Kate Kane (Arrowverse)

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Kate Kane (Arrowverse)
Kate Kane.png
“This suit is literal, perfection. It will be, when it fits a woman.”
Gender: Female
Type: Obnoxious Mary Sue, Worst Superheroine Ever, Female Rip-off of Bruce Wayne/Batman
Age: 29
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ruby Rose (season 1), Wallis Day (season 2)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Arrowverse

Batwoman (real name Kate Kane) is the cousin of Bruce Wayne and the former protagonist and title character of Batwoman.

Why She Doesn't Fit A Woman

  1. She mostly existed as Batman's replacement. But, she doesn't really feel like she is just like him.
  2. Her characterization is very unfaithful to writer Greg Rucka's take on the character.
  3. Her actress, Ruby Rose does an exceptionally poor job portraying her and even her replacement, Wallis Day is no better.
  4. Her physical hairstyle looks generic and not looking a redhead from the comics.
  5. She looks and acts like an angsty emo boy.
  6. Her origin is changed from being kidnapped by gunmen as a child from the comics into going to a car accident, which actually damages her characterization since The gunmen could’ve given her a reason to fight crime.
  7. She even treats her father, Jacob, Luke Fox, and Mary Hamilton very poorly, making her a mean girl.
  8. Despite being a protector of Gotham City, she is incompetent, annoying and selfish, unlike Batman.
  9. She arrogantly believes that she is better than Batman despite her incompetence, but is often more of a killer when he choked August Cartwright to death for chopping her mother's head (which not only completely goes against the main rule of Batman and bat-related family superheroes that don't kill anyone, but also makes her the true villain), and ruining her life.
  10. She steals Batman's gadgets. This also makes her a hypocrite as she says she "won't let a man take credit for a woman's work".
  11. She got upset that people thought she was Batman, showing she cares more about validation than protecting Gotham. People thinking she's Batman would have actually worked to her advantage as Kate Kane would be off the suspect list. People knowing she's just an imitator instead of the original Batman would embolden criminals as she hasn't earned their fear or respect.
  12. She gave an expensive watch to a homeless woman. This probably led to the said woman either being murdered for the watch or spending it on enough drugs to overdose on.
  13. She constantly lets Alice (her long lost sister named Beth) go despite her killing people.
  14. Her dialogue is incredibly dull and lifeless.
  15. She ends up leaving the show (until her actress was recast by Wallis Day) and being replaced with Ryan Wilder as the new mantle making her whole story arc pointless until the 14th episode of season 2.


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