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    Kathy Miller
    You thought Susan Heffley and Horrid Henry's mom were bad mothers? Think again!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Karen With Bad Discipline
    Age: Adulthood
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Katherine Norland
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dhar Mann
    First appearance: Dhar Mann

    Kathy Miller is a recurring character in the Dhar Mann video series, who usually appears along with her son in certain videos.

    So You See, This is Why She Intentionally Also Couldn't Learn Her Lesson

    1. She is racist and stereotypes people based on how they look. For example, in "Man With TURBAN Kicked Off Seat", she judges a man wearing a turban named Baljit to be planning a terrorist attack (although he told her he's a Sikh, which is different from being a Muslim). She also kept calling him by a stereotypical Muslim name after he told her he was Sikh. Even when he advises that Mikey should stay away from sunflower seeds, since it appears he'll easily choke on them, she rejects his advice. This drastic decision led Mikey to actually choke later on the video! Luckily, he did save Mikey and she "learns her lesson," but as shown by the other reasons, she still does acts of wrongness.
    2. Favoritism: She always approves of her other son, Jayden, for his Gary Stu behavior, and never actually helps out Mikey. If she had helped Mikey, it would've most likely prevented him from cheating and failing tests.
      • Additionally, in "Big Bro Has To Say YES FOR 48 HOURS", she tells Jayden to do his chores. Jayden instead tells her that his brother Mikey will do it instead, because of a bet they made in their room at the beginning of the video. She also defends Jayden mostly in the videos.
    3. As with most Dhar Mann actors, she has lackluster and bombastic acting that feels extremely static with barely any effort and emotion put in. Combined with her poorly written personality, mean-spirited behavior, and overall badness, her acting ends up being even shockingly worse.
      • And also the acting is very inconsistent, as in "The Real REASON Dhar Mann HASN'T POSTED" She is shown to have better acting, however in future videos with Mikey she goes back to her terrible acting.
      • This is insulting, considering Katherine Norland would later do better acting in the later videos than other characters. However, it is likely because Dhar forced her to act this way.
    4. Her way of discipline is awful, as most often instead of giving out normal punishments, she creates whole scenarios just to embarrass Mikey, such as faking a Dhar Mann meet and greet just to get him to school when he fakes being sick. The worst was done in the next reason.
    5. She is at her absolute worst in "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It". In that video, she plans out a whole fake scenario just to teach Mikey a lesson. When Mikey fakes the allergic reaction at school, his teacher brings him to the nurse, and then they - no joke - decide to bring him to an actual hospital. This is malpractice, as while the scenario plays out, others who may be in true anaphylaxis could be dying. It gets worse, however - she ends up taking a fake shot and they fake that they're going to give him an injection, which is extremely mean-spirited. Then, after Mikey admits it was a lie, she fakes giving him a shot. And as he screams and cries, they explain it was fake and start laughing. This is basically child abuse as well.[1] It is possible that she got fired for this stunt afterward, as in "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW", she no longer has a job at the hospital.
      • She could've also just grounded Mikey and/or taught him a lesson after Mikey admitted he was lying.
    6. She also physically abuses Mikey by pulling him by the ear in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER" and slapping him at his hand in "Mischief Mikey: 13-Year-Old Robs Church For Vision Pro - Ep. 2".
    7. Hypocrisy: It is very obvious she doesn't like her son's behavior in school, explaining lessons like "There are no shortcuts to success" or "What happens in the dark always comes to light" to him, yet she also does distasteful things herself to her son and others and approves of favoritism towards Jayden.
      • Not only that, she even flat out admits to lying to people just like her son Mikey in the very first episode of "Mischief Mikey".
      • In "Mischief Mikey: 13-Year-Old Robs Church For Vision Pro - Ep. 2", she calls Mikey a "low-life criminal", yet she also does crimes herself, such as malpractice and robbery.
      • In "Mischief Mikey: Two Teens Break Out Of Jail Cell - Ep. 4", she calls her son and Jay as "crazy kids", yet she has been seen to do crazy fake scenarios herself.
    8. Along with that, in her first appearance (Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It), she made one simple promise: saying that something like this would never happen again. As shown, she broke her promise, as instead of stopping Mikey, she lets him continue doing distasteful things. This shows she can't make promises or be responsible as well.
    9. Of course, she is an extremely bad role model for parents who watch Dhar Mann, as she teaches to give children scenario punishments and act mean-spirited.
    10. She can act extremely confusing, irrational, or weird sometimes, which usually coincides with all the other reasons. Some major examples include:
      • In "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It", she says that she'll buy both Mikey and his younger brother Jayden a PlayStation 5 if both or one of them gets an A+. However, when Mikey asks about the PS5 before the test results are given, she has the PS5. Why would she have the PS5 if she said that she'd get it IF they got good grades? This is also cruel because if both of them got bad grades, she'd either have to refund the PS5 or keep the PS5 in the house but have no one touch it or have it all to herself, which is slightly mean-spirited.
        • In fact, she still buys stuff for Mikey, just to take it away anyway.
      • In "Kid FAKES Being SICK To Skip Class, He Lives to Regret It", when she notices Mikey's wet towel that he used to fake his fever, instead of immediately stopping him in his tracks, she ends up letting him continue. Then, when Mikey says, "Just one second!", she waits for him. The way he said it made it seem like he was well by the way. Then, she ends up opening the tissues to look to see snot in them, which is extremely disgusting.
      • In "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", she makes up a bunch of medical nonsense that most people would know doesn't exist. She and the other doctors first claim Mikey is in "level 5 anaphylactic shock", which doesn't exist. And if someone is in anaphylaxis, a sedative shot won't do anything. What they truly need is an EpiPen so they can recover. And as said, no normal doctor would do something as outlandish as this, since this is malpractice and realistically the doctors could get in trouble for this.
      • In "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW, What Happens Will Shock You", she somehow does not notice Mikey and Jay getting into the back of the car secretly, even though they are very much noticeable. When she turns around, the only thing she finds is the necklace Mikey dropped.
      • In the third episode of season 2 of "Mischief Mikey", she asks Mikey to remove the fake alligator the boys had placed in her hot tub, when she could have simply removed it without any difficulty. This also shows that she is quite lazy.
    11. Unlike Mikey, it appears she'll most likely receive no character development or even fully decent moments since she remains the same, and has even gotten somewhat worse and exaggerated over time.
    12. Though not as extreme as "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION", in "Kid FAKES Being SICK To Skip Class" she faked a Dhar Mann meet and greet just to get Mikey to out himself, and to make this worse, this action led to Mikey missing Dhar Mann when he came at the end of the video.
    13. Jay's mother (Mikey's best friend), Regina Lawson, is a rehash of her, just more tolerable.
    14. She is also a huge Karma Houdini as she didn't get called out or didn't even receive any consequences for her hypocrisy, approving favoritism, racism, awful discipline, child abuse, and/or mean-spirited behavior (while it is possible that she got fired for the stunt in "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION" afterward, as in "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW" she no longer has a job at the hospital, she still didn't get any consequences for anything else).
    15. Strangely, she doesn't appear in "Jay & Mikey, despite being Mikey's legal guardian, it is unknown if she got arrested for her abusive behavior or not. But it seems like Dhar just got rid of her entirely in Jay and Mikey's show. However, she did finally get a mention in episode 6 and later appears in episode 7, despite it being almost at the end of the series.
    16. She later got flanderized in the last episode of "Jay & Mikey", in which she along with Regina Lawson are seen robbing David’s store, and she is more abusive to Mikey.
      • In fact, she committed a robbery crime to teach their sons a lesson and she gets away with it. Despite it being Noah's dad's plan, it's still very stupid why they decided to pretend to be criminals when they could have just called the police.
      • Additionally, she tends to tell Mikey that his PS5 is getting taken away, but it's actually her other son Jayden's PS5. It's a very common continuity error that Dhar Mann makes due to lazy writing.
      • Her awkward laugh is laughably bad and proves further that her acting is still terrible.
    17. Her flanderization gets even worse in "Mischief Mikey", in which she is more hateful and even more irritating, especially when it comes to Mikey. This even makes Regina Lawson seem like a saint in comparison. Furthermore, she is also not good at all for the following reasons:
      • In the first episode, she defends her son Jayden (who helped Mikey in the robbery crime and broke the vase) for coming clean about helping Mikey rob the bank and for some reason didn't punish Jayden. Additionally, she left Mikey in the adult prison with an adult prisoner and Mikey likely got raped off-screen.
      • In the second episode (where she is a little more tolerable, but still not better), she hits Mikey's hand, which is child abuse, even though she has a reason why she does it.
      • She is completely at her absolute worst in the third episode, and probably its appearance is 10 times much worse than "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", as in addition to increasing her son Mikey's sentence to 60 days in juvenile detention (which means she hates her son), do you know what she still does? If you said she does yet another fake scenario just to teach Mikey a lesson, you're right. As soon as she saw the note at the airport, she already knew it was Mikey's handwriting, but there wasn't that much evidence. Then one of the police officers said they needed something more concrete, like a confession. Another police officer said that she then had the brilliant idea of ​​simply pretending that she was being imprisoned for 25 years for making the airport security threat to make Mikey confess himself. Her idea is simply ridiculous and very stupid, and her plan is considered illegal, since in reality, the police officers could get in trouble for this stunt and she would probably have been arrested for making this plan, and yet: how on Earth did the police officers accept her plan and what kind of police system is this?!
      • In season 2, she has been made even dumber. In the first episode of "Mischief Mikey", she left her house keys on the concrete while running away from the criminal trying to kill her and she left the door unlocked while she, Mikey, Jay, Noah, and their parents we're doing tests to see who was the murderer, in which 3 masked people were inside her house. Also, she tries to suspect that the kids are murderers, yet they can't drive a car.
        • Additionally, she forced Mikey to fight Jay in a boxing match, which resulted in her son having a black eye. This could also be seen as ironic, as Jay is Mikey's best friend and they would NEVER do something like that.
        • Also, she faked the whole attempted murder scenario for no reason whatsoever, in which she hired an editor to fake the explosion as a "prank". This could have traumatized Mikey, or even her youngest son Jayden if she were to die. Talk about terrible parenting...

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. She does have a point when she tells her sons to be good, but because of her hypocrisy and overall mean-spirited behavior, it fails miserably.
    2. In some videos she actually can be a bit likable, such as:
      1. "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW, What Happens Will Shock You".
      2. "14-Year-Old WON'T LISTEN To His MOM, He Instantly Regrets It".
    3. At least she does care about Mikey and sympathizes with him in "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW, What Happens Will Shock You" when Mikey cries about not wanting to leave town.
    4. She is shown to criticize NFTs for being bad for the environment and has confiscated Mikey's tablet for making them in "Streamer PRANKED On LIVE STREAM".
    5. Most of her punishments towards Mikey seem fair in a way, including:
      1. Making Mikey give all his stuff to Jayden as a punishment for using him in "STREAMER Is CAUGHT CHEATING, What Happens Is Shocking".
      2. Grounding Mikey for the entire summer due to cheating and failing his final exam in "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It".
      3. Most likely punishing Mikey for ruining her interview in "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW, What Happens Will Shock You".
      4. Punishing Mikey in the second part of the last episode of "Jay & Mikey", where she finally gives him a hard punishment: she banned Mikey's iPad and PS5 for good, despite being unlikable in that episode, and that the punishment she gave could be considered kind of harsh.
      5. She had a right to be angry with Mikey in the second episode of season 1 of "Mischief Mikey", because he apparently "stole the money" from the church.
    6. Even though she was racist before, she learned her lesson and tried to teach Mikey to be a good person.
    7. As mentioned above in SYS, TiWSIACLHL#6, she likely got her comeuppance for child abuse that she did to Mikey in "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", as shown in "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW", she is shown no longer having a job at the hospital.
    8. Because of her doing many mean things to Mikey, doing many awful punishments, and favoring Jayden over Mikey, she is likely made to be hated.
    9. Sometimes, her acting can be decent, such as the scene where Mikey is caught at the church apparently "stealing the money" in the second episode of season 1 of "Mischief Mikey", and you can easily see that she was sad and crying.


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