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    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!"Denzel Crocker
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    Not to be confused with Kat from Wolfoo, as well as her parents, Ms. Kat and her father of the same name.
    (Behold! The Canadian alien feline reincarnation of Bendy from FHFIF and Zim from Invader Zim, as well as a carbon copy of Bubbles from My Goldfish is Evil, but much worse!)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Insufferable Alien Feline Antagonist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Kat Nebulan
    Portrayed by: Kathleen Barr
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Kat (most commonly known as Mister Kat or Agent 27-B) is the main antagonist of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. He is an alien cat who is sent to invade the earth and help his fellow alien cats take over the world; After Millie Burtonburger, the younger sister of Coop Burtonburger, found him in the forest, she asks her dad Burt if she could keep him and he let her only because she threw a fit about it. He, along with Millie and Lorne, was voiced by Kathleen Barr.

    Why He Should Intentionally Stay Out of Coop's Life

    1. Despite being the main antagonist, he is very insufferable and almost as bad as his owner Millie and Old Lady Munson. He has done many sinful deeds to Coop, Dennis, and Fiona that make him downright unlikable. He can also be considered to be one of the worst characters in Kid vs. Kat.
    2. He constantly mostly tortures Coop by attacking him, harming him, framing him for stuff he did and easily getting away with it scot-free, foiling Coop's plans, destroying evidence of his true colors just to make Coop look like a fool, and pretending to be an innocent cat to Millie.
      • In "Let the Games Begin", the premiere and his debut, he scared Coop while Coop was trying to find his baseball, and he also drew a picture of Coop getting crushed by a rock which Millie and Burt didn't believe Coop about and Millie told Coop that he can't because he's a cat, which got Coop sent to his room by Burt.
      • In "Night Of The Zombie Kat", he steals Coop's book report, attacks him, and even tears up his book report. When Lorne and Harley dared Coop and Dennis to watch a scary movie in the middle of the night when Coop was watching it, Millie told Coop that Coop should clean his box for two weeks. He even makes a zombie to torture Coop more while Coop is still scared of the movie, to the point where he makes his skin white with flour so he can become half ghost half zombie and torture Coop himself, one of which made Lorne and Harley record him. However, he got his comeuppance as Coop forced Millie to bathe him at the end.
      • In "Trespassers Will Be Persecuted", he was biting Coop's hand because Millie thought Coop and Dennis were flinging water balloons at him, then he was making dummies of himself to scare Coop and Dennis, along with moving their tent in Old Lady Munson's yard, sent a dummy of Coop which forced Coop and Burt to plant a flower in Old Lady Munson's yard, flinging water balloons with a catapult at Old Lady Munson's yard twice. Both of them which got Coop and Burt in trouble with Old Lady Munson, one of which flooded her yard. When he flooded her yard, Old Lady Munson forced Burt to fix her jukebox but Burt accidentally broke it after he tripped on a rock. He even turns into a tornado from the catnip that Coop and Dennis gave him which caused him to destroy Old Lady Munson's yard and have him and Growler attack Coop which forced Coop and Burt to clean the destroyed stuff that was destroyed. He then attacks Coop when he is tied and catapulted to Old Lady Munson's yard and then he ties and catapults Coop there along with the gnomes that Coop and Burt were forced to clean. However, Old Lady Munson wasn't impressed because one of her gnomes doesn't like being held upside down which got Coop and Burt in trouble with her. Though, he somewhat got his comeuppance when Coop threw a water balloon at him.
      • In "Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow", he gets in Burt's way when he starts his morning by sleeping in the middle of the floor, having him as a towel and attacking him while he was in the shower and even getting in his cereal. He also knocks down the portraits while he is sleeping on the shelf. He also attacked Coop and refused to let go of his blanket. After watching a commercial on Fishy Frisky Bits he meows to the same sound as Millie's screaming which causes Burt's lamp to break, Millie's tea party to be ruined, Coop's TV to his video game to be destroyed, because he wants Coop's blanket. He also destroyed the houses with his meowing and his meowing got Old Lady Munson's attention. He continues meowing until some of the neighbors complain to Burt to the point where Burt gets driven crazy. When Burt goes to the pet store to give him a voice collar, he gets his comeuppance by getting electrocuted when trying to take his collar off but he manages to it take off with pliers and puts it on Coop while he is asleep and while Coop was at school with it on Ms. Brannigan thought he told her to be quiet which gave him along with the other students detention which got him chased by them when Ms. Brannigan didn't excuse them and he also ripped his blanket apart by fighting over it and when Coop finally gets the collar off him, the collar goes into Old Lady Munson's yard which kind of gets Coop grounded by Burt.
      • In "Do Not Fort Sake Me", he throws his yarn in front of Coop and Dennis's bridge and destroys it along with attacking Coop and Dennis. He and Millie also get in the way by being on their bike while Coop and Dennis are trying to play hockey which causes Coop to accidentally hit himself with his hockey stick and run into Dennis causing him to trip and Coop to trip on him. When they are trying to plan what to do, Millie puts her net on Coop and he also shoves Coop into the mud which causes a frog to be on Coop's head. He also distracts Coop and Dennis by tricking them into thinking the ice cream truck is on the street so he can break into Coop and Dennis's fort after he and Millie weren't allowed in and uses the slingshot in their fort and steals their plans when the fort was built earlier. He also sets traps by shooting ping pong balls at Coop and Dennis, trying to eject them, throws water balloons at them, destroys their comic books, threw a water balloon at Millie which causes her to get Burt involved and even tries to attack Coop which he got his comeuppance when Coop used the cookie sheet when he was trying to contact more cats which got him electrocuted, sunburned and injured. Luckily, he and Millie managed to get their tree fort at the end.
      • In "Cookie D'Uh", he draws Coop and Phoebe about to kiss on the wall with a heart around them and he puts leftover cookie crumbs on Coop's lips while he was asleep which got him to get snitched on by Millie and grounded by Burt until further notice. Even though Coop stated that he didn't do it since he's proven to be innocent, Burt apologizes to Coop for falsely grounding him, and Millie does get punished by Burt when she gets caught eating all of the cookies last night.
      • In "Nip/Duck", he scratches Coop's bed, along with his chair, and uses Coop as a scratching post. He also destroyed Burt's newspaper when he was trying to read it. He scratched the couch and also chased Coop around the house when Coop got him up with a soccer horn by breaking the lamp in half, destroying the fence, and chopping the tree. Luckily Burt managed to get him in his carrier before attacking Coop. He even attacks the vet destroying his office after the vet clips his nails and takes his x-ray so he wouldn't have to go to another appointment. He also uses the blender to make his nails grow back and uses the nails that were clipped to make a hole in the glass door. He then breaks into the vet's waiting room and deletes one of his x-rays so the receptionist can't call Burt, he also breaks into the vet's office, finds his file, and grinds the paper that was inside so nobody can know his identity and also attacks Coop with the vet's tools, from the chandelier, from a machine and made the pets, especially Growler escape their cages. He also tried to drop a piano on Dennis while he was asleep and burned his X-ray on a barbecue.
      • In "Search and De-Toy", he makes the sink go crazy by unscrewing it when Coop is going to wash his hands and makes Coop trip on a skateboard when he is going to eat. He also uses the blender from the kitchen to try to hit Coop's helicopter which fails because Coop's helicopter is carrying a chair, which causes him to mess up Coop's helicopter's controls which sends the helicopter into Old Lady Munson's yard, chasing Growler and destroying Old Lady Munson's birdbath also when Old Lady Munson saw this she takes the helicopter into her shack and locks it up so she can confiscate it. When Coop is about to get his helicopter back from Old Lady Munson along with Burt's plane when he was Coop's age, he uses badminton birdies to activate the gnome security systems that she installed in her yard so Coop and Dennis would get caught by her and Growler and he sends Coop's helicopter back into her yard with a remote control, forcing her to confiscate it. He got his comeuppance when he was hit with a ball that was confiscated when Old Lady Munson's shack blew up with fireworks.
      • In "Flu The Coop", he refused to leave Coop alone while he was sick by not letting him rest, not letting him watch TV, throwing the tissues that Coop needed to clean his nose and put the couch outside with him on it. He also gave Coop a cup of tea with honey which Burt suggested which made Coop go to sleep he got Coop tied up above a bucket of water and kept dunking him in, tortured Coop with mental rub and painted him, made Coop eat the soup after getting him down which Burt suggested having soup as well. He also attacks Coop causing the living room to get destroyed and even destroying the sleeping bag he was resting in. He did get his comeuppance by getting tortured by Coop's used tissues because of his mysophobia, but Coop was yelled at by Burt when he was better all because the couch was outside. Also at the end of that episode, he even suffered the same fate as Coop by getting sick from him, giving him another comeuppance afterwards much to Coop's satisfaction, which made him be forced to play doctor with Millie.
      • In "Class Act", he screws up Coop and Dennis's magic performance making Millie, Lorne, Harley, and Phoebe chant, "Bring him back!" repeatedly and when Coop and Dennis fail to do so, Coop and Dennis get booed by Lorne and Harley and this causes Millie to scream. He also gets on the magic cabinet by making Burt not believe Coop that he was on the cabinet, which causes the cabinet to fall on Coop and Dennis. He also hits Coop with magic cards from one of the drawers which Burt didn't believe Coop that he was in one of the drawers. He then attacks Coop and destroys the couch, gets him scolded by Burt and gets him sent to his room. Worst of all, when Coop was going into his room he installs a cannon in there which gets Coop grounded by Burt until he was found which makes Burt confiscate Coop's magic kit and the cannon that he installed in Coop's room.
      • In "Hypnokat", he uses a soda bottle to make Coop's skateboard blast in the air, makes Coop trip on a rock when he was getting home, meows when he gets locked outside waking the whole neighborhood, and also trains cats to attack Coop which failed because the cats he was training were too friendly. He even uses his toy mouse so the cats will do what he says. He forces them to lock Coop out like what Coop did to him, spits hairballs at Coop, runs over Lorne and Harley while chasing Coop, and they break into Dennis's house. Luckily, Coop and Dennis broke the spell of the hypnosis by spraying the cats that he hypnotized with water. He also got his comeuppance when Coop hypnotized him and made him be forced to do ballet for Millie while he was hypnotized.
      • In "The Allergy", he screws up the family photo by dressing Coop as a girl. He also gets the beehive off the tree so the bees would get Coop and Dennis. He also makes Burt allergic to Coop by spraying Burt so Coop wouldn't be near his father. Because of this Coop was forced to eat outside, have Burt talk to him from downstairs, have Burt spray Coop in a panic, and had Burt send Coop to his Aunt Beatrice and make Burt be in a spacesuit so he wouldn't be allergic to Coop anymore. He also pops Burt's spacesuit which makes Coop, Burt, and himself crash into trees, into a fence, into the shack, into the kitchen and they crash into the fireplace when Millie gets onto Burt's spacesuit. He even screws up the family photo again while he, Coop, and Millie when wearing spacesuits by fighting over the spray with Coop that made Burt allergic to Coop earlier while Coop was wearing the girl's hair from the beginning of the episode.
      • In "Just Me and Glue", he tears up the instructions for what Coop and Burt were about to build when Burt makes the stupidest decision to not read them, destroys the phone in Burt's office while he was attacking Coop, gets him sent to his room for the day and even got Coop and himself glued together while still attacking Coop when Coop was trying to do the robot by himself. He also screws up Coop's baseball game while they were still glued and he even turned Coop's robot evil.
      • In "You'll Be Show Sorry", he cheats in a pet contest by shining light on Lorne and Harley's chicken, replacing Honey Fluff's fur spray with liquid cement, and distracting Lorne and Harley's chicken with chicken feed twice.
      • In "How the Test Was Won", he prevents Coop from studying for his science test. He distracts him by cooking chicken and also he puts Coop in Old Lady Munson's birdbath, traps him in the basement, and even sew shuts the sleeves of his shirts and pants so he'll miss the bus to school. Even though, he got his comeuppance as he gets crushed by a fence.
      • In "I'm Okay You're a Kat", he destroys Coop's history report, he also pulled the string on Coop's shirt causing him to lose his shirt, changes Coop's tape to Problems don't bother me to Problems bother me, which made Coop hallucinate causing him to be afraid of heights, made Burt give Coop major munch, which made Coop spill the milk out of Burt's hands, made Lorne and Harley make Coop wear the same dog hats they were wearing and caused Old Lady Munson to scare Coop which got his dog hat off of him and onto Growler. He also makes Burt obey him with that same tape. However, he got his comeuppance for his actions at the end of this episode as he was thrown into an electrified pool when Coop turned evil earlier.
      • In "Dial "B" For Babysitter", he uses the fire hydrant to raise the gnomes in Old Lady Munson's yard, including her which floods her yard and forces her to babysit Coop and Millie. While Old Lady Munson was babysitting them, he even made a trap door so she and Growler would step on Coop which caused him to fall into the basement he locked Coop in the basement and even prevented him from escaping.
      • In "The Grass is Always Meaner", he causes a blackout which caused a power line to shut down which made Old Lady Munson's fence to be destroyed and the lights to go out all over Bootsville. This caused Dennis to use his helmet light when his lights went out, Burt to fall off the TV when he was changing the light to the lamp and Old Lady Munson when she was shining her gnomes which caused Coop to get blamed by Old Lady Munson which forced Coop and Dennis to fix the mess that he made. He then disguises himself as a gnome while Burt distracts Coop and Dennis with cookies and lemonade and when Old Lady Munson forced Coop and Dennis to mow the lawn he unscrews the lawnmower so they can't mow the lawn and when Old Lady Munson forces them to paint her fence he paints the fence with spray paint but he got comeuppance by Growler scaring him away and Coop shooting paint at him with that same paint he used and got Millie to think that he has chicken pox which got her to torture him with a surgery but he sets himself free and uses a growth to make Old Lady Munson's garden grow so big like a jungle and he uses his collar to become invisible.
      • In "One Big Happy Family", he dreams of getting Coop sucked into a vacuum and even having his face, hands, and feet put in the wrong places. He also breaks the door down on Coop when Coop sends his vacuum to the garbage truck. He even puts the garbage can on Coop and slams it with the rake, causing Burt to trip on the garbage. He also scares Coop when he is trying to protect his father, causing Burt to spill his coffee on his head. He attacks Coop out of nowhere when Coop lets go of his father. He also tries to slingshot the vase at Burt. Luckily, Coop managed to get his father out of the way. At the House of Swap, he uses a swordfish and cowboy boots as weapons by throwing the cowboy boots at Coop and uses the harp and swordfish as a crossbow, which cut part of Coop's hair. He also puked on the bars from the vent which got Coop, Millie, and Burt trapped in the House of Swap. This got Coop sent to the corner by Burt. When Burt sent Coop to the corner, he tried to shoot the totem pole down with a crossbow that Burt fixed. He was also making the cupcakes taste more good when Millie took him to make them with her and when Coop was trying to stop Millie from baking them and tried to stop Burt from eating one, despite Coop not supposed to be leaving the corner, Coop was sent back there which caused Burt to draw a square to where he was supposed to stay. He uses a fan to distract Coop when Coop is told not to leave the corner and tries to hit Millie by making the top fall on her but the plan fails since Coop saved Millie's life, however he still destroyed the House of Swap after getting his comeuppance which got Coop grounded by Burt for eternity. He also got his comeuppance by getting Millie play doctor with him, like she did in the same episode where Coop was sick and when he got sick from Coop when he tried to suck the sign on Coop's door with his vacuum, despite being injured while he was at the House of Swap.
      • In "Happy Campers", he attacks Coop and Burt in the car when Millie is told not to let him out. He even planned to chop down a tree at Coop and Dennis and tried to get them while he was covered in poison ivy and even caused a wild animal stampede.
      • In "U.F Float", he refuses to leave the UFO to float alone that Coop, Dennis, and Burt made by making a hole in it and wrapping it in tin foil. He even stole and emptied the fire extinguisher, got one of the eggs stuck on Burt's frying pan causing the egg to get on fire, stole the keys to the UFO, poured gasoline into it, and drove it which caused him and Coop to fight into Old Lady Munson's yard destroying it in the process, onto the water, into Egypt and even crashed into the float.
      • In "Play N'Ice", he tries to break into Coop and Dennis's ice palace, by destroying the head of the ice sculpture of Burt which almost hit them, and then the ice sculpture of Coop which almost destroyed part of the ice palace. He even installed a voice box in the ice palace keeping Fishy Frisky Bits underground. He also uses his lightsaber to cut the head of the ice sculpture of Dennis, broke into the ice palace when he was captured by Coop and Dennis and he uses his voice to open the hatch where he kept the Fishy Frisky Bits. He also cuts the ice sculpture of Millie with his lightsaber and cuts the hose when Dennis is freezing the pond making it go crazy.
      • In "House of Scream", he makes traps in the House of Horrors by encasing the chandelier in concrete, which makes it fall towards Coop. Thankfully, Phoebe saved Coop's life when Coop was about to get stuck in the concrete and get crushed by the chandelier. He even tried to get Coop, Dennis, Lorne, Harley, Phoebe, and Old Lady Munson killed on the spiked walls. However, it backfires as he gets brutally crushed by those walls instead after Old Lady Munson removes her umbrella after Coop saves everybody, along with Coop getting a kiss from Phoebe. In the Swamp of Despair, when Coop, Dennis, Lorne, Harley, Phoebe, and Old Lady Munson are crossing the swamp while getting the raft destroyed by piranhas and when Coop gets caught in another one of his traps, he tries to attack him but Coop was protected by a tombstone and he also gets his comeuppance by getting shoved into the swamp filled with piranhas and Millie got him to play tea party while his face was swollen and was bitten by the piranhas, along with the injuries he sustained.
      • In "Planter's Warp", he chews on the ferns that Burt was trying to grow but got a comeuppance by Burt spraying him. He also tries to get eat Coop's carrot that he was going to take to school for his science project but Coop also gave him his comeuppance for that too he uses his alien technology to turn the plants into monsters one of them being Coop's science project. He also makes every plant including Coop's science project grow and he even makes the garden grow so it can turn into a jungle. This causes the plants to attack Coop and Dennis. When Coop and Dennis tried to distract them by dancing he unplugged the stereo. He even has the plants capture Coop and Dennis and even made a throne out of vines.
      • In "Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb", when Millie snuck him into the museum, he gets into the museum exhibits, makes Coop be told by Burt to sit with Ms. Brannigan, activates the Tutankitty army with his collar and gets some of the exhibits destroyed.
      • In "Pet Peeved", he moves Coop's bed to school while he is asleep and gets him up with sprinklers which gets Lorne, Harley, and the rest of his classmates to laugh at him. When Coop tells him that Millie doesn't want him anymore, he has his hands turn into buzz saws and he tears Coop up. He even moves Coop's bed on a mountain.
      • In "Don't Give Me Static", he dreams of absorbing Fishy Frisky Bits while he was electrified so he can eat them and he even makes a mountain of them on the dishwasher. He absorbs Coop's science project, Old Lady Munson's shovel which caused to fall in the ditch, Burt's cooking spoon which hit him causing his glasses to fall off, the cover fall off of Burt's coffee so it would spill on him, Coop's science project again which caused the planets to attack Coop, the food that Burt was eating which caused him to be dragged into a wall, Honey Fluff's Fishy Frisky Bits which caused Phoebe to think that she ate them so fast and the Fishy Frisky Bits went through the newspaper that Burt was reading. Worst of all, he steals and absorbs every Fishy Frisky Bit with his electrical experiment so he put them in the dishwasher as mentioned in his dream. This forces Coop to take his experiment to science class as Coop's science project and he even gets on the power lines so Coop would fail his science project.
      • In "Storm Drained", during the baseball game he makes it snow, makes the other team get a point, makes it hail, makes Lorne fall into a fissure, freezes Dennis, makes it so hot so Dennis can't see, and made a raincloud rain on Coop so he would swim in a flood. Though, he got his comeuppance as he was struck by lightning.
      • In "Fishy Frisky Business", he gets Coop kicked out of the store by the manager by breaking into the store and getting him put on the banned list he breaks into the store again and even destroys the ball that Coop was about to get after he got Coop kicked out of the store.
      • In "Teed Off", he touches Coop and Dennis's golf balls to make them glow and crack.
      • In "Something Fishy In Owl Lake", he dreamed of shrinking Coop after he got swallowed by a fish. However, he got crushed by a boat with Coop and Burt onboard at the end of this episode.
      • In "Dire Education", when Millie snuck him into school during her show and tell, he refuses to leave Coop alone during his whole school day by breaking into gym class while the class and their parents were playing dodgeball and making the dodgeball machine go crazy, one of which gets the dodgeballs to hit Dennis. Thankfully, Coop stopped the machine before it hit him. He even started a food fight and made Ms. Brannigan think that Coop started the food fight which made Coop clean the mess that he made, made Coop cause a mess on the mice in science class when the mice were escaping their cage, which Mr. Gerber passed Coop anyway and he started a paint fight with Coop which got Coop and Burt detention by Ms. Brannigan.
      • In "Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat", he helps Millie throw Coop into Old Lady Munson's yard which Lorne and Harley record which makes them, Dennis, Phoebe, and the rest of Coop's classmates laugh at him during school and when he got scared of Millie. He also does again onto the merry-go-round where Coop almost gets sick. He breaks into the House of Swap when Burt locks it up just to watch Kung Fu and he even does a Kung Fu match inside the House of Swap when Coop and Dennis get in with him. He got his comeuppance by getting defeated by Coop and having the bear statue fall on him.
      • In "Tom-Kat Foolery", he makes Coop lie to everybody by making him say April Fools when his UFO appeared above the school. He even poured flour on Coop and said April Fools in Coop's voice, gave him a wedgie with one of his robots, made Harley fall off his skateboard and did it to Lorne offscreen, gave Millie and Phoebe's dolls bad haircuts, caused trouble to everybody which got Coop in trouble with everybody and that got Coop pranked by Millie, Burt, and Dennis at the end.
      • In "In Dog We Trust", he pops Coop's basketball when Coop is about to make a shot. He even throws a rock at the dog that Coop was giving a drink to, turns off the hose, got Coop pulled away when he scared Coop, when he gets out of the garbage can he makes a hole to get out so he can attack Coop. He also distracts the dog with steak which lands in Old Lady Munson's grill along with stealing Coop's whistle while Coop and the dog are asleep, which gets the dog to get into trouble.
      • In "Catch My Drift", he used Coop's food as a litter box. He even plans to chop a tree down while Coop's sledding down the hill and sets a ramp for somebody to get stuck in a tree, a catapult to launch a snowball at somebody else, sets spiked traps, makes Lorne and Harley fall into a pit, made Millie and himself hit a rock which caused himself to fall off of Millie's sled, made Millie go through the rope which made the bird fall off, made an elk fall on the ice and even catapulted a snowball on Coop and himself.
      • In "Suddenly Last Slammer", when Dennis is telling the cops a story when Coop and Dennis are delivering newspapers, he tears each one of them up, even the one that Dennis was holding. He also drives a truck and bumps into Coop and Dennis and sucks all the newspapers they were going to send including most of Coop's clothes and their bike, pulled Coop with his magnet and when Dennis finally stops him, he turns into a monster and destroys his truck. In Lorne and Harley's story which Lorne and Harley got on video, Harley was beating up a worm, he destroyed Harley's newspaper, was going to kill them with a monster truck and he scared them. In Coop's story, he plans to invade Earth and conquer it, he also pulls Dennis with his magnet on that same truck and then he attacks Lorne and Harley which makes Old Lady Munson call the cops.
      • In "The Kitty Vanishes", he teleports into Old Lady Munson's new hairdo, into the fruit bowl, on the kitchen counter, into Millie's room, into Old Lady Munson's fireplace, and into a place where he was taken to back in the same episode where he ran away from home when Millie was paying no attention to him. He also teleports Coop to Phoebe's sweetheart's party, forces Coop to give chocolates to Phoebe and when he teleports Coop to her sweetheart for the last time, Phoebe puts lip marks on Coop's face offscreen. He even attacks Coop by teleporting in front of, behind, and above him but is stopped by Old Lady Munson and Growler. When Coop was destroying his teleporter he and Growler attacked him which caused them along with Coop to teleport into Phoebe's room while she was asleep they were fused with Growler wearing his collar and this caused Phoebe to freak out which made Coop be in control of his legs. He also stole the chocolates that he forced Coop to give to Phoebe and he even rammed into Old Lady Munson when she was trying to chase him down. He even destroys Burt's workshop when he sets Coop, Growler, and himself free. However, the teleporter got blown up with him, along with Coop and Growler after it was overloaded at the near end of the episode.
      • In "Capture The Kat", he destroys Coop's football that Coop, Dennis, Lorne, and Harley were playing with, attacks him by trapping him in the destroyed football, and even destroys trees. He also used a trap to capture Millie, Lorne, and Harley to make Millie think that Coop was the one who set the trap and cheated. He also prevented Harley from putting the flag where it was supposed to be and made Coop pull a vine so he would be trapped in a cage. He also got Dennis and Phoebe tied in vines, which Millie, Lorne, and Harley still think that Coop's cheating. He made Harley fall into a pit, he chopped down a tree and he tried to hit Lorne with a log. Though, Coop even saved Lorne's life and it also caused the log to hit another tree with him on top instead.
      • In "Outer Space Case", he destroys the garbage can with a ray gun and destroys some of Coop and Dennis's comics. He even attacks Coop when Coop is spraying him by throwing him with his tail and biting his helmet. He also dreams of blasting Coop with his ray gun, he uses the weapons from Old Lady Munson's attic, and one of them he got to work on Coop and Dennis. He shoots everything and tries to kill Coop and Dennis which got Coop grounded by Burt for two months.
      • In "Buzz Off!", in Coop's flashback he makes Coop fail his performance by putting powder in Coop's costume. He also spills mosquito repellant on Coop when Millie tries to get it on him, shoves Coop into the water so the repellant would go away so he would be vulnerable to the mosquitos, and forces them to get Coop. He got his comeuppance at the end of the episode by getting sprayed with mosquito repellant by Coop.
      • In "Fat Kat", he destroys Coop's bed, and steals Coop, Millie, and Burt's food and when Millie and Burt are about to take him to the vet, Millie gets stuck in his skin when she is trying to get him in his carrier. He also crushes Coop with his fat body along with Coop's stuff destroying his room, causing an earthquake by purring and even destroying the house. He even got into a sumo wrestle with Coop however he did get his comeuppance by Burt getting Coop to have him exercise on a treadmill.
      • In "Kat Whisperer", he tries to flush Coop down the toilet, destroys Coop's wall, and covers Coop, Millie, Burt, and the kitchen in a fruit salad. He also sprayed catnip on Coop which made Honey Fluff go crazy, and sprayed Coop again which caused more cats to get Coop's attention, which made him the whisperer and then fought with Coop when the animals left, aside from him being caught by Burt for his actions.
      • In "Bend It Like Burtonburger", he causes a flood in the bathroom by taking out the pipes just so he can build a robot. He also destroys the grandstand at the soccer game with his army of robots and a couple of them capture Coop. More of them destroy one of the nets and get Dennis trapped. He even has a machine that builds more robots. However, he got his comeuppance as his robot-building machine got destroyed by lodged-in soccer balls, along with his robots being destroyed by tree logs.
      • In "Stall that Jazz", he destroys Coop's drum set, hits him with a chair, burns his cymbals, tries to throw Coop's cymbals at him, destroys the TV, scratches the couch, puts parts of it in his ears while Millie was singing, tried to get rid of Millie's stereo, attacked Coop, destroys Burt's clarinet which worked out in Old Lady Munson's favor, gets into Coop's room when Coop barricaded the door, he got rid of Coop's whistle, soccer horn, and opera singer. When Coop finally got rid of his headphones he tortured him with his alarm clock and he tried to get Coop and Millie when Millie was singing her song with her speakers which gave him his comeuppance for attacking Coop. He also tried to get Coop on the speakers. Luckily, he got his comeuppance when Old Lady Munson threw one of her gnomes at the speakers while he was trying to attack Coop.
      • In "Under Destruction", he gets Burt up by destroying the pillow and gets Coop up by turning on toys and the radio and flipping his mattress upside down. He refuses to leave Coop alone when he and Burt are rebuilding the house, which causes him and Burt to fall off the ladder, made Coop destroy the kitchen, confiscates one of his weapons, puts another one in Burt's pocket, attacks Coop when Coop was using his helmet, which caused Burt to fall off the ladder on onto the chandelier and fall off. He also froze Coop's TV in his game room, made Coop freeze the fridge, and froze the floor in Coop's game room causing him to hit the pole. He even burns Millie's princess castle, destroying the whole thing which gets Coop grounded by Burt. Luckily, Coop managed to play a video game which is torturing his planet.
      • In "Beware The Were-Coop", he makes a machine that sucks power through the moon, causing it to explode on Coop making Coop lose almost all his clothes. He even attacks Coop, puts cat litter on his sleeping bag, made Burt feed him Fishy Frisky Bits to the point where Coop acts like him. He also puts glue all over Coop, puts fangs in Coop's mouth puts cat hair all over his face and arms, and even gives him whiskers turning him into a were-cat making Dennis, Lorne, and Harley think Coop's a were-cat. He even sucks every Fishy Frisky Bit to his home planet and attacks Coop when his plan failed.
      • In "Trick or Threat", he opens up a portal and tries to give Fishy Frisky Bits to another cat of his species and he attacks Coop when he stops his plan. He also chased Coop at the end of the episode.
      • In "Hack Attack", he tears up parts of Coop's clothes, breaks into the TV network, steals one of the TVs, and stuffs one of the TVs into Coop's backpack. He uses another one to play virtual ping pong, uses a remote control to control cars to attack Coop and Dennis, made the chair that Coop and Dennis were on go out of control which slammed them into the ceiling and threw them onto the rug, locked Coop and Dennis in which made the robot vacuum suck them up, stole somebody else's car, hypnotized everybody so they can give him Fishy Frisky Bits and even sent the car he stole to attack Coop and Dennis. He got his comeuppance by getting electrocuted during Phoebe's song.
      • In "It's A Rocket, Man", he uses Millie's glasses to use as a telescope so Millie would think that Coop stole her glasses. He also dreams of teleporting Coop to a random planet, and then he dreams of having Coop succeed in blasting his rocket so it would hit his planet. He also breaks into the observatory, he even makes Coop launch his rocket so high that it goes into space so he can blow up the satellite. He attacked Coop and destroyed his remote control while fighting Coop and the control station after he broke into the observatory again.
      • In the season 1 finale "Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas", in part one, he erases part of what Millie wrote down on her Christmas list and writes down Fishy Frisky Bits and Plutonium and messes up the Christmas lights that Coop was about to put up and attacks him which gets Coop and himself caught in the lights being tangled. He also uses a rocket to blow up the Christmas lights along with the houses which the plan failed, which causes him to attack Coop. He even destroys the Christmas tree that Coop and Burt were about to put up, dreams of getting the same rocket that he failed to blow up the Christmas lights and houses with from Santa, assaults Santa, and rips his beard off. He also tricks Coop by giving him a handshake and attacks Coop all because he wants privacy. In part two, he dreams of stealing one of Santa's reindeer, scratches Santa when cats aren't allowed, steals one of Santa's reindeer which tackled Santa, tackled Burt causing him to drop the presents and this had Coop use another one to chase him down. He also burns the family portrait just because he wants privacy. He even opens Coop's present which wasn't supposed to be opened yet, rips off part of Old Lady Munson's Santa decoration, gets on Old Lady Munson's roof along with her sleigh decoration, and puts the outfit on himself, throws ornaments at Coop, throws a sack at him and even uses Coop's present so he can be Santa. He also attacked Coop when the rockets were out of fuel just when they went down to the ground, right before Coop and Millie's grandparents came for Christmas.
      • In one idiotic move in "Cheeks of Evil", he got himself into a fight with Mr. Cheeks which destroys most of the house and gets Coop framed for their destruction. Aside from being caught for his actions for once by Burt.
        • In fact, every scene where Kat gets away with framing and humiliating Coop for his detestable actions is just effortlessly mean-spirited.
    3. He is just the embodiment of a generic doomsday villain who wants to help his pals take over the world, or even the universe.
    4. He is infuriatingly painfully cunning, clever in a bad way, and is easily quick to get away with almost anything that he has done instead of getting caught for once.
    5. Whenever someone besides Coop and Dennis finds out about his true colors, he erases their minds just so he won't get caught.
    6. The only reason why he manages to get away with his evildoings most of the time is just because of how annoyingly blind most of the characters in the series are.
    7. He tries way too hard to fit into the karma houdini trope and shockingly makes characters such as Bendy and Chester the Duck look like saints in comparison.
    8. He can even get to be pretty scary sometimes. In the same episode as shown in WTCSISOOCL#2, he makes a terrifying nightmare face after Coop pranks him while he is checking some plans. This can scare a lot of little children.
    9. There are also episodes in the series that try to make us root for him since Coop usually thinks he's trying to take over Earth, but due to all the horrible and sinful things Kat has done in previous episodes, Coop's behavior is perfectly understandable.
      • The show tries to make us think that Kat's main goal on Earth is to collect Fishy Frisky Bits and help his people (The show is trying to make us think his main goal has good intentions). However, if you look closely, you will see that it's just part of his real main goal. He's only stealing Fishy Frisky Bits to keep his people alive while struggling to enslave humanity and rule the Earth since the fifth planet his race took over in ten years is dying.
    10. He is practically a rip-off of Zim from Invader Zim without his charm and likability.
      • On top of that, he is also a blatant rip-off of Bubbles from My Goldfish is Evil as well.
    11. Despite being unfairly cunning, he is also way too incompetent to win his generic schemes to take over the world while torturing Coop as he never learns his lesson. And speaking of his incompetence, because of him he caused Burt to mistake Chubby Cheeks for the real Kat and tortures him by having him unfairly exercise him too much. Not only that, but he idiotically also got Millie (including Coop and his friends, including his love interest Fiona) captured by Kat Commander's forces.
    12. He was at his absolute worst in the series finale where he, as mentioned above in WTCSSOOCL#5, erases everyone's minds (except for Coop's and Dennis's) so nobody can know who he truly is and goes back to fighting with Coop, so he won without getting full comeuppance or defeat.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Although he usually intends to get away with things, he sometimes gets his comeuppance, preventing him from being part of the Karma Houdini party, but that isn't the best thing in the show.
      • He can also be a butt-monkey in the series, where he was shown being put through torture in some episodes like a punching bag, especially if he deserved it when his plans were usually foiled.
        • In the same episode as shown in WTCSISOOCL#2 the reason why he was tortured by Coop and Millie is because of the speaker that was in his ear.
    2. Despite being bad, Kat can be easily cunning, although it's what makes him a bad character.
    3. He is sometimes very caring to Millie.
    4. Despite his antagonistic traits, he sometimes does help out in some episodes.
      • There are some moments where he teamed up with Coop sometimes.
      • In "Strange Kat On A Train", he did manage to make the train stop in time by frying one of its wheels with his laser beam as an emergency brake just before it crashed into the oil tanker while working together with Coop.
    5. He occasionally did save Coop when he was in danger in most cases.
    6. His relationship with Dr. K was quite decent.
    7. There are instances where he can be cute.
    8. He is admittedly likable in a few episodes.
    9. Some people can find Kat admittedly pretty funny.
    10. Due to him being an insufferable antagonist, doing many sinful deeds to Coop, Dennis, and Fiona, being a generic doomsday villain, and the list goes on, it is pretty clear that Kat is made to be hated.
    11. Unlike Mrs. Munson and Millie, Kathleen Barr does a great job voicing him, adding a level of charm to a villainous unlikable cat and putting a lot of effort into the average media that she was told to voice.
    12. Despite the unfair ending, Rob stated on Twitter that he and Coop are now friends, and he redeemed himself.


    • He, Millie, and Lorne share the same voice actress, who is none other than Kathleen Barr. This is very ironic since he is being trusted and spoiled by someone who shares his voice actress.
    • He has a tickle spot, as revealed in "Tickled Pink".


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