angry Birds on the Run)
    Status: Angry Birds
    Media of origin: Angry Birds franchise

    King Pig (known as King Smoothcheeks) is the main antagonist of The Angry Birds series. He is the leader of the Bad Piggies.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He is a big lazy bum in the comics, as he's not even willing to WALK.
    2. He looks too cluelessly stupid to be a king and should've been replaced by another more responsible pig with the title of "King", which means he's both an Idiot Houdini and a Butt-Monkey at the same time.
    3. He is shown that he's a huge punching bag to the birds, including Red, which makes him too much of a butt-monkey for a "villain".
    4. He always cries like a baby when he fell off the throne in "Sneezy Does It", which makes him really childish and whiny.
    5. He is always defeated by the birds throughout every boss level, though he somewhat deserves it. But it doesn't make him menacing and threatening, and more of an incompetent victim that the Birds win over all the time.
    6. Despite being inept, he's pretty bossy and manipulative towards his own pig army, given how much he commands his pigs to steal the bird's eggs, which always failed.
    7. For whatever reason, he's the only one allowed to eat eggs in the Pig Kingdom and he doesn't think to give any of the eggs to other pigs that ever did help him get him the eggs the King wanted, which makes him self-centered and greedy.
    8. He's shown to be somewhat annoyed just because someone has an extra pair of limbs being the arms and legs and considered it illegal in the Angry Birds Transformers comics, which is out of character and overall outrageous considering that most Angry Bird characters don't have limbs (with the exception of the Angry Birds movie).
    9. He's also the reason for his alternate universal counterpart Gale, who is much worse than him, to even exist in Angry Birds: Stella.

    Good Qualities

    1. He can be humorous and funny at times, especially when he faces defeat in an cartoonish fashion.
    2. He's well designed for Angry Birds standards.
    3. His movie persona, King Leonard Mudbeard, was quite superior and a lot more likable (despite the slight inconsistence, as "Leonard Mudbeard" is also his father's name).
    4. He does care for Prince Porky (his son in Angry Birds Epic).
    5. In Angry Birds Epic, he had now became allies with Red and his flock at the game's ending.
    6. He is a bit more tridimensional in both Angry Birds Toons and the Bad Piggies game, since he's shown to like to eat more things other than eggs (e.g. Cake).
    7. The Angry Birds series would definitely not be as good as it is without him and he's one of the most iconic villains of all time.
    8. He teams up with Red in Angry Birds Transformers to fight against the Eggbots and the other Pigbots who were the result of the cyberforming corruption on Piggy Island from the Eggspark, similar to how Megatron teamed up with Optimus Prime in some of the Transformers media such as Transformers G1 and Transformers Prime.
    9. Despite being the reason why Gale exists, he is nowhere near as bad as her as he does care about his home despite his atrocities.


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