Kara Fowdy

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Kara Fowdy
Kara Fowdy from Black Lightning.png
An pointlessly villainous and irredeemable vice-principle who happens to be a spy? We're off to a good start.
Gender: Female
Type: Underhanded, Contemptible Mary-Sue
Age: ???
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Black Lightning

Kara Fowdy was an antagonist in the TV show Black Lightning. She was the vice-principal of Garfield High. She is disingenuous and fool-hardy, but that’s not why she’s on this wiki.

Why She Sucks

  1. Her actress portrays her in a hit-and-miss manner.
  2. She is a Mary-Sue; she killed Syonide even though she didn’t exhibit combat skills in an earlier scene, and Syonide has been shown to have veteran combat skills.
  3. Her villainous qualities are generic and rarely keep her interesting. She is basically just an overgrown bully.
  4. She is a 'surprise-villain' and was not hinted to be a villain beforehand.
  5. She can’t believe that Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning, even though she sees his face every day and can surely recognize the beard he has.
  6. She is at first portrayed as good, which contributes to how forced her villain reveal was, but also when she shows good qualities later in the series it just feels fake as the actress can’t bring the emotion to have the audience sympathize with her. It doesn’t help that the writers went the route to have her seem like a good guy, by going after Tobias, though she isn’t.
  7. She has plot armor as she didn’t die after escaping Tobias, though the fall should have killed her if Tobias didn’t. She is also somehow able to convince Gambi to not kill her just by telling him she can bring him a briefcase which Gambi doesn’t know the importance of what it carries, and Gambi has no reason to trust her.
  8. Her lines rarely gather support from the viewers even when she is being nice. Much of her lines consist of her being petty and coy.
  9. Her motivations for working with Martin Proctor isn’t clear. Agent Odell and Gravedigger both have very clear motives for their actions yet Kara doesn't have any of that for pretty much any of her actions.
  10. She has a victim complex and keeps insisting that people she doesn’t like are lying to her.
  11. She wasn't needed as an antagonist since her only role was as one was to be a spotter for the A.S.A. and she proved not to be good at it since she never noticed Jefferson was a meta. Her role could have just stayed as the vice-principal and not a forced villain character.


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