Kei Kurono (Gantz)

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It's very much sad that a now likeable character can have bad beginnings

Kei Kurono is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Gantz. He's known for being stubborn, whiny and sex-obsessed in the first half of the series.

Why He Sucked

  1. He wasted too much time trying to save a homeless man's life from a train by sitting there about 5 minutes and that's how he and Katou died.
  2. He's too obsessed with sex and spends his life watching porn and fantasizing about attractive women.
  3. He's very stubborn at fighting at the beginning of Gantz as he didn't want to kill the Adult Green Onion Alien even though he's trapped in a survival game and he thinks killing even evil aliens is considered morally wrong.
  4. He acts hostile towards his friends and others which shows that he's very selfish and arrogant.
  5. He's also a hypocrite as he doesn't want to kill the first alien he fights but then proceeds to attack it and calls another student whiny even though he whines.
  6. His English voice is poorly done.
  7. He's very whiny a lot in the first half of the series as he complained about one of the other protagonists having the same first name and refusing to do important goals such as killing the second target.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does have some funny moments.
  2. He does get better in the rest of the manga by being more brave, selfless, and heroic.


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