Kaname Asagiri

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Kaname Asagiri
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Scum, the epitome of the worst of the worst. The kind of scum that cannot only validate their own lives through others. Just like him. The type of scum that doesn't deserve...to live.
Gender: Male
Type: Cruel, and Abusive Brother, Sadistic Torturer.
Age: 16
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Magical Girl Site

Kaname Asagiri is a major antagonist of the psychological horror magical girl manga, Magical Girl Site along with its anime adaption, as the secondary antagonist. He is introduced as a cruel and callous brother of Aya Asagiri, the manga's main protagonist. Doing things like verbally torturing Aya as a stress relief to get away from his father's so-called "expectations" from his studies and is proud of it.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's a rip off of Light Yagami from Death Note, Shinji Mato from the Fate series, and Lelouch Vi Brittania from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, R2, Akito The Exiled and the sequel movie, Re;surrection, who also have pretty childish motivations.
  2. There is no proper reason for him to exist along with Aya's bullies since it's a magical girl manga and mainly showing misfortune could happen to anyone. But, Kaname just only existed to give Aya some dramatic tension surrounding her misfortune.
  3. He feels more like a Batman villain that deserves to be taken to a mental institution.
  4. He is like a prototype version of Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things, who both abuse their sisters, but there is a difference that Billy has a stepsister, who is aware of that, while Kaname has an adopted sister.
  5. He often looks like Shinji Mato from the Fate series, if Shinji was a prototype version of Kaname. They both have blue hair, innocent eyes, and an egotistical behavior that torture their sisters who are adopted.
  6. Also, his behavior looks too similar to Timmy Turner's sinister babysitter, Vicky, from The Fairly Odd Parents, a rock idol named Izaak Crowe, from Batman: Fortunate Son, and Bendy from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.
  7. He sadistically punches, kicks pull her hair, kicks her and chokes Aya in pain as an outlet for stress relief due to their father's "expectations". The primary reason why he's torturing Aya for the fun of it just because his father wanted the ideal of academic perfection in getting him into Tokyo University by pressuring him so hard on studying and would beat him as a disappointment.
  8. A poorly written backstory, Kaname only became a egotistical, yet sadistic torturer as mentioned before (in WHS #7) was due to his father pressured him from his studies and beat him up for that.
  9. He acts nothing more like a creep than Aya's classmate and bully, Sarina Shizukume and her friends (Erika Kajima, Ai Kawano, and Shota Arai).
  10. HYPOCRISY: Since being beaten by his father left Kaname to be consumed by hatred from him and considers all humans as "scums" (an epitome of a scum that only validates their own lives through others like his father, who Kaname think to him as a type of scum that doesn't deserve to live), and full of "brainless meatbags" as his stress relief.
    • But of course, just thinks he's not human and maybe a god trapped in his human body. He is like a misanthropic-monologuing saint towards his cruelty to Aya and hatred towards his father.
    • Speaking of his father and verbal abuse towards the way he hits him because of said studying, Kaname described him as a real scum to him because he would be disgraceful in his life for not getting into Tokyo University. He believed that his father forces his ideals zealously onto Kaname so that he won't tread the same path that he did. Calling his father, "the king of losers". Even though his father has no interest on Aya as a worthless kid and a brat who lives a carefree life that pisses Kaname off on him.
  11. Despite being unlikable, Kaname gets more screen time in both the manga and the anime and he doesn't get punished for his actions in the rest of the entire story.
  12. He kept his true personality in private towards his parents and is never punished.
  13. Since being a complex sadist and a cruel torturer, Kaname thinks that his father would never hit someone like him and wants to see his abusive father in pain, despite the external performance of being his "father's boy" who "is on top of his grades and needs to be taken to college". Making his motives not as sympathetic.
  14. He is nothing more than an extremely unthreatening villain that is just mediocre. As being a victim of child abuse into a cruel, yet sociopathic maniac, that thinks about God is his savior and the human race, being a waste of their time.
  15. He is a creep, but one-dimensional. Just to only stalk Aya, because of his abusive father. Worst is that, he never gets punished in public, only when he's captured by Detective Kichiro Misumi and forced to study in mind-control by his father using Nijimi's panties.
    • His motivations were to just use Aya as his stress slave, steal Nijimi's panties to control Nijimi then, choke Asahi, forcing her to stab Kiyoharu, using Nijimi to steal the magic sticks, and nothing else. Even when his goals don't make little to no sense when Kaname explained his reasoning about his father. In this, he wants to steal all the magic sticks and nothing else, making his plans very meaningless and just as his childish motivations.
  16. He is very rubbish than his father but is barely shown to stalk Aya, creepily. Then he just suddenly changes from doing the wrong thing for the right reasons to just randomly turning evil despite him having no build-up, along with character development or any motivation for his actions whatsoever, since we already learned that Kaname was abused by his father.
  17. He becomes even more unlikeable when he killed Nijimi in self-defense, and shows no remorse for it.
  18. When Nijimi slits his throat with a shattered bottle, he starts crawling, and monologues about how he is not going to lose against Aya and the girls, but thinks God is always on my side since he was born, and never abandoned him before, not once thus proves he is the chosen one, a god himself.
    • Aya tries telling Kaname to open his eyes so nobody will be happy even if he keeps doing this and she questions what is the point of doing all of this and making everyone sad. Kaname doesn't care about her for disobeying him and seems like Aya doesn't have enough from him, once he proceeds to continue having Aya as a stress reliever.
  19. He is very prone to mental outbursts and sadistic tendencies due to his father's beatings, but wished his father is dead to him:
    • After his father died of the lifespan while he was using Nijimi's panties, he beat his father for all the pain he caused him and tries to take the panties for himself until Aya teleport it away (so he won't do anything bad). In the hospital after his father truly died, Kaname feels like he over his father's death and taunts Aya that Kaname's father wasn't her actual father. After all this time, Kaname thinks Aya really had no idea that she and Kaname weren't related to each other, no matter how neither he or his father ever treated you like a family and thought it's "hilarious".
    • Since he showed no remorse over his father's death, Kaname guessed his mother who did very sincerely as a good parent to Aya. But, thinks God knows what goes through her mother's mind when she even feels love for his father.
  20. He is honestly no better in the second half of the manga after he was able to escape from Kichiro Misumi's house and taken to the hospital.
    1. He told the investigators about what happen to Misumi, but covered all the incidents that happen to him (in reality, he slit Misumi's throat and nearly killed him along with his burning house).
    2. He later joins one of the site admins, Nana, who tells her all about the Magical Girl Site and Tempest.
      • In response, after his abusive father died using Nijimi's panties, he thought he could finally start living his own life and considers everything "sucks".
      • As Aya tried to leave, but Kaname taunts her again about not being his real family and Tsuyuno Yatsumura's demise nor her friends, but tells her much of how Nana is using him for something that would destroy the King.
    3. He doesn't care if he's a liar, evil or have any remorse since Aya wanted him to realize all the cruel things he's done and wanted him to be happy. As much as he's like it or not, Kaname feels very "sorry" for killing Nijimi and can't have Aya just have that one slide.
    4. He is still unlikeable when he joins Aya and her group to stop the site admins that's because he is only unheroic. Since so, Kaname is still useless and is unable to use a magic stick since Aya took his lifespan from him.
  21. Lots of IDIOT MOVES:
    1. After being hospitalized, confronted by fellow Site Admin, Nana, and had to go home, Kaname tried to warn his father about the Site Admins attacking. However, his father punches him, ignorantly, just ecause he wanted Kaname to continue studying by using Nijimi's panties.
    2. In a battle against the King, He used a teddy bear magic stick to destroy her. However, it doesn't work when she revealed that he lost his manhood when he was tortured by Detective Kichiro Misumi.
  22. The series expects readers and viewers to "sympathize" with Kaname since he was abused by his father, but the fact he only wanted to use Aya to help him relieve his stress, stealing magic sticks, and nothing else.
  23. He wasted the voice talent of Nobuhiko Okamoto who voiced Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, who unintentionally has a disgusting, yet sociopathic whiny voice in anime history.

Redeeming Qualities:

  1. Being abused from why he tortured Aya from his abusive father for not having high efforts for his studies was well-explained, but poorly executed.
  2. Being kidnapped, sodomized and tortured by Detective Kichiro Misumi was well-deserving as a comeuppance for all the abuse he did to Aya, despite being pointless.
  3. He did have little character development.
  4. Since being sadistic and cruel, he comes off as a coward unlike Keisuke Naoto.
  5. His voice acting is good while his voice comes off as annoying and unsettling.
  6. His character design is good.
  7. When Aya took his lifespan from him in a way to keep him away from using magic sticks for his evil, Kaname realizes by his sister that she was protecting him from his abusive father and his grueling training for gifted students. She knows this when Kaname lamented inside his room for failing his father, and thus led him to use Aya as a stress relief to solve his problem. If Aya's disappears, he will torn the family apart, if he endures this.
  8. He does help Aya by using Nijimi's panties (for all the terrible things he's done). Thanks to Nijimi's stick, Kaname did cast Aya back to the past so that she would not be misfortunate again.
  9. He became better in the final chapter, since he became a more thoughtful and genuinely kind boy as he got over his father's high expectations and verbal abuse with beatings. He even went to the beach with Aya and her friends as well, which means that his relationship with his adopted sister started to improve.
  10. He is an epitome of how NOT to endure your pressure during studying.


  • He is presumed to be the most evilest of Magical Girl Site along with Erika Kajima, probably.
  • Kaname can be compared to Light Yagami, the main protagonist, and villain of Death Note.
    • There is a difference between being egotistic like Light has more complex as a savior who thinks saving innocent people from those who need to be punished. While Kaname considers humans as a waste of time and being "scums" by torturing her sister, Aya as his stress relief.
    • Light's method of trying to bring peace and justice to the world by using the "Death Note" comes off as acting like a childish, arrogant, heartless, and insecure jerk. Which really gets old and annoying whenever he's boasting about being a savior to the world. While Kaname's method was to bring pain and suffering towards Aya and the others by using the Magical Girl Site and its magic sticks as his deeds. Like Light, Kaname is much like him as a jerk, who is boasting himself like a scumbag human being that he is to the world.
    • Light comes off as a very pathetic egotist. Even though his plan, in the beginning, was to rid the world of crime and injustice, it slowly changes into not wanting to get caught by the authorities and to be worshiped as a god. As for Kaname, his plans don't make sense, and unclear where he wants to steal the magic sticks and nothing else.
    • Speaking of being an egotist, Light has such overwhelming pride in himself and his intentions, that he'd even go as far as to kill anyone who calls his actions wrong or evil, just like how Kaname wanted to kill his father for abusing him and making his life miserable.
    • Light's sense of justice and peace is heavily contradicted by his long list of murders, and his willingness to kill his family members if they became a liability, but only backs out because of the scrutiny it would draw. Thus, it just makes him what Near states he truly is: Nothing more and nothing less than a crazy serial killer just like what Kaname had become. But unlike Light's sense of justice and peace, Kaname only has a sense of pain and suffering and he cares much about being a "God".
    • His sadistic and murderous nature also makes him lose a lot of sympathies, as the same as Kaname, who unlike Light, shows no remorse in killing Nijimi Anazawa and Keisuke Naoto but lacks a lot of sympathies than Light ever was. Like when he killed Naomi Misora by using the "Death Note" to make her commit suicide, and the way he tells her he's Kira and taunting her afterward is very unsettling. But, Kaname uses Nijimi's panties to control Keisuke and commit suicide just to show how much a friend he is and taunting him afterward, very unsettling.
    • As the series progresses, he loses a lot of empathy and regard for everyone around him, especially his family. He hardly even cared that his father died. Unlike Kaname, He has nothing with him compared to Light (except for his mother caring about him). He hardly ever cared about his father because of said abuse, and he wished he is dead and never desires to live.
    • Both do a good job at concealing their identities towards their parents and others.
    • Both manipulated pop star idols like Nijimi and Misa to do their bidding. As for manipulating Misa, who had a huge crush on Light(although she didn't seem to mind), just like how Kaname manipulated Nijimi, who also has a crush on him, and tricks her into using her magic stick, then forced her to steal magic sticks on Aya and the others.
    • They both have families where there is a difference where Kaname has a family that is secretly dysfunctional and sometimes uncaring, while Light's family aren't dysfunctional at all.
  • Kaname can be compared with Shinji Mato, the major antagonist of Fate/Stay Night:
    • Both have blue hair colors.
    • They tortured their sisters for reasons.
    • Both are very unlikeable and get more screentime.
    • Both are jerks.
    • Both are pathetic cowards.
    • They have reasons to be sadistic sociopaths. There is a difference where Shinji is very haughty, chauvinistic, narcissistic, and very complex inferiority due to being a disgrace to the family by his grandfather, Zoken, while Kaname has a sadistic complex, yet cruel nature due to his father's constant abuse and the way he is pressuring him to study.
  • Kaname can also be compared to Vicky from The Fairly Odd Parents
    • Both are mean-spirited, cruel, and sadistic and hide their secrets from parents.
    • There is a difference where Kaname abuses Aya to relief his stress, while Vicky only treats Timmy as a punching bag and making his life miserable.
    • They cause sadistic troubles that are too juvinile.
  • Kaname can be compared to Izaak Crowe from Batman: Fortunate Son.
    • TBA


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