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    Not to be confused with Kat from Kid vs. Kat.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Coward and Crybaby
    Species: Cat
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wolfoo

    The opposite of cats and mice.

    Kat is a character from the Vietnamese YouTube kids show Wolfoo. She is a cat and the daughter of Mr. and Ms. Kat. Of course, she is one of Wolfoo's friends.

    Why Sheʼs a Scaredy-Kat

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she is mainly known for getting scared of mice for seemingly practically no reason at all other than the fact that the writers wanted it to happen.
      • It doesn't make sense, as in real life, cats are not afraid of mice. Granted, Doraemon is also afraid of mice, but he at least has a reason to be afraid of them. Kat, however, is scared of them for no reason. Not only is she scared of real-life mice, but she's also even afraid of fake ones.
    2. In addition to this, she should be scared of other things instead of mice, such as water, but sadly, the results weren't as expected.
    3. Like most other characters from Wolfoo, her design looks like it's stolen from Peppa Pig. To add insult to injury, she looks like she is Candy Cat. That proves that she is a stolen character from said show.
    4. She acts like a huge Mary Sue like Chloe Carmichael from The Fairly OddParents from its tenth season, mainly due to her pointing out rules often in some episodes.
    5. She hardly ever gets any comeuppance for acting terribly toward others, making her a Karma Houdini.
    6. She's also short-tempered. For example, she gets mad at Pando just for stealing her costume, when she could have just hidden it elsewhere.
    7. The meow noises she makes whenever she gets scared are annoying and even a part of a stock sound effect.
    8. She even went as far as to stalk Wolfoo and Pando when they escaped the hospital. She comes out of nowhere when they are hanging out in Wolfoo's room.
    9. She likes to get others dirty. In one episode, she draws on Wolfoo's face to make it look like he has chicken pox (we kid you not!).
    10. She has a very annoying singing voice. When she sings, she sings the song "Let It Go" from the 2013 Disney movie Frozen. Her singing can sound ear-bleeding.
    11. In one episode, she gets her uvula hurt after singing too much, which results in her getting a sore throat, and what does she do? She tells Wolfoo and the alien to go into her mouth, which almost looks like she ate them. Why couldn't she just go the doctor?
    12. She did not know how to be a goalkeeper when she played soccer. In the first scene, Bufo kicks a ball at the goal, and Kat tries to jump to stop it, but she misses. In the second scene, the same thing happens but instead, Kat falls flat on her face. In the third scene, the ball flies so high, that Kat could jump and catch it, but instead, she's too slow to respond and it lands on her head. She also makes a cheesy grin, which looks way worse than Pacster's grin.
    13. She's prone to getting jealous. In this episode, she gets mad at Pando just for hanging out with Wolfoo, even going as far as to cause Wolfoo's book to get broken.
    14. On the topic of making others' property get broken, she once got scared just because of a toy mouse chasing her. The mouse then bumps into something and gets stunned. Idiot moveː She grabs her friend's fan and throws it at the toy mouse, only to break the fan.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She's a loyal friend to Wolfoo.
    2. Some of the scenes where she gets scared of mice can be somewhat funny.


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