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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: This series contains graphic sexual content, including and especially rape and sexual slavery, most often done by this character who is the main one. Viewer discretion advised.

    "The weaker Keyaru no longer exists. I have been reborn. My name is Keyarga. I will. redo my life how I want it. I am strongest healer."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rapist, Misogynist, Hypocrite, Menace, Mass Murderer, Scapegoat, Obsessive Liar, Anti-Hero, Unheroic Vengeful Boy, Slave Master.
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Redo of Healer

    Keyaru (ケヤル), also known as Keyaruga (ケヤルガ) is a fictional character in the Japanese anime series Redo of Healer, serving as the primary protagonist of the series.


    Keyaru was a chosen hero who's class was "Healer", commonly seen as the weakest class of all, leading to him being exploited and tortured for four years. He eventually uses his "healing" power to rewind time those four years and take revenge on those who abused him.

    Why He Can (Intentionally?) Never Redo or Heal Himself

    1. He is easily the most evil person in the entire series, and he's the main character. You could say he's meant to be an anti-hero, but the series treats his character and his actions as if they're perfectly acceptable and that he deserves to be pitied, even though neither case is true.
      • Even so, he is just another "unheroic vengeful boy".
    2. Instead of just fighting back against the people who betrayed him, he chooses to rape them, which is much worse in literally every way and makes him a complete hypocrite and just a horribly deplorable person, and once again, the series expects us to feel sympathy for him and follow his example, meaning the series as a whole straight-up glorifies rape, even disturbing shows like Oz at least didn't try to make you feel like such an act was acceptable in any way.
      • He also does it after he's gone back in time, meaning that it was before they would betray him or even do much of anything, which makes him all the more deplorable. Sure, there was the foreknowledge of what they would do, but he could've done different things to prevent that and maybe even leave them or try to expose their corruption instead, but he does nothing different because he wants to do these horrible things, once again, making him even worse.
      • His first victim, Flare, for instance, never raped him, making him even more hypocritical. Sure, she abused him and let her soldiers rape him, but this act alone makes him outright chaotic evil.
        • Also, keep in mind, this is BEFORE most of that.
        • He threatens to assault her with a hot metal poker, essentially forcing her to beg him to rape her to avoid that. This moment is incredibly depraved and makes an already controversial and tasteless scene that much worse.
      • Even other characters who probably suffered much worse than him never became rapists, such as Tobias Beecher in Oz, who was brutally assaulted and enslaved by Schillinger, and while he became a brutal survivalist, he didn't take revenge on Schillinger by raping his son or any of that, and also tries to give him his comeuppance through life in prison, which is much more effective. Also, the rapist, Schillinger, is meant to be an evil villain rather than an example of any sort to follow. Even plenty of real people who suffered worse than him never resorted to the kinds of things he did.
      • Even plenty of other evil protagonists in anime are handled much better than him, with a more recent example being Adonis in Kingdoms of Ruin, who may be a mass murderer, but he also has a pretty good reason as someone he loved (and who practically saved his life) was murdered in an act of evil while onlookers encouraged this and he was then experimented on for 10 years. And even then, despite being the main character, he's meant to be a villainous one and still doesn't do worse than most of the actual villains. There's also Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord, who at least does some good, though he also does a lot of bad, but is meant to be a villainous character and not an example to follow.
      • His companions are complete blind idiots who constantly say he's a good person and constantly defend him against other people who know better even though he flat out tells them his heinous plans.
    3. He also kills a lot of innocent people who literally did nothing to him, and even outright considers murdering an entire village of innocent people with an infection, once again, for literally no reason, making him an absolute menace.
      • Kratos from the original God of War series also killed a lot of innocent people, but in his case, they were often in the way of his goal for revenge, whereas Keyaru/Keyarga does it for literally no reason whatsoever.
    4. He is an utter Karma Houdini of perhaps the worst kind. Even plenty of other series that have similarly evil characters at least have the decency to punish said characters for their deplorable actions, especially if they're the main character, that makes it that much more interesting and rewarding for the audience. Keyaru, on the other hand, gets no sort of comeuppance for his actions at any real point, which further reinforces the accusation of flat out glorifying rape through this character.
      • The closest he gets to any sort of comeuppance is when his village is destroyed and a childhood friend is killed, but he barely even seems to care, and he could just rewind time again to save her, but never does.
    5. He is unbelievably overpowered and has no relatability whatsoever, he just starts the series with this insane amount of power that he recently got. He's also able to easily obtain major powers like drug and poison resistance by doing them excessively, which in any game (yes, because this is pretty much like a JRPG) would kill you first.
    6. His main powers are also horribly explained, he's about to "heal" someone and steal their life, which at least makes some sort of sense, but then he can change someone's appearance completely and cause someone else to explode. What does he heal to cause all that?
    7. He is an absolute misogynist who rapes women constantly, even turning one enemy into a woman just to that end. He also pretty much only has his companions (who, btw, are all women) as sex objects, just to constantly have sex with them, often without their consent.
      • While he doesn't explicitly rape Setsuna, his actions are very much along those lines as he basically promises her a great deal of rewards by having sex with him, then fondles her without her consent at complete random.
      • He also removes Flare's personality and replaces it with Freya, only to make her his sex slave rather than even try to make her a better person, and also manipulates her and Kureha to that end constantly.
      • He does the same with another person he raped, making her think she's his sister...who's also sexually obsessed with him. Do we even need to reiterate how that's problematic?
    8. His character design is extremely lazy, as he looks like a generic teenage boy you could find in most other anime.
    9. This character and the series lead to the infamous "revenge rape" phenomenon on the internet, where many people would claim his actions were acceptable or even that they would do the same. Think about how that sounds for more than two seconds, they're saying that they would literally rape and kill innocent people if they did the same thing? Once again, consider there are some people who suffered far worse than him in real life but didn't end up becoming anything like him.
    10. Overall, he's just an evil, poorly written, and unrelatable character who somehow also manages to be as cliche as they come. He's pretty much the equivalent of a serial killer who gets away with far too much.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The people he goes against undoubtedly deserve punishment, not just because of what they did to him, but to many other people as well, even if he goes about it in the complete wrong way.
      • His initial punishment for Flare, breaking all her fingers only to then heal them and break them again, is pretty satisfying. If it stopped there rather than progressing to the heinous things he'd end up doing, it would be much easier to justify his actions rather than coming across as a monster yourself with the "revenge rape" phenomenon.
    2. If the whole rape aspect was removed, it honestly would probably make him an actually decently interesting evil protagonist, and also make him much less unlikeable. Also, having the will to punish him for it, though that's a different subject
    3. His Japanese voice actor does a decent job in his performance.
    4. The idea of killing or destroying through "healing" is very interesting, even if it's poorly explained.
    5. As mentioned before, there's much better examples of evil protagonists in and out of anime.


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