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    Ken Lavender is a recurring character in the infamously hated British cartoon series Full English.

    Kenton "Ken" Lavender is the egotistical aging lothario, self-mademillionaire owner of Sweet Lavender confectionery company, as well as the father of Wendy Johnson. He's lived a full and exciting life and doesn't care who he screws over on his way to the top. He loves his daughter dearly but despises her hapless husband, Edgar.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He treats Edgar as a punching bag victim of his own business and treats him unfairly.
    2. In one episode, he sent Edgar to a mental home by using a motor helicopter to piss him off.
    3. He is massively a completely unapologetic hypocrite.
    4. He never even apologizes, nor does he do anything to make things up to Edgar, and he gets away with his mishaps scot-free. Plus, he doesn't get his comeuppance and punishments either.
    5. He has a terrible, intolerable, half-assed, and spiteful personality.
    6. In the same episode where he got Edgar sent to a mental home, he flat-out wanted to kill every mentally disabled and mentally challenged person who was in the mental home without even a reason! That is just too far! Even by Britain's standards.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite his talent being wasted on this embarrassingly bad character, Oliver Maltman id a pretty good job voicing him.
    2. His design is tolerable.


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