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    Kevin and was the unseen "main antagonist" of the Fred series and been revealed in the 3 films and TV sticom of the same name. He is introduced as the title character’s bully and also Judy's boyfriend (which Fred had a crush on). He is portrayed by Jake Weary in the Fred: The Movie trilogy, Fred: The Show, and It's Fred!.

    Why He Should Intentionally Smell His Fart

    1. Despite being the "main antagonist" of the Fred series, Kevin is arguably the absolute worst character in the series who has a pleasure on bullying unpopular students including his favorite target Fred for whatever he's doing or causing trouble.
      • He is quite rather a bland villain who is forgettable
    2. He's a rip off of Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story, and Kevin from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, right down to having the same name, bully persona, and headwear choices of the latter character.
    3. He has tormented Fred for years as a kid since Halloween and it fully kicked in during Fred goes swimming when he humiliated Fred in front of Judy.
    4. He is by far one of the worst characters throughout the 3 films and the TV show as he does things like:
      • Tying Fred up to throw things at him.
      • Trying to throw water at him during Halloween as a kid.
      • Pulling pranks at him.
    5. He never stops bullying Fred at all and never learns his lesson.
    6. It was said that he and Fred were childhood friends, but we don't know much of how Kevin became a bully. This also causes a big plot hole in the Nickelodeon Fred continuity.
    7. He seems to care about himself with his friends rather than his mother and sister, Thalia, whom he had no relationships with them.
    8. He feels more like a self-insert fanfic villain since Fred is a YouTube video personality.
    9. Despite this, he tries way too hard to make him the "main villain" of the series.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He has been better off being humiliated for what he did to Fred like being frightened by Fred dressed as a vampire and pretend he died along with getting his clothes off so that the audience can laugh at him during camp.
    2. He has a few funny moments here and there.
    3. He did get his comeuppance in the first movie when Judy breaks up with him in favor of Fred, and in the third movie when, as mentioned above, he gets humiliated after his plan to ruin Fred's camp's performance failed.
    4. He is a genuine good singer.
    5. He was clearly supposed to be a hated as such, given that he's the "main antagonist" of the series (particularly the Fred Nickelodeon series/movies and its own web animated series).
    6. He's not as bad as the Nickelodeon Fred.


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