Keisuke Naoto

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Keisuke Naoto
Screenshot 2021-07-27 020301.png
Gender: Male
Type: Obsessed pop star fan
Age: 25
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Yuya Asato
Status: Deceased (original timeline)
Alive (New Timeline)
Media of origin: Magical Girl Site

Keisuke Naoto is a recurring character of the psychological horror magical girl manga/anime, Magical Girl Site. He is the store cashier and the Pop star fan of Nijimi Anazawa who secretly works for the loan sharks of Nijimi Anazawa's family.

Why He Sucks

  1. For starters, he is introduced as a creepily obsessed fanboy (or a Japanese sasaeng) of pop star Nijimi Anazawa, as he only existed so that the series will add more male characters and not introduced a lot of females, but makes him a filler character.
  2. The main problem with him is that he doesn't even do anything to the story or the Magical Girl Site (website) itself when he gets additional screen time.
  3. He is a very unnecessary addition to the series and has no purpose other than being filler to the greater narrative of the story.
  4. According to Aya's brother, Kaname, thinks of Keisuke as "an epitome of trashiness" who is "quite naive, lazy, and aggressive".
  5. He's a stereotypical fanboy of a Pop star idol, Nijimi Anazawa. But, he is obsessed with her, making him nearly a pedophile and sasaeng since Nijimi is 14 years old.
  6. Similar to Aya, Keisuke comes across as a sore loser with his life practically revolving around falling in love with Nijimi. But, when he realized Nijimi took a break as a pop singer, Keisuke fainted and cried, only for him to be driven to suicide because of that incident, and Kaname saved him. But making him a crybaby unlike Aya does not make him as a courageous man.
  7. He was even naive due to wanting to be friends with Kaname even though there were signs of him hiding his true nature.
  8. He is much of a lazy store cashier since he doesn't bother to work hard to pay back his debts with the loan sharks of Nijimi's family.
  9. He is also very disrespectful to a renter while he is watching Dog Play live shows.
  10. Like Kaname, He is shown to be aggressive when someone interrupted him while he was watching Nijimi's Dog Play stage despite he hasn’t made any crimes until he used a knife to kill Kaname for loving Nijimi. Also, Keisuke is unaware that Nijimi has a vengeful angry personality when he dies.
  11. He serves no purpose to the greater narrative to the story, but only exists to give Kaname the tension of his "stress-relieving" and becoming a “god”.
  12. He even spends most of the majority doing absolutely nothing in this story other than filler.
  13. After learning Kaname met Nijimi and thought he corrupted his angel along on now dating with her, Keisuke went on to use a kitchen knife to kill Kaname. However, he ended up killing himself when Kaname used Nijimi's mind-controlling panties to forced him to do it.
  14. He barely gets much characterization since chapters 7-35, and episodes 3-8.
  15. He doesn't even act like an independent 25-year-old, and is just a whiny young working man who will never grow up.
  16. He does not associate with Aya and the magical girls, and he's just a self-inserted male character throughout the series and is a complete stranger.
  17. After he died, Keisuke is later forgotten, making him one of the most pointless characters in this series until he was revived in the new timeline by Aya.
  18. He also doesn’t even find out about Nijimi’s anger issues and Kaname’s harsh education and abuse from his father when he died in the original timeline.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His voice acting is good.
  2. His character design is well-made and honestly cute.
  3. At least despite her obsession with Nijimi, he is not a pedophile and wasn't shown to do juvinile things.
  4. He was at least good friends with Kaname (only in the manga) before he killed him.
  5. Since he's a sore loser, he is not at least evil or mean-spirited at all, and has some sympathy about dealing with Nijimi's family's loan sharks.
  6. He didn't kill Kaname (who uses Nijimi's panties to control people), which would make him nearly a murderer.
  7. He is not like a fat NEET and is skinny.
  8. When Aya went back in time to prevent other girls from misfortune, thus he is no longer driven to suicide by Kaname's mind-controlling, no longer worked with Nijimi's family's loan sharks (who are arrested in the new timeline) and was engaged with his girlfriend, who moved away in the original timeline.


  • In one of the “apple” chapters from the DVD release of the anime adaption of Magical Girl Site, he was revealed to have a mother, who is exclusive to this chapter.
  • His hairstyle is based on Yuji Tonogaya, from Magical Girl Apocalypse.


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