Karma Houdini

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Karma Houdinis are characters who repeatedly commit wrongdoings and somehow get away with no comeuppance or karma. They are the polar opposite of butt-monkeys. No matter how much bad they do, or how much they deserve it, karma just seems to forget about them and instead punish the innocent butt-monkeys.

Why This Trope Sucks

  1. Basically, this trope serves as hateful character development, where characters you hate or despise get off scott-free from anything they caused and actually deserve their comeuppance more than the butt-monkeys.
  2. It can ruin the reputation and likeability of characters who avoid the punishment that they deserve and do not learn from their wrongdoing.
  3. It is more often frustrating than funny to watch the wrong characters get other characters punished for actions that they didn't do.
  4. Avoiding karma can also cause characters to become unintentionally unsympathetic.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Sometimes as said above, Karma Houdinis do at least get their comeuppances for excessively being mean-spirited towards other characters. Four and Tokkori are some examples of this.
    • Just because a character gets off scot-free doesn't necessarily mean we're meant to like them.



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