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    Kazuya Kinoshita
    How to make one of the worst MCs in rom-com history.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Trashy, Insecure and Lewd Pervert
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Shun Horie (Japanese)
    Aleks Le (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rent-A-Girlfriend

    Kazuya Kinoshita is the main protagonist of the 2017-present romantic comedy manga Rent-A-Girlfriend and its 2020 anime adaptation. He is a college student at Nerima University who is majoring in Business Administration. He lives alone in an apartment situated in 203 Royal Hills Nerima.

    Why He Doesn't Deserve a Girlfriend

    1. He is one of the most unlikable and trashy main characters in the anime community, as he seems like nothing more than a spineless simp with no goals or ambitions in life.
    2. His desperation to find a girl and willingness to waste his parents’ money on rental dates presents him as nothing more than a creep. His stalker-like actions and possessiveness over a rental girlfriend shows that Kazuya is simply a deluded creep and a trashy MC.
    3. He is absolutely plagued by self-doubt and always sees himself as a hindrance to everyone around him, even though they all think that deep down behind his many faults and flaws, he really is a good guy at heart.
    4. He is constantly thinking with what's inside his pants and not his head, which makes him very easy to manipulate and was one of the reasons Mami dumped him.
    5. His lewd side is vehemently depicted throughout the series as well, a projection that doesn't do him any favors.
    6. While there are hints early on in the story that he genuinely likes Chizuru, his inability to get over Mami and his life being a no-respect guy in the eyes of even his own family has put him under the impression that she's out of his league, causing him to keep pining for Mami. He constantly tells himself that he's a nobody and a nuisance to Chizuru, feels bad for those who have to put up with him, and is very aware of his faults.
    7. Because his friends and family pile it on, he has a nasty habit of overdoing it and can't see whatever good traits he has, nor does he give himself credit where it's due, something Chizuru gets on him for.
    8. Even though he's fully aware of how wrong it is, he has a tendency to follow Chizuru behind her back, whether it was his jealousy getting the better of him on Christmas Eve, his concern when he saw her and Mami at his workplace, or his curiosity when attending the play she was in. Chizuru finds out each time, but seeing that he's more upset at himself than she is, she gives Kazuya a mild scolding at worst.
    9. He gets blackmailed by Ruka into doing what she wants with no regard for his and Chizuru's feelings and is very demanding of him in their "relationship", which he takes for granted and can't bring himself to end their fake relationship.
    10. He has an extremely hard time confessing to Chizuru that he's in love with her, fearing it would drive her further away from him if he told her the truth. However, by repeatedly denying it to her, he's not actually putting her mind at ease as it's actually affecting her more than they both realize.
    11. In Chapter 218, he has a Heroic BSoD and regresses back to his old self, having a vividly detailed sexual fantasy of Chizuru having sex with Umi while crying, resulting in him getting a raging stiffie while in a public pool, which quickly became infamous both for resetting all his character development and for being extremely gratuitous to the point of resembling a Netorare doujin.
    12. His character design is quite bland for a rom-com protagonist, and he often makes weird and unfunny facial expressions.
    13. Aleks Le was miscast as Kazuya, giving a very mediocre performance by sounding very insecure and cowardly.
    14. As the manga progresses, it becomes very hard to root for Kazuya as a character, since he repeatedly chickens out from confessing or reverting to their “rental" relationship status, even tends to feel sorry for himself and never learning from his mistakes, making it very hard to sympathize for him. 300 chapters later, he remains the same guy as he was in the beginning with no real character development.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. While Kazuya's perverted and creepy actions are undeniable, he still possesses redeemable qualities such as courage, loyalty to Chizuru, and a willingness to help the people he cares about.
      • He's actually more capable than you think, as he decides to make a movie with Chizuru using crowdfunding so her grandmother can watch it.
      • Despite his insufferable nature, Kazuya doesn't have ill-will and his heart is usually in the right place, which gives him some leeway.
      • He is strong-willed, tenacious, and generally has a good heart.
      • He is honest and can be brave at times, as whenever he tries to make things right for all the problems he's caused Chizuru, he does so with little concern to his own well-being.
    2. He knows his subject matter, be it ichthyology as a hobby or business administration as a subject of his study.
    3. Despite what BQ#14 says, he actually did get some character development, especially during the movie arc, until chapter 218 went and ruined it all.
    4. Shun Horie does a great job voicing him in the Japanese sub.


    • Kazuya's voice Aleks Le, shares the same voice as Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer, Makoto Yuki, Pharos/Ryoji Mochizuki/Nyx from Persona 3 Reload, Nightmarionne from Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night, and Thorfinn from Vinland Saga.


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