Kensuke Mochida

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Kensuke Mochida
No wonder this incompetent middle school kendo captain would do something wrong to "No-Good" Tsuna.
Gender: Male
Type: Generic Mean-Spirited Jerk
Unlikable Disciplinarian
Age: 14
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Toshinobu Iida
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Reborn

Kensuke Mochida is a minor antagonist along with the first antagonist of the manga series Reborn!. He is the captain of the Namimori Kendo Club, and has shown to be an arrogant student unlike the fellow delinquent and Disciplinary Committee President of Namimori Middle, Kyoya Hibari. Kensuke has a chauvinistic attitude towards female students along with being presumably Kyoko Sasogawa's boyfriend. Mochida was also Tsuna Sawada's first opponent during his first day and encounter with the baby hitman, Reborn.

Why He Sucks

  1. The main problem with him is that he is a self-centered brat after a rampaging Tsuna pushed him up to the sky to the ground, and tries to punish him for his troubles in a kendo challenge, making him a strict teenager with high standards in his mind.
  2. Just like Kyler from Cobra Kai, he constantly disciplines and punishes people as the center of attention no matter it takes, making his actions very unsympathetic and being a cliched mean popular boy.
  3. He is very uncaring for students like Tsuna who are sore losers and weaklings for his own gain and satisfaction.
  4. His antics get old very quickly in his only appearance, and we don't learn about his motivations whatsoever, and is forgotten.
  5. He is much more like an aggressive generic delinquent and a real jerk that the Disciplinary Committee President of Namimori Middle, Kyoya Hibari should have become.
  6. He is also a generically self-entitled and egotistical disciplinarian, showing absolutely no respect to those who accidentally attack him. As he acts they did it with malicious intent when they really didn't.
  7. He threatens Tsuna, who attacked him outside of school, by challenging him in a kendo match just for thinking that he was harming Kyoko into running away, so this will make him proud of it.
  8. He barely even apologizes for his behavior to Tsuna or Kyoko.
  9. He treats Tsuna disrespectfully and never cares about his low-esteemed behavior.
  10. He has no reason to treat Tsuna, poorly due to his poor esteem skills.
  11. He is said to have a chauvinistic attitude towards female students at school.
  12. He is very mean-spirited and narcissistic, he behaves and thinks he's better than anyone else.
  13. He is rubbish who only exists to be the first antagonist of the series, and served no purpose to the greater narrative of the story.
  14. He never learns about his disciplining behavior after the kendo match with Tsuna.
  15. He barely gets any screen time in his only appearance and is forgotten.
  16. He has no personality or character development he is only here in one larger role appearance and is never seen again.
  17. His design is mediocre, as he looks more like a college student than an actual 14-years old.
  18. For being an "antagonist", we barely know anything about Mochida himself, but is somewhat just a selfish boy who shows no respect to Tsuna and the students for absolutely no reason.
  19. Similar to other antagonists from the Daily Life arc, he is quite forgettable, unrelatable, uninteresting, and unlikeable.
  20. In the pilot chapter, he threatened to have Tsuna tied up in order to prevent him from cheating on his exams (but he seems to never do that), which is unrealistic, obnoxious, and juvenile in the real world.
  21. His hairstyle looks like he came from a rejected prototype version of Toma Kamijo from A Certainly Magical Index with a similar hairstyle.
  22. HYPOCRISY: He thinks those who attack him deserved to be forced into a kendo challenge as punishment and to teach them a lesson for their troubles. But Kensuke himself doesn't follow what he preaches.
    1. In the pilot chapter, he thinks students who cheat in their exams deserved to be tied up with ropes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He only appears in 2 episodes.
  2. Tsuna was able to beat him in a kendo match along with succeeding in the class test from the pilot chapter, thus Mochida will never harm him again.
  3. Despite acting much like a delinquent, Mochida is better off as a coward, unlike Tsuna, who is much more sympathetic and likable than Kensuke.
  4. He is the epitome of how NOT to discipline people who attack him by accident.


Kensuke in the hospital.
  • In the anime version, Tsuna discovers Kensuke breathing in a hospital bedroom.
  • In the Kokuyo arc, Mochida is likely a poor fighter who only does kendo with a wooden training stick, when he was beaten by the Kokuyo gang led by Mukuro Rokudo and led him to be hospitalized.
  • He and Yamamoto carry around their weapons in similar cylindrical bags.
  • Mochida's voice actor is Toshinobu Ida, who also voices Mukuro Rokudo, leader of the Kukuyo gang and the mist guardian of the Vongola Famiglia.
  • Mochida is the first one who battled the Dying Will Mode Tsuna.
  • Mochida has the same birthday as Superbia Squalo.
  • He is the first antagonist to appear in the series.
  • He is said that in the future that Kensuke will become an associate or a member of the Vongola Famiglia.


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