Kat (most commonly known as Mister Kat or Agent 27-B) is the main antagonist of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. He is an alien cat who is sent to invade the earth and help his fellow alien cats take over the world; After Millie Burtonburger, the younger sister of Coop Burtonburger, found him in the forest, she asks her dad Burt if she could keep him and he let her only because she threw a fit about it. He, along with Millie and Lorne, was voiced by Kathleen Barr.

(Behold! The Canadian alien feline reincarnation of Bendy from FHFIF and Zim from Invader Zim, as well as a carbon copy of Admiral Bubbles from My Goldfish is Evil, but much worse!)
Gender: Male
Type: Insufferable Yet Incompetent Alien Feline Antagonist
The Admiral Bubbles of Kid vs. Kat
Age: Unknown
Species: Kat Nebulan
Portrayed by: Kathleen Barr
Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

Why He Should Intentionally Stay Out of Coop's Life

  1. Despite being the main antagonist, he is very insufferable and almost as bad as his owner Millie and Old Lady Munson. He has done many sinful deeds to Coop, Dennis, and Fiona that make him downright unlikable. He can also be considered to be one of the worst characters in Kid vs. Kat.
  2. He constantly mostly tortures Coop by attacking him, harming him, framing him for stuff he did and easily getting away with it scot-free, foiling Coop's plans, destroying evidence of his true colors just to make Coop look like a fool, and pretending to be an innocent cat to Millie.
    • In "Let the Games Begin", the premiere and his debut, he scared Coop while Coop was trying to find his baseball, and he also drew a picture of Coop getting crushed by a rock which Millie and Burt didn't believe Coop about and Millie told Coop that he can't because he's a cat, which got Coop sent to his room by Burt.
    • In "Pet Peeved", he moves Coop's bed to school while he is asleep and gets him up with sprinklers which gets Lorne, Harley, and the rest of his classmates to laugh at him. When Coop tells him that Millie doesn't want him anymore, he has his hands turn into buzz saws and he tears Coop up. He even moves Coop's bed on a mountain.
    • He was at his worst in the series finale "The Kat Went Back", where he erases everyone's minds (except for Coop's and Dennis's) so nobody can know who he truly is and goes back to fighting with Coop, so he won without getting full comeuppance or defeat.
  3. He is just the embodiment of a generic doomsday villain who wants to help his pals take over the world, or even the universe.
  4. He is infuriatingly painfully cunning, clever in a bad way, and is easily quick to get away with almost anything that he has done instead of getting caught for once.
  5. Whenever someone besides Coop and Dennis finds out about his true colors, he erases their minds just so he won't get caught.
  6. The only reason why he manages to get away with his evildoings most of the time is just because of how annoyingly blind most of the characters in the series are.
  7. He tries way too hard to fit into the karma houdini trope and shockingly makes characters such as Bendy and Chester the Duck look like saints in comparison.
  8. He can even get to be pretty scary sometimes. In "Tom-Kat Foolery", he makes a terrifying nightmare face after Coop pranks him while he is checking some plans. This can scare a lot of little children.
  9. There are also episodes in the series that try to make us root for him since Coop usually thinks he's trying to take over Earth, but due to all the horrible and sinful things Kat has done in previous episodes, Coop's behavior is perfectly understandable.
    • The show tries to make us think that Kat's main goal on Earth is to collect Fishy Frisky Bits and help his people (The show is trying to make us think his main goal has good intentions). However, if you look closely, you will see that it's just part of his real main goal. He's only stealing Fishy Frisky Bits to keep his people alive while struggling to enslave humanity and rule the Earth since the fifth planet his race took over in ten years is dying.
  10. He is practically a rip-off of Zim from Invader Zim without his charm and likability.
    • On top of that, he is also a blatant rip-off of Bubbles from My Goldfish is Evil as well.
  11. Despite being unfairly cunning, he is also way too incompetent to win his generic schemes to take over the world while torturing Coop as he never learns his lesson. And speaking of his incompetence, because of him he caused Burt to mistake Chubby Cheeks for the real Kat and tortures him by having him unfairly exercise him too much. Not only that, but he idiotically also got Millie (including Coop and his friends, including his love interest Fiona) captured by Kat Commander's forces.

Intentional Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although he usually intends to get away with things, he sometimes gets his comeuppance, preventing him from being part of the Karma Houdini party, but that isn't the best thing in the show.
    • He can also be a butt-monkey in the series, where he was shown being put through torture in some episodes like a punching bag, especially if he deserved it when his plans were usually foiled.
      • In the same episode as shown in "Stall That Jazz", the reason why he was tortured by Coop and Millie is because of the speaker that was in his ear.
  2. Despite being bad, Kat can be easily cunning, although it's what makes him a bad character. Also, even if he has antagonistic traits, he sometimes does help out in some episodes:
    • There are some moments where he teamed up with Coop sometimes.
      • Speaking of Coop, he occasionally did save him when he was in danger in most cases.
    • In "Strange Kat On a Train", he did manage to make the train stop in time by frying one of its wheels with his laser beam as an emergency brake just before it crashed into the oil tanker while working together with Coop.
  3. Due to him being an insufferable antagonist, doing many sinful deeds to Coop, Dennis, and Fiona, being a generic doomsday villain, and the list goes on, it is pretty clear that Kat is made to be hated.
  4. Unlike Mrs. Munson and Millie, Kathleen Barr does a great job voicing him, adding a level of charm to a villainous unlikable cat and putting a lot of effort into the average media that she was told to voice.
  5. Despite the unfair ending, Rob stated on Twitter that he and Coop are now friends, and he redeemed himself.


  • He, Millie, and Lorne share the same voice actress, who is none other than Kathleen Barr. This is very ironic since he is being trusted and spoiled by someone who shares his voice actress.
  • He has a tickle spot, as revealed in "Tickled Pink".
  • He has Mysophobia (fear of germs), as revealed in "Flu The Coop".


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