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    Kaname Asagiri
    Scum, the epitome of the worst of the worst. The kind of scum that cannot only validate their own lives through others. Just like him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cruel and Abusive Scumbag Brother
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Magical Girl Site
    First appearance: Magical Girl Site (manga)

    Kaname Asagiri is a major antagonist of the psychological horror magical girl manga, Magical Girl Site along with its anime adaptation of the same name as the secondary antagonist of said adaptation. He is introduced as the cruel and abusive brother of Aya, the series' main protagonist, whom he pleasures torturing and beating her sister as his “stress relief” to get away from his father's so-called "expectations" from his studies and is proud of it.

    After being unable to continue torturing Aya when her sister’s classmate Tsuyuno Yatsumura and Rina Shioi stayed at their house, he later discovers the Magical Girl Site (which his sister was doing which gives her a magic stick). Being obsessed with the “website”, he tries to use all of them to keep her and the other magical girls out of trouble.

    Just like Sarina, Aya's classmate, whom she abuses her as well, both are the sole reason why Aya discovered the Magical Girl Site for the misfortunes she endured.

    Why He's Intentionally A Scumbag Brother

    Note: This characterization was likely done on purpose.

    1. Just to the cat out of the box, Kaname, foremost is just another “evil sadistic torturer” while also being just another cliche “bullying sibling” who beats up his sister, Aya as a stress slave for the “fun” of it due to his strained relationship with his father and his “high expectations” of his education (see below).
      • Why he’s doing all this was due to his father, who was also a domestic abuser just like him, and often would only punch him once for the simplest mistakes of only his school exams (which includes wanting them to "perfect"), while his mother has endured the similar abuse.
        • With that revelation, this is just an attempt to sympathize and sorry about him despite the fact that he absolutely have no redeemable qualities when he first appeared and doesn't excuse the horrible things he has done in later of the series and has absolutely no set-up for him becoming the villain just like Sarina, her friends, along with the King and the site admins.
    2. When Aya made friends with Tsuyuno Yatsumura, Nijimi Anazawa, and Rina Shioi, he barely has any reason to possibly hate them or goad them whatsoever and would kill them in self defense while stealing the magic sticks from her sister and friends.
    3. He lacks no friends or girlfriends at all because of his father's abuse when he was at his classroom not even talking to his classmates, in favor of just thinking about how his “life” really “sucks”.
      • When he discovered the Magical Girl Site, he uses Nijimi's "magic stick" (which was panties that has the power to control people's minds and body movements) and tries to steal the magic sticks from Aya and her friends and nothing else, just for his cruel, sadistic amusement to have "good fun" ruining Aya's life even when he becomes much more unlikeable when he kills Nijimi without any remorse or sympathy.
        • After stealing Nijimi’s panties, he had Keisuke to commit suicide using the panties to control his body when he tried to kill him for “dating” Nijimi in front of him and just taunts him about how he’s a loser before his death and doesn't care if he killed everyone and is prideful of the callousness, leading to Aya to witness the crimes his brother committed.
        • After killing Nijimi, he doesn't get punished for his murderous actions instead he is captured and tortured by Detective Kichiro Misumi, who investigated his crimes and covered it up with his parents.
    4. Speaking of his design being decent, looks kinda basic like any characters including Shinpei Sakamoto from My First Girlfriend Is a Gal with the same hairstyle, same hair color (in the anime version), intelligence, and rectangular-esque glasses.
    5. He monologues way too much and just sulks about how he thinks he's superior and just exposits how he thinks that he just wants people to command his orders like a god as just a generic "evil" plan while making long protracted speeches whenever he taunts Aya out of envy and delusional.
    6. He with Sarina and her friends are the sole reason why Aya was one of the most misfortunate girls and was to become a magical girl in this world, which doesn't make them as memorable villains or being her “archnemeses”.
    7. Despite being unlikable, Kaname gets much screen time in both the manga and the anime and what's baffling is that he gets no character development at all, but cares about his evil plans (which was forgotten after making amends with Aya).
    8. His goal is pretty much ridiculous like most villain plans:
      • He only wanted just to use Aya as his stress slave, just as an excuse to get away from his father's abuse (even though he was treated like a slave), how will that even solve his problems.
        • After discovering the Magical Girl Site and the magic sticks, he begins to use them for some other reason (or basically kill his father and the rest of the magical girls).
    9. He even never learns anything about his ungrateful actions whatsoever while never getting arrested or punished for his misdeeds, even when Kichiro Misumi captured him.
    10. Just like other people who were abused by other abusers, Kaname barely tries to call the police or tell his mother about his father (that way how would arresting him would affect his wanting to abuse his sister).
      • But nope, he just wants him dead and hope he'll never be in this household.
      • After his father died from using Nijimi's panties, he just beats up his corpse for all the pain he endured (which his father deserved it), while still not even showing no sympathy of his death.
    11. His sense of humor isn't very funny at all just to think that he makes a living hell on to Aya and her friends while also pretending or being not being remorseful on killing people. But this, he's just heartless, and cruel making him much eviler than the actual main villains: the King, and the Site Administrators, who are supposed to be more twisted and evil than him.
    12. He kinda forgettable and unmemorable even for most obscured villains in various media.
    13. Hypocrisy: Since being beaten by his father left Kaname to be consumed by hatred from him, but considers all humans as "scums" and full of "brainless meatbags". He even described them as epitomes of the worse-ness that only validates their own lives through others like his abusive father, who Kaname thinks about him as a "real" scum to him. Thus making him less of an unsympathetic antagonist and a one-dimensional Alpha Bastard.
      1. Of course, he spends entirely monologuing about God, torturing Aya and others, and getting away from his father is repetitive and will get you on your last nerve.
      2. Speaking of his father and verbal abuse towards the way he hits him because of said studying, Kaname described him as a real scum to him because he would be disgraceful in his life for not getting into Tokyo University. He believed that his father “forces his ideals” to him so that he won't tread the same path that his father did. He also described his father as "the king of losers", who has no interest in Aya, her daughter, as a "worthless kid" and a "brat living in a carefree life”.
    14. He is honestly no better in the second halfway point of the manga after he was able to escape from Kichiro Misumi's house and was taken to the hospital.
      1. He told the investigators about what happened to Misumi but covered all the incidents that happen to him (in reality, he slit Misumi's throat and nearly killed him along with his burning house), making him a pathetic liar.
      2. He later helps one of the site admins, Nana, who tells her all about the Magical Girl Site and Tempest.
        • In response, after his abusive father died using Nijimi's panties, he thought he could finally start living his own life and consider that everything "sucks".
        • As Aya tried to leave, Kaname taunts her again about not being his real family and Tsuyuno Yatsumura's demise nor her friends, but tells her much of how Nana is using him for something that would destroy the King.
      3. After making amends with Aya, he is still a jerk to the rest of her and her friends when they are in an abandoned building (like when he rudely mocked Kosame’s little brother to cut with the crying which Asahi chokes him).
        • Despite this, after his mother and the others are turned into sperms from Tempest by the King, learning about the origin of the King by Nana, while also destroying her and all the Site Admins, he is very useless and is unable to defeat the King (who’s weakness is whenever a male person would use a magic stick to destroy her), after learning that he lost his manhood due to be sodomized by Kichiro for a month.
    15. Speaking from being “redeemed” just like his adopted sister’s bully, Sarina, Kaname does not receive any repercussions for his cruel violent nature and torturing Aya, other than getting beaten by his father and it doesn’t elaborate on what his pain means to him, but no wonder the final chapter of the manga reset the timeline where he no longer endures the pain his father had done.
    16. Like most of the series’s human villains, His behavior ranges from psychotic and cruel to being just angry for that matter.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He has some comeuppance like when he got captured and sodomized by Detective Kichiro Misumi.
    2. He is supposed to be hated for that, no question.
    3. Since being sadistic and cruel, he is better off a coward and a poor fighter compared to Keisuke Naoto for all the troubles he had caused.
    4. He used to be good "friends" with Keisuke and a "nicer" person to Nijimi, before he double-crossed and killed them. Kaname also used to be nicer to Aya and their parents, despite hiding his true nature.
    5. His voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto (who voiced Bakugo Katsuki from My Hero Acadamia) does a good job voicing the character and does sound like Bakugo.
    6. His character design is handsome and well-made despite being too basic.
    7. He became better in the final chapter since he became a more thoughtful and genuinely kind boy as he got over his father's high expectations and verbal abuse with beatings. But now, Kaname even went to the beach with his former torturer, Kichiro, Aya, and her friends as well, which means that his relationship with his adopted sister started to improve.


    • He is presumed to be the evilest of Magical Girl Site unlike the King and the Site Administrators and also along with Erika Kajima/Kashima (because of the similarities unlike Sarina), probably.
    • In the manga, his hair color was originally black while grey/white on the top of the black hair color.
    • He is one of the only antagonists (including his father, Erika Kajima, Shota Arai, Nijimi’s family’s three loan sharks, Kiyoharu’s three male bullies, Mellisa Maina Matsuhiro, May and Ray Atsue, Gordon, Asahi’s father, Soji Udano, Rina’s bullies from her school (not Aya’s), Kayo’s sister’s three killers, Mikari’s parents’ killer, Reiko Meguchi, and Kuraki) to not even cry or shed a tear.
    • Kaname can be compared with Light Yagami, the main protagonist villain of the Shōnen Jump manga/anime series Death Note.
    1. Both have god-complex to themselves and manipulate people that trust them and try getting away scot-free.
    2. Both are supposed to be very unlikeable egotists that wanted to be worshipped as gods.
    3. There's a difference that Light is a savior who wants to rid the world of crime and injustice by protecting innocent people from enduring punishment, while Kaname is a delusional hypocrite and a sadist who wants to spread his hatred on the human race and hopes they suffer his own stress in order to get away from his father's pushover education.
    4. There's a reason that Kaname is different from Light, only because he became a sadistic torturer because his father was abusive just like him, pressuring him to study hard in a way to have his scores very perfect when he accepts going to college while Light is an egotist who wants people like criminals, terrorists, and etc. to be punished or die from their cause.
    5. Both go too far as murderers by killing people who think their actions are wrong or remorselessly evil for intentionality or not.
    6. Even so, Light often cares about the sense of peace and justice by using the Death Note to write people's names and they die as well, often to the point of being willing to kill his family members if they are liable, making him a much more of a serial killer just like Kaname's.
    7. Both their sadism and murderous nature make them even more unsympathetic, like when Light used the Death Note to kill Naomi Misora into committing suicide similar to Kaname using Nijimi's panties to threaten Keisuke Naoto to commit suicide from using his kitchen knife to kill him for smittening Nijimi.
    8. Both characterizations are portrayed as delusional, sadistic, and murderous god-wannabes, as the series progresses. They often even really cared or even sympathized about their fathers' deaths (even Kaname did not even care about his own father, who often abuses him and made his life a living hell).
    9. Both do a good job concealing their true nature and don't get punished for their actions, whatsoever.
    10. There's even a difference that Kaname has a dysfunctional family where his father never cared about them, while Light does not somehow.
    11. Unlike Light who is far less evil and sees evil people at death's door, Kaname himself is extremely a sociopath being a victim of his father's beatings and considering Aya and other girls as harmless weaklings.
    • Kaname can also be compared with Jae Galhwa from web manhwa The Devil's Boy.
    1. Both are sadistic torturers that are cruel and ruthless and enjoy beating up people that are weaker.
    2. Both have abusive fathers who are just greedy educators pressuring them so hard.
    3. They are often unsympathetic and nobodies.
    4. They are both sexist towards women besides their loving, caring mothers.
    5. They get away from their actions scot-free.
    6. There's a difference that Jae Galhwa is a delinquent/bully whose disciplining father pushes him into studying lessons and keeps his mother and friends away because of it, while Kaname is a torturer and a humanitarian who gets pushed too hard from studying by his father.
    7. There's even a difference that Jae Galhwa often has friends and treats them poorly, while Kaname lacks any friends.


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